Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another Day in Paradise

It's been a while since my last post. As I mentioned before I was super tired after last week and slept quite a bit on Saturday. Well, this week is looking just as crazy.  We have 5 people out at work and we are down to a skeleton crew to do all the work.  Needless to say, I come home worn out and anxious for the moment my head will be able to hit the pillow.  It doesn't look like things will be letting up soon at work either.  This afternoon my boss mentioned that it will probably be like this for the next two weeks.  Yikes!  We have three people out on sabbaticals and one person had to leave pretty much as soon as she arrived at work on Monday to go to the Emergency Room.  I believe she was admitted and they finally removed her gallbladder.  It's been bothering her at least the last two years and it's time.  I just hope she recovers quickly and feels better very soon.  I never wish anyone to have to have surgery, but I do know with this kind of thing you usually feel much better very quickly.  Thank goodness for that.  So, best wishes for a speedy recovery co-worker of mine.  My sister is also scheduled to have this same surgery the first part of November and we wish her to best as well.

Since Kevin's SCI one of the things that have got me through is thinking about things that could be.  For example, there are these house plans that I have admired and loved for quite some time now.  In fact, I have a copy of the plans, views of the front and back of the house, as well as the interior pictures saved to my phone, and from time to time I like to look at those plans and think about what we might do if we ever had the chance to build this home for ourselves.  Well, I just showed Kevin the plans the other day.  My girls know about my house and they have both seen the plans.  I even showed the plans to my parents this past weekend when I was over at their place.  Of course, everyone thinks the house is beautiful, but realistically it's way out of reach for us, but a girl can have a dream, right?  Well, while I was showing "my house" to my husband we talked a bit about where we would build and some of the other things we would love to be able to do.  Kevin wants to move up north someplace and build a log cabin in the middle of nowhere.  I could go for that possibly.  I say let's move up north and build my dream home.  (as if....LOL)  I'm totally open to Kevin and his dream as well.  Both of us know our dreams will probably never come to pass, but it is fun entertainment for a while and nothing more.  I do like his idea of moving up north or even out of state.  Again, this is a dream.  Thinking about my dream home lets me escape for a little bit and relieves some of the stresses of the day.

It seems there are not enough hours in the day, or maybe there is too much day in my hours right now.  I am feeling rushed and stressed as I wrap up the work week and start to prepare for the upcoming holidays. 

Typically, I do fairly well under pressure (shoot, pressure has become our middle names) situations.  Please don't every come to visit the day before Christmas or the day of a big family gathering.  I do, mind you, crank out some of my best work during those pressure filled days and nights.  The problem is that I tend to do it with a short temper and a notable lack of grace.  Not exactly a good example for the ones watching to see how shall we call it, "the perfect LDS woman" are living out what they say they believe.  Believe me, I wish it wasn't so, but I far from that perfect ideal LDS woman.

So, knowing my weakness, I always try to remember to ask the Lord to help me keep it (meaning my stress level and my mouth) under control...or rather, to put it all in His hands.  I have asked Him to help me hang on to those bowled over feelings of amazement from the past several days of the week.  Then to know with assurance that He is bigger than anything, and He is in control even when I'm not.  Especially, when I am not!

Then my Heavenly Father reminds me that through all the craziness of this week, I needed to start counting my blessings.  After all, this always brings peace.  With that in mind, even though this is a little bit late, here is a list of a few of the things I am thankful for this week.

  • The financial help we have received from my parents from time to time which helps pay for lights in our home, gas in our car, and a little bit of food in our bellies.  It's been a long road since Kevin's surgeries and SCI.  Our ward has been amazing at helping and we totally appreciate all they do.  Words cannot express our gratitude for all these folks do for us!  We truly do appreciate ALL their help.  This has saved our family from literally become homeless and we will never forget that.  Thank you.
  • To the many friends I've made over the years through work, church, and even from school.  You inspire me, uplift me, and remind me of what is most important.  Thank you.
  • My therapist, who has been supportive, helpful, and encouraging through this past year. You have opened my eyes and helped me to understand just a little bit more about myself and the relationships I have.  I hope to learn more.  You have been a life saver and I never could have survived this without you.  Thank you.
  • The extra assignments I have received at work.  That extra has been a blessing and a source of personal strength and I am very grateful for this.  I'm learning some new things and that is always a good thing, right???  Thank you!
  • I really am not missing Facebook much these days.  Don't get me wrong, I still check my notices to see if I need to respond to anything, but I'm not cruising my news feed to see what you all are doing every day.  Nope, all I do is play games when I have a free moment like when I have a break at work or during lunch.  If I am not playing a quick little game, I can be found reading my scriptures.  I'm determined to get to the point where I read them every single day, but I do forget or get to busy from time to time.  But, I am trying and that's all that matters.  I'm doing better than I did months ago.  This is a good thing.
  • I am loving these absolutely breath-taking fall days and nights.  Sure, I would love it to cool down even more, but the nights are absolutely perfect!  Thank you fall.
  • My friend Corina for making the days at work a little easier to bear.  I don't even think you realize all that you do and I really do appreciate it.  You will be missed while you are away on sabbatical.  Enjoy your family.  Thank you!
  • I can't believe even though we have endured a lot over the past year, we are still holding strong as individuals, as a couple, and most importantly as a family.  Sure, we are a little banged up and we have some battle wounds, but if we had to report to our Lord and Savior today, we could all stand and say, "All present and accounted for!"And that is the best thing of all!  
  • Halloween candy!  I love the bite size pieces.  That way, I can have a little taste of something sweet and not totally mess up the diet.  Thank you!
  • I am also very grateful to all of you.  Thank you for your friendship, kind words or support and encouragement.
And now, it's time for a little update on our missionary.  

Hey Everyone,

This week has been busy.  Elder Nxxxxx and I have been meeting with tons of people.  This area is super white and ready to harvest.  We are having a lot of fun too.  Elder Nxxxxx and I, since we are both from Mesa and know some of the same people and places, have just been having fun sharing things with each other.  It's just fun! 

This past week we've met a lot of people from Burkina Faso in West Africa.  A couple of our new investigators have committed to be baptized soon.  We are also working with them to help get missionaries back in Burkina Faso to visit with the rest of their family.  We were stopped a few days ago by a member who hasn't gone to church in a very long time who is also from Burkina Faso as well.  It was awesome.  We got his information and are going to be seeing him later today.  

One of my favorite investigators is a man named Axxx.  He has changed a lot since first meeting with missionaries.  He told us that before and not that long ago, he would have hated us missionaries and would have tried to kill us.  We thought he was being sarcastic, but it turns out that he has actually killed a few people.  This is what is holding him back from being baptized for now.  It's really cool to see the repentance process work for even such a large thing.  We truly are blessed to have a Savior who can remove those sins and shortcomings as we use the Atonement in our daily lives.  

I am loving this area.  It's considered to be one of the most dangerous parts in the mission, but I don't see it.  All the people here are really nice and even respectful to us.  We have a lot of friends here who are gang affiliated that have said that if we get into any trouble to come find them and they will come running and they aren't even members.  We haven't had to find them yet though.  Ha ha.


Elder Schmidt
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It's that time again.  I must be going.  Time to feed my family and get a few things done around the house.  Take care and we will talk again soon. 

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