Thursday, September 22, 2016


Yesterday was a rough day.  Yesterday was the day we were suppose to hear something back from social security.  We heard nothing.  Nothing at all.  I was so frustrated!!!

Kevin called social security today.  The representative that answered the phone could not find a reason why Kevin's case is still in their so called "quality review" group.  In fact, the representative said she has never seen a case stay in quality review for more than 90 days and Kevin's case has been there since April. She offered to request that someone in their "quality review" group give us a call to tell us what the hold up is this time.  Mind you, every time Kevin and I went down to their offices they assured us that they had everything they needed.  Apparently that was a lie.  So we wait for their so called call.  Frankly, we won't be holding our breath.  

Before Kevin called social security today I made a call of my own to the third party company we hired to handle Kevin's case. They could not believe his case was still in the "Quality review" department either and suggested that Kevin call today to see if he could determine the hold up and then if not, we should call the third party company back again today so they could file a dire need form, which will take two weeks from the time social security receives it for it to be processed.  I'm already concerned about the phone call Kevin made today. When I called last time the representative said it can take another 30 days from the time that I called for them to get back to us.  Frankly, it sounds like they like to penalize people for calling them. So, does that mean that since Kevin called again today we will have to wait another 30 days because they have penalized us again?!  What the heck??!!!

The other day we had a meeting with everyone in our department and one of the speakers (a lawyer) happened to work for the government previously. I loved her comment about the government, "they just aren't that good!" That statement about sums it up. Needless to say, we are at our wits end with this whole thing and I don't know what to do. It's not like I can afford to spend every single day down at their offices until they finally do what we need them to do. If I could afford that, we wouldn't be in need of their services. The problem is, I think they know that and go out of their way to makes things hard for the very people that really need the benefits they have to offer. It's sad! 

Unfortunately, I think I see a day spent down in their offices in the near future....arg! AND with Kevin, which means he will spend the entire week after down in bed in chronic pain again. So frustrating! I wish there was some kind of group that investigated the inner workings of various federal groups when they fail to perform their duties in a timely and effective manner. It just shouldn't take from December of 2015 to October of 2016...and then some possibly, to make a decision on social security benefits, should it?!  I realize they see thousands and thousands of cases, but honestly!!!  So do insurance companies and they manage to get the job done a lot quicker than this bunch of yahoos! I have seen insurance companies take 45 to 60 days to make their decision and pay out benefits, but not close to 10 months!!! Unbelievable!!! 

Okay. I'm done for now. I feel a little bit better...not back to normal yet, but better.

We did happen to get a letter and a few photos from Elder Schmidt. His letters are always short and sweet because he is so anxious to get out and explore the area. Frankly, I can appreciate that. If I was in the area he is in, I'd want to do the same thing. I say live it all up son of mine. Enjoy every minute of it. Let's face it, things aren't going to be that kind of fun when you return home, especially if things keep up the way they are going lately. (Yes, I'm still frustrated.)

Anyway, here is his letter....

Hey Everyone,

This week was fun. We had some really good lessons with our members and are starting to involve them more in missionary work.  Yesterday I went on splits with Elder Wxxxx, who is the East Side Zone Leader here.  It was fun.  I was in their area is the East Size Young Single Adults area. We had a dinner appointment with this girl who is 22 and she was totally flirting with Elder Wxxxx because he goes home in like 5 days. Ha Ha!  It was ridiculous!  We were at a restaurant and in the middle of eating they dimmed the lights and brought out candles and everything. Ha Ha!  I was uncomfortable and so was my companion.  During the day we taught a few of their investigators and they are dope! It was really a fun day.  

Today we played some volleyball and now I'm not sure what we're going to do. Everyone is being lame.  I'm dealing with a ton of new missionaries wanting to write home to their girlfriends.  Anyways, I gotta go.  We're gonna go explore Manhattan a little.  Talk to y'all later.


Elder Schmidt
Sent from my iPad

Below are a few of the photos Elder Schmidt sent home. This first one is a photo taken from the balcony of one of the ward members in the area. The temple is within walking distance of their home. How awesome is that?!  It's also their ward building. That's right folks, the downstairs portion of the temple is a ward and stake building. The other photos are of Elder Schmidt's companion and another view of the Manhattan area. 

Can you see the temple?  Here is a closer view....

See the white building in the middle of all those big tall buildings?  That's the Manhattan Temple and it's a big building it just looks tiny next to the giant buildings close by.

This is Elder Schmidt's companion.

And now for a huge surprise!!!

I received a message from a Chris Figueroa who is from Queen Creek and who also happened to be in Manhattan today and ran into our missionary!!!  Chris also happens to be related to the Figueroa's in our ward as well.  Bro. Figueroa is Chris's nephew!  How cool is that?  Small world.  Below is the photo Chris took of Elder Schmidt looking like he got his hand caught in the cookie jar.

That's all I have for you today. I promise my next post will be more upbeat. Right now I'm just trying to grasp the fact that we have to wait yet again. Story of my life....waiting. 

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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