Sunday, September 11, 2016

We will NEVER forget!

Today is a solemn day.  One I think everyone in America remembers and even recalls exactly where they were when we all heard the news.  I remember being at home in my living room when I saw it on the news.  Every channel on TV was interrupted with the news of what happened on the east coast.  Life's changed that day.  Some in very subtle ways, others in very dramatic ways.  This was the beginning and birth of Homeland Security, TSA, and the beginning of background checks for just about every job you are ever hired for again.  Not to mention a halt to pretty much all travel in or out of our country.  So, if you do not think that what happened that day on September 11, 2001 did not effect you because you live thousands of miles away from where things happened, think again.  Because of the events of 9-11, the lives of every American have indeed changed forever!  

It was awesome to walk outside and see a sea of American Flags down our street today.  If I had the bracket screwed into the side of our house our flag would be out as well.  It's been one of the things I've wanted to get done around here but isn't top on the priority list since Kevin's SCI.  Not much that use to be on that list seems as important anymore.  In many ways our lives have gotten a lot simpler, but in so many other ways so much harder.  Yet I do not feel overwhelmed anymore like I use to feel.  Sure, that feeling creeps up every once in a while, but it's not a constant these days. 

 So much has changed....mostly for the better.   It's interesting to me that something as significant as a spinal cord injury can change someones life like this. Even being close and watching my husband go through all of this still makes me wonder. The only reason I think we have been able to see the blessings so vividly is because of the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and let's face it, we hit rock bottom. There was no other way than up from there.  

A lot has changed since Kevin's spinal cord injury. For example, I received a new boss at work and that alone has changed my attitude about work. I remember going to work in fear most days and I don't do that anymore. There have also been some changes in our family dynamic that have made our lives much less stressful. We also know that if this would have happened when our children were much younger, things would have been much harder for us all. That I consider a blessing, even though I would NEVER wish an SCI on anyone, much less my own husband....but, if there was a time for this to happen this was the better time in our lives for it to take place. Not at all, of course, would have been much better. 

Well, I need to stop myself here. 

Let's talk about something else.

What do you think of this??  

I'm trying to decide where to put it. In my family room or living room. Isn't it cool? Decisions, decisions. There are all kinds of places I could put this. I just can't make up my mind. I'm sure I'll figure something out soon. 

I made dinner tonight but everyone is asleep now. That's the second time this has happened this weekend. What the heck?! Kevin had two sandwiches for lunch and is now resting. Lexi had a piece of Stromboli left over and an apple for lunch and she is now fast asleep. I don't know what's happening, but dinner isn't what it use to be anymore. I guess I need to start making big breakfasts instead of dinners from now on. Everyone seems to be waking up super early and going to bed earlier now. It's crazy how that happened almost over night. 

Tonight I'm washing clothes and still nursing my.....whatever this is. My throat is still a little scratchy and I still feel a little under the weather, so I have been gargling with Listerine to kill whatever germs are in my mouth and throat in the hopes that that will help. My plan is to get to bed early tonight and get some rest. Time to take care of me so I don't get sicker. I do not want a cold right now.  Could it be the slight change in the weather? I'm loving the cool down, but please. do. not. let. me. get. sick.

I ended up cancelling my visit to Danielle's today because I don't feel well. We were going to make an apple pie together. Her husband has been wanting one and Danielle wanted me to walk her through the steps. I know she could do it on her own. She is pretty good in the kitchen and an apple pie isn't hard to make. I think it's the fact that she just hasn't made one alone that made her decide to call me for help. So, we will get together, but it will have to be next weekend. As it turns out, Danielle was dealing with a few things of her own and she wasn't ready for pie baking anyway. So, my cancelling worked out for both of us. I have to say, I am very impressed with my daughter's level head. She makes me proud. 

All of our children make me proud to be their mother. They are all unique in their own ways and do so many things that impress me each and every day. No, my children are not perfect, but they are perfect for Kevin and I. We love them all more than words could ever say. 

Well, I should get going. Take care my friends and we will talk again soon. 

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