Saturday, September 10, 2016

This and That

Thursday night I went to the store with Kyle.  He wanted to go pick up sheet protectors and I needed a couple things to make Stromboli again for another potluck at work.  This time we are celebrating the big kick off of football season that starts on Sunday.  Everyone will be wearing their football jerseys and t-shirts and I believe there will be games of some sort too.  Since everyone loved the Stromboli when I brought it to the last potluck, everyone insisted that I make it again.  When the list went around this time for food items my co-workers wouldn't even let me choose.  They flat out said, "Sondra, you have to bring the Stromboli again."  So last night I went to pick up the dough.  I have to say it's so much easier to make it with the store bought dough now.  Waiting for dough to rise just takes to long.  It's so much easier now to make.  It's awesome!  I did have a request for a veggie version this time from someone who has decided not to eat meat on Friday's. I might not go that far to accommodate that request, but we will see. 

When we got back from the store Kevin wasn't feeling very well. I spent most of the night up with him and helping him. As it turns out I ended up staying home with Kevin so I never got to make the Stromboli until late Friday night. We had it as a late dinner that night. Today Kevin has been resting and sleeping a lot. After all that happened between Thursday and Friday it was all I could do to go get the groceries today. As it turns out, I haven't even removed everything out of the trunk of my car yet from this mornings grocery run. I pulled out all of the perishable items and will get Lexi to help me later tonight to get the rest of the stuff out of the car. I don't know what my problem is but I am wiped out! 

I did manage to get something, even if it was something small, done around the house late last night after our late dinner. Last year when Danielle and I were searching for things to use at her wedding reception this past April we came across these two lanterns that plug in. Originally there were red, but I painted them black and thought they would look great hanging on the doors behind my living room couch. Well, I put them on the old hooks I had nailed into the doors, but it made the lanterns hang super low and everyone was hitting their head on them when they sat down on the couch, so they had to be moved. I decided last night was the night to get them moved after I hit the back of my head once again on one of them. So, after Kyle left to go hang out with some of his police buddies I went to work. Now they are sitting up high on the doors. What do you think???  

Remember what our living room use to look like?

This is some of the living room now....(just a little bit.)

I've decided to change up the colors a bit. Less red/burgundy. I want more of the farmhouse look now. I also like the more modern chic look as well.  It's been a hard decision, but I think I found what I want.

Now to finish my other plans for the rest of the room. I decided to remove my Stripling warriors painting from off the doors and move it to another place in the room. I'm thinking a big wreath to go above the center of the couch on the doors. Like this...without the jingle bells, of course. Maybe a few cotton pods instead of the bells or something. I have a few other things planned for the doors but I'll share those later.

Then above my mantle shelf I have decided to hang our super large white shutters and then put my large clock in the middle of them. Kind of like this... with the big shutters behind the clock instead of what you see in this photo. My large shutters are four feet tall each and are about eighteen inches wide each, so it's going to take something stronger than command hooks to hang them. 

This is one of my shutters.

And this is my clock.  It's a bit dusty, but you get the idea.

As I mentioned before, my living room changes are a work in progress and I am trying to do all of this with the things I have and not purchase anything new because our budget just doesn't have it to spare these days. But that's what makes it fun for me,.....doing things without spending anything or very little. More to come as things progress. 

We still haven't received a final word from social security yet. I'm hoping no news is good news. I'm giving them until after the 20th and then we will be calling and taking trips to their office again. Let's hope we hear something soon.

As it turns out, I spent the day and night "nursing Kevin back to health" Thursday and Friday, and now I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. So, I'm making my chicken and rice dish for dinner in the hopes that that will work just like chicken noodle soup does to cure a cold. I can't get afford to get sick. That would not be good. If nothing changes by tomorrow, I'll start taking some cold medicine and vitamins. I've already taken some Tylenol to help ward off a scratchy throat. Let's hope that does the trick. Looks like the rest of the groceries may need to wait until tomorrow to come out of the trunk of our car. I was going to go over to Danielle's house tomorrow after church to teach her how to make an apple pie, but that may have to wait a bit. I would hate to get everyone sick. I'm hoping I'll be better tomorrow. 

Well, I should get going. Take care my
friends and we will talk again soon.

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