Sunday, September 4, 2016


Today was an enlightening day all around.
I learned a lot. Sacrament Meeting was interesting. We had an older gentleman from Samoa stand and bear his testimony. He has trouble with the English language so his testimony was a little hard to understand until another gentleman stood to bear his testimony. This gentleman has relatives that live in Fiji and he took some time to explain briefly some of the customs in their village and how that can get in the way of our LDS beliefs. It truly was interesting and it made me appreciate more and more just how blessed we are to live in a country where we are free to worship how, where, and what we may. We are blessed.

I also had the chance to sit down and talk with our Bishop for bit. He is pretty amazing and we feel so blessed to have him as our Bishop. Most of what we discussed was about Kevin and how he is doing. While we were talking the Bishop shared that he had talked with Kap Sikahema and that he wanted to get together with Kevin and talk. Kap Sikahema is the younger brother of Vai Sikahema the former NFL player, in fact, the first Tongan to make it to the NFL. Kevin grew up with their family. The Sikahema's were in the ward we are in now many years ago. Kap is a few years younger than Kevin but he was like a brother to Kevin and several of the other young men in the area. Now all these years later Kapi is coaching the football team at the same High School they all attended several years ago. In fact, Kapi played football with our Bishop at that High School. Vai was a few years older than Kevin...more like Kevin's older brothers age. 

Our Bishop talked about a few plans he has coming up and that he wanted Kevin to be there. Then we talked about some of the things that brought this ward together several years ago. 

You see all the young men were on a trip to the Grand Canyon and were on their way home. It just so happened that Kevin's parents decided at the last minute to come up and pick Kevin up. Kevin wasn't excited about that because he wanted to ride home with his friends. The station wagon that included several of the scouts, the scout master, another of Kevin's good friend and his younger brothers and his father, as well as a non-member friend. Well, on their way home the car was hit by a drunk driver head on. They lost the scout master, the little brother of one of Kevin's good friend, and the friends father had a fractured pelvis and was rushed to a local small hospital. Well, as it turned out, Kevin's Mom happened to be the Relief Society President and Kevin's Dad was in the Bishopric. Kevin doesn't talk about this much, but he has often wondered why his life was spared and why he wasn't in that car. His parents literally saved his life that day. Needless to say, this ward really came together after this accident and all the young men have remained more like brothers than just good friends and it has been this way since they were all very young. Eventually Kevin was called as the first assistant to the Bishop. When the Bishop asked him who he wanted to call as the Second assistant Kevin told the Bishop that he wanted to call Kap Sikahema but he was still a teacher at the time. So, the Bishop decided to wait and leave that spot empty until Kap was old enough to become a Priest. Once he was a Priest he was also called as the Second assistant. Kevin also played softball with all of these young men. Kevin was quite the jock and loved to play just about any sport. In fact, he remembers playing softball with Kap and his older brother Vai during those High School years. Now that Kap is coaching at the High School I guess his older brother will be here for the local rival football game this coming season. It will be good. I guess when Kap ran into our Bishop he mentioned that he wanted to get in touch with Kevin. When I told Kevin this when I got home tonight he said he knew Kap was at the High School and he thought about calling him, but he just had not done it yet. So, Kevin will be calling him this week. You should have saw Kevin's face light up when he talked about Kap. Kevin only shared a couple things and then he said Kap and I have been through a lot together. It will be good for him to meet up with him and reminisce their old times.

Tonight has been a quiet night. Lexi and Kevin are sleeping and I am doing a few things around the house. Nothing crazy, just putting a few things away and making some plans for tomorrow. Danielle text me today right as the Sacrament was being passed telling me she need to learn how to make an apple pie because her husband has a craving. I immediately text her back and told her it wasn't hard and that we could get together and do that. After church I called Danielle and we made a plan to make a couple pies. I then explained that I hope her husband likes a tart apple pie because that's the only kind we make around here. None of that store bought pie filling for this family. We start with fresh granny smith apples and a homemade crust. My Mom's recipe. When I told Kevin we were planning on making pies he asked me if I had informed Danielle that the pie is going to be very high because I pack it with apples. I didn't tell Danielle, I figure she will find out when we make them together.  ~smile~smile~

We received another letter from Elder Schmidt's Mission President. Curtis was called as District Leader again and the letter was informing us of this again. So, Curtis is training and doing the District Leader thing. It's good for him. Keeps him on his toes and that's always good. Elder Schmidt has a birthday coming up this week. We've already sent him one of our gifts, we have a couple other things to send to. I guess we better get that in the mail soon.
It's been a great day! Take care my friends and we will talk again soon. Enjoy your Monday.

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