Monday, September 19, 2016


This is going to have to be a quick post, so here goes....

A few weeks ago my oldest daughter asked me to help her make an apple pie from scratch because her husband had been craving one and was begging her to give it a try.  As it turned out it took us a couple weekends to finally get together.

This past weekend we were finally able to get together.  We ran to the store so Danielle could pick up the things she needed to make her pie and then we went to her house to make it.  My youngest daughter came with us so she could learn how to make a pie as well.  As I thought about it, I guess we did a lot of baking over the years together, just never many pies.  

Once we had all of the ingredients it didn't take us long to have pies all ready to put in the oven.  Below are pictures of our pies before we put them in the oven. Mine is the top one and Danielle's is the bottom one.

I told Danielle to set her oven to 425 degrees and plan on the pie baking for about 45 minutes based on the instructions I found with the Pillsbury recipe I used as a guide.  We still followed my Mother's instructions but reviewed the Pillsbury recipe for temperature and length of cooking time.

Well, that was a BIG mistake!  You see, once the pies were ready for baking I gave Danielle some quick instructions on how long to bake the pie and on which temperature.  Then Lexi and I ran home to bake our pie.  

We were home for about 15 minutes when we received a text from Danielle telling me her pie had burnt.  I told her to send me a picture.  As soon as I saw the pie I immediately looked up other recipes that suggested a baking temp of about 350-375 degrees and baking time of about 2 hours.  I then ran to my oven to turn it down to 350.  We checked out pie several times as it baked and ended up pulling it out of the oven after about 90 minutes of baking.  Below are the photos.  Can you guess which pie is mine and which one is Danielle's?  I felt so bad.  I even offered to take them a couple pieces of our pie, but Chance said he would still eat the pie his wife made just maybe without the top crust.  
Can you guess which pie below is which?  When I showed Danielle our pie she called me a show off.  Ha Ha!!!

All in all, it was a lot of fun baking pies with both of my girls, even with the pie casualty.  We plan to get together again to bake pies, but this time it will be pumpkin, apple, lemon, pecan, and chocolate for Thanksgiving.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving!  I'll be cooking all day. Chance insists that I make my stuffing, which I always do, and Kevin has requested turkey and ham this year.  It will be nice to get together with our kids and spend time together for the holidays.  I'm looking forward to it. 

Kevin let me know this happened in Manhattan, NY Saturday.

I have to admit, I freaked out a bit.  Thankfully Kyle set me straight when he confirmed that his brother was on Facebook after this so that put my mind at ease.  Thank you Kyle!

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  
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