Monday, September 12, 2016

It's Monday Again.

It's Monday and I'm home.  Kevin isn't feeling well and he fell yesterday afternoon so I'm home to take care of him.  It's no fun when he isn't feeling well.    Especially now a days.  He just slips into something I don't like to see when things get bad.  I am so glad my friend Carmen explained that this was normal for someone in Kevin's condition, otherwise I'd be a wreck.  It's amazing to me how many different people have been effected by someone with a spinal cord injury.  I had no idea my friend Carmen's sister was married to a man with a spinal cord injury.  I'm so grateful I shared a little bit about what we were going through and that she took the time to share some things with me as well.  She even offered to put me in touch with her sister so we could talk.  You see, her sister just lost her husband.  He was in his 70's when he passed and had been living with his injury since he was about 28.  He was a fireman and was injured on the job fighting a big fire all those years ago.  I'm so grateful for friends like Carmen who have gone out of their way to help me.  Now every time Kevin has a bladder infection I always think of Carmen.  I think of her telling me how quickly her BIL would go from being his normal self to something of a delirious old man, completely out of it whenever he had a bladder infection.  The first few times that happened to Kevin I didn't know what to think and I was scared out of my mind.  Now, I'm a lot calmer.  Not completely, but much better than I use to be, thanks to my friend and I hope I've showed my gratitude over and over again to my friend for sharing just a little bit of their story. 

 If I would have known I'd be home today, and if I would have remembered, I should have called social security sometime today to get a status update.  Maybe we can do that tomorrow or Wednesday.  Tomorrow I've got an appointment after work and depending on how Kevin is doing that may need to be rescheduled.  And I probably should wait a day or two to call social security when Kevin is up for it.  More to come on that.

Today has been an interesting day.  This morning I was up and about several times through the night.  By three I was up for the morning and cleaning up a few things. By about four-thirty Lexi and I were taking a couple bags to the garbage cans on the side of our house.  While we were just stepping outside I noticed a big bolt of lightening and then thunder.  I thought for sure it was going to rain today.  It smelt like rain all morning and then by about ten it was gone.  Still cloudy but no more scent of rain in the air.  I so hoped it would have rained.  It would have been nice to open the doors and watch the rain for a bit.  Oh well.  Maybe another time.

While I was in with Kevin around four, I received a picture from Curtis.  I had asked him to send me a photo of him in his new suit.  He said he would do it this weekend.  Here is Elder Schmidt in his new suit...

Check out the serious face!  He made sure I knew the look on his face was just a joke.  He said he was really happy in this photo.  He always puts this face on whenever I want him to smile in a photo.  Crazy kid!  He did say that his tooth wasn't hurting anymore and the swelling has gone down as well.  That's a good thing.  I did see where the pharmacy was able to bill our insurance so they must have been able to get the card information to work finally.  That made my day.  I'm just glad he got the help he needed and hopefully the tooth will not bother him anymore.  At least until he gets home and can get in to see our dentist.  

It's another fun lively night at the Schmidt house and it's only seven.  Kevin is sleeping in our bed, Lexi is asleep on the couch in the family room, the dogs are asleep on the floor, Kyle is still at work, and I'm sitting in the dark typing away.  We are such a rowdy bunch these days.  
We all seem to be doing the early morning thing lately.  That's not a bad thing.  It's been nice.  

Well, I should get going.  I've gotta get to bed so I can (hopefully) get to work tomorrow.  Let's hope Kevin is good tomorrow.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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