Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"That's My Fun Day!"

Well, I'm back at work!  Yay!  

Let's start with a Meme.....

 The Alice Through the Looking Glass Meme

If your life was a book, what would be its title?  Plans Are Made to be Broken, So Don't Make Them.

Who is/was the weirdest person in your life?  Weird?!  I wouldn't call anyone weird so I can't really decide.

What is a special thing that someone once did for you? There have been several things. When I was in Elementary School my grandparents paid to have me fly to California to spend a week with them. We went all over the place,....Disneyland, the Queen Mary, the Spruce Goose, A museum.  It was a lot of fun.  Then there were several things my parents have done for me.  Like planning and executing a wedding reception for me at a time when my dad was out of work.  My parents sacrificed a lot for my reception.  Then there was the time later when my parents paid our rent several months in a row when I was pregnant with Lexi.  There was the time my parents gave me money to purchase a car.  Then there are the countless times when my parents have helped us since Kevin's spinal cord injury.  There is also all the things our church has done for us since Kevin's spinal cord injury as well.  These are just a few of the things people have done for us.

If you could erase someone off the planet, who would it be?  I wouldn't choose anyone.  I don't hate anyone enough to want to erase their existence.  Now, if someone hurt the ones I love...I might feel differently, at least for a little while, but I hope I'd be able to find it in me to forgive them.  Hate's not a good thing...it only hurts the hater.

What’s a big goal that you have?  I want to be able to buy the house we live in and remove all the carpet and tile from every room and replace it with another type of flooring. Then I want to knock out the wall where our kitchen is and extend it so it lines up with the back wall of our bedroom.  Then I would close off the room we now use as our family room and turn it into a bedroom again.  I'd then put up a wall to make our living room smaller on the one side, and then on the other would be our dining room.  Then the room beyond the dining room would become our family room with an opening between it to the master bedroom that could be opened up so Kevin wouldn't be closed off from the rest of us when he has to lay down.  Hope that all makes sense.

If you could time travel and meet yourself at 16, what would you tell yourself?  Take every opportunity to do all the things you want to do.  Don't let things pass you by.

If it were the last day of your life, how would you spend it? I think just hanging out in some beautiful location with the people I love, enjoying the world and hopefully giving them some things to remember about me.

If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be and why?  I am honestly just not that into the whole celebrity thing.  I think it would be cooler to meet the General Authorities from my church instead of celebrities. 

What is one thing that you would never do that others you know have done?  Make excuses for my kids. I know some good people whose kids have made some very bad life choices and they make excuse after excuse for them and are just the biggest enablers I have ever seen.  They would be doing the child a service if they would stop making those excuses, handing them whatever they want, and riding in to rescue them from the consequences at every turn.

What is one romance depicted in film that you’d love to experience?  I honestly do not know.  I have seen so many but I can't pick just one.  The one is Sixteen Candles.  OR how about the one in Pretty Woman?  

Describe yourself in just one sentence. An ordinary woman trying to live each day the best I can with the Lord's help.

Who is the most beautiful person on earth?  How can I answer that?  We're all beautiful in some way and I believe real beauty is in the heart, not on the surface.  A plain person with a beautiful spirit is much more attractive than a physically perfect person with a miserable personality.

What was the best experience in your life?  I would have to say when my parents were baptized into the LDS church.  That event changed our lives forever!  I was only 4 or 5 when they were baptized, but that was the moment set into motion so many other amazing events in my life.  things like my own baptism when I was eight.  Meeting a return missionary who was worthy to take me to the temple.  The moment my husband and I were sealed in the Temple for time and all eternity.  Watching each one of our children be blessed by my husband. Watching each one of our children be baptized.  Watching each one of our boys be ordained to the Priesthood.  Sending our boys off on missions.  Watching our children go through the temple for the first time.  These are the best experiences of a life time!!  

If you could rule the world, what would you change?  I would rule according to the Commandments.  Did you know there are about 747 commandments in the scriptures,...not just 10? I would also encourage that whole "love one another" thing. Love is not a feeling, it is a decision to take care of another. It's a choice you make daily...and you can do it without actually liking the other person or agreeing with their choices and beliefs.  Wouldn't it be great if the world practiced that?

Where were you when you heard the news of 9/11?At home by myself.  I remember getting a call from my husband who was at work.  He called to tell me what was happening.  I then turned on the TV and watched as things progressed throughout the day.  I don't think anyone in America got much work done that day because we were all in shock.

We have a few photos and a letter from Elder Schmidt.  

Hello Everyone,

This week was a lot of fun.  I got to try a lot of New York food with some members starting with real New York pizza at a place called Patsy's.   We had a meatball, peperoni, and sausage pizza and it was so good.  It wasn't as thin as I thought it would be lol. It's kinda funny, I've been here for a year and a half and still had never tried really good pizza.  Just the dollar slice stuff, which is still really good. This week we also had ramen burgers which is pork between two patties of ramen.   The member that took us kept wanting to get us more food because Elder Gxxxxx's and I are both bigger guys. She made us order more so we got poutine which is French fries with cheese curds and brown gravy. The place we went to was a Filipino place so they added meat and eggs to it as well. It was super good. We then went to a doughnut place and I got a maple bacon cronut which was so good. For some reason maple doughnuts are super hard to find in New York so I jumped at the opportunity.  Below are a few photos of all the yummy food.



I've gotta get going.  

Elder Schmidt
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He's a funny kid.  I'm happy he is loving this great adventure, his full-time mission, he is on.  I'm so proud to be the mother of a missionary again.  It's exciting to watch both of my boys having the time of their lives as they serve the Lord doing the kind of work He would do if he could be on the earth with us today.  What more could a mother want than for her child to be found worthy to do exactly what Heavenly Father wants them to do?  It's so exciting to hear all about the things our missionaries have experienced, but the best part is seeing their permanent smiles on their faces as they serve and when they return home.  You can just see the joy they have in their hearts because it just pours out of them.  It's awesome!  And that's all I have to say about that for now.  ~smile~smile~

In other news.....

As some of you know Lexi has been attending an online high school.  She was attending one school and this year made the switch to another school that seems to be a lot more to her liking.  Instead of spending two hours a day in one course, which meant she would take between two and three classes at a time in a six week time frame.  Now she takes six classes, spends an hour a day in each class and each quarter (9 weeks) is set up just like a regular high school.  Well, it took us a little longer to get Lexi set up and transcripts sent to the new school.  Lexi has been working on the classes online but today she received 31 pounds of course material in the mail.  She has actual textbooks that they sent to her.  She's taking an chemistry class so one of the boxes had tons of fun things she will use for the experiments they will be doing.  She also received a big box full of things for the art class she is taking as well.  This quarter she is taking American History, American Literature, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Fine Arts, and even a P.E. Class.  For the P.E. Class Lexi will be focusing on her running and will have to keep track of how long and how far she runs each day and report her efforts to the instructor by keeping a log and trackin her progress.  At first I was skeptical when it took so long just to get her registered, but now I can say I actually like that they keep on her for every class and the course material she was sent is amazing!  For her literature class she was sent three books she will read this quarter.  She loves to read so this will be good.  She's excited.  That's half the battle.  I'm a happy Mom.  Now to check on Seminary for the dear girl.  Baby steps.  She needs seminary too.  In my opinion, she needs that more than ever right now.  The girl is in a rut with church, mutual, and seminary.  We are working on that.  I made a deal with her to get her to church with me last Sunday but then Kevin wasn't feeling well and I started feeling cruddy as well, so we stayed home.  Frustrating!  We will try again this next Sunday.  I'm just grateful she knows she needs to go and realizes that something is missing in her life right now.  That proves to me that her testimony is still there and she knows what is right, she just got off course a bit.  Don't we all from time to time, even those of us that you see at church every single Sunday have moments like that.  

We all can do better.  None of us are perfect.  I loved hearing Sister Ross bear her testimony this month.  She basically said exactly that.  We all have something we could be doing better to become better followers of Christ.  Maybe it's learning not to gossip or not holding grudges and learning to forgive others and seeing people with celestial eyes.  Maybe it's learning to keep the Sabbath Day holy and not shopping on Sunday?  I will be frank about this one....this is my weakness.  I find that working five days a week and trying to accomplish everything in the two days off is hard.  Especially now a days.  It seems like every time I decide to work on not shopping on Sunday, that's about the time Kevin needs a prescription filled or needs something like his special little enemas and can't wait for them.  It's always something.  Sure we could plan better with the prescriptions but It's not like I can actually plan for his bathroom issues to be on a perfect schedule.  It's hard.  If money wasn't as tight as it is I could probably stock up so there wasn't the need to rush out on Sunday's.  And you know, as soon as I get to the store there are other things we always need like band aides or ice, and I end up grabbing that to.  OR sometimes I get so wrapped up in certain things on Saturday and can't fit it all into just one day and I have to run to add money to SRP on Sunday so we don't run out in the middle of a blistering hot day on Monday while I'm at work.  Then there are my children living in this house that seem to have checked out to the sound of my voice and refuse to hear the words coming out of my mouth.  I absolutely LOVE it when they think I'm yelling at them when I haven't even raised my voice but happen to be speaking quite plainly and quite fast and to the point in an effort to get their attention.  And besides, why bother yelling at them?  All that does is get me all worked up and angry.  If I did that all the time I'd surely die from a stroke or find myself living inside a room with padded walls and a straight jacket on my back, and I've got to many people counting on me to have that happen.  Could you imagine what my children would do if I really did yell at them?  The thought just makes me laugh.  They wouldn't know what to do.  Run and hide, or vacate the premises.  

I would hope that others would understand, but I've come to know that even those that know our situation well still find reason to judge.  Even one of our neighbors hold a grudge.  We use to have a nice, fairly well kept front green lawn.  Since Kevin's SCI and this shift of responsibilities the yard has taken a back seat in the order of importance on my list of things to do.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love a nice, well kept yard just like anyone, but there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  Needless to say, I've explained our situation to our one neighbor and they are well aware, yet lately they will not speak to me at all.  The other day they were all out working on something in their garage and I was at our mailbox.  I saw them and immediately said hello, they turned, saw me, said nothing, and turned back to whatever it was that they were doing.  It was obvious that they were upset that we let the yard turn brown, but instead of getting upset I just laughed to myself.  What else could I do?  Stress about it?  That wouldn't do me any good.  I know I'm doing the best I can with all that I have on my so called plate and that's all I can do.  I also know that we are simply waiting for social security to kick in so we can purchase new rose bushes to replant and grass seed to put in a winter lawn.  Right now every dollar goes to our basic needs and rose bushes aren't really top on the priority list at this point.  I guess what I'm trying to say here is I often wish others could see the intentions of my heart and not judge solely on the things they see or by what they consider a lack of interest on my part and try to understand the situation this whole spinal cord injury not just puts Kevin in, but try to understand the place it puts myself and the rest of my family in.   Maybe then they might come to realize that we really do want to have a nice yard and want to be a part of all kinds of outside activities but other things come first.  After all, our lives have been changed forever and we are learning as we go to do things in different ways now and it just takes time. I guess that's where those celestial eyes come into to play.  I have learned a lot about people and about myself through all of this and I'm still learning.  

Some time ago I had a long time co-worker stop and talk to me one afternoon while I was on a break.  We talked about her new job with the company and some of the changes to my area and then we talked about our families.   She had not heard about what happened to Kevin, so I filled her in.  She couldn't believe it and she spent most of the conversation in complete shock with her mouth wide open in disbelief as I shared what we were going through.  She asked how I was able to continue working and why I didn't looked completely stressed out.  I of course explained that was because of the incredible support we've received from our church and our ward and stake.  Not to mention the support from my family as well.  She couldn't believe all that everyone was doing to help us and she asked how a church could do so much.  I then explained just a little bit about how incredible the support system in our church is and how the members rally around those in need.  When we were done talking my friend was still in shock mostly because of the services provided by our church.  My friend then gave me a big hug, reminded me how lucky my husband and children are to have me in their lives, and we went on our separate ways.  

Today I ran into that friend again.  This time I asked her again how her new job was going and she said it was great just like before but I could tell something wasn't quite right.  Well, come to find out, after our conversation her Grandfather passed away.  I guess this Grandfather was the primary care taker for a severely mentally retarded uncle of hers.  Over the years it was always understood that this uncle would go to live with relatives in California if anything were to happen to my friends Grandfather.  Well, plans changed and now this uncle is now living with my friend, her husband, and their six children.  My friend then proceeded to tell me that she had to wake up super early today to help her uncle in the bathroom, which had become a complete mess by the time she got to the room.  She said she spent most of the morning cleaning the bathroom before she could even think about getting ready for work herself.  She looked worn out.  She even said she was worn out and having her uncle live with them was a lot harder than she ever thought it could be.  I then told my friend I knew exactly how she felt and that her family was incredibly blessed to have her in their lives, I then gave her a big hug, and told her that she could call me for anything....even if it meant help cleaning a stinky bathroom and I'd come running as long as I wasn't knee deep in the middle of my own mess.  That put a smile on her face and we went our separate ways.  I think she needed to talk more but couldn't spare the time.  My heart goes out to my friend and I hope things get better for her.  She is pretty amazing!

Well, I think I've rambled on quite enough tonight, don't you think?  You take care and we will talk again soon.

Not really.  I just thought this sign was funny and had to share.  ~smile~smile~

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