Friday, August 19, 2016


Good Morning!!!

Boy, I was up and at'em bright and early at 3:30 a.m. this morning making Stromboli.  Actually, I am up early most mornings thanks to the dogs.  On the weekends I generally fall back to sleep (sitting in the living room watching something on my laptop).  BUT today I'm at work bright an early.  No falling asleep allowed.  I'm yawning, but determined not to fall into that trap today.

 It's Friday again!  Summer is almost over.  One more month.  Yippee!  Cooler weather is on its way.  We typically do not really cool down here in Arizona until the end of October, but it's nice to know fall is on its way!  I absolutely love the fall season!  That means it's time for everyone to get thankful for all of life's blessings!  

 With that in mind....This week I am thankful for......

- For the rain we've had.  We really needed it.  Our desert really soaked it all up!

- For our low humidity here in the valley.  Where our son is serving his mission it's gets really humid!  They had 85% humidity a couple days ago.  I'm so glad we do not have that.  I like our dry heat.  Makes it nice to be able to breathe easily!

- That my husband finally got his new prescriptions.  He is in so much pain all the time, but has spells where he is worse.  Sometimes getting him to go see a doctor is next to impossible just because he either knows what they are going to say, or he doesn't want to stress out our budget.  Sometimes getting him to see a doctor is next to impossible and when he does go, he tends to either follow his instructions to a "t" or not at all.  There's no in between.  Lately he has been really good at follow the doctor's orders.  Especially when it comes to meds. 

- The bane of my existence (also known as social security department) is finally moving and making progress in the right direction with Kevin and Lexi's dependent claim!  We received two pieces of mail today from Social Security.  That's right.  TWO! Naturally I was shocked since we received a phone call the day before.  One piece of mail was to let us know Kevin was appointed as the point of contact for Lexi's benefits.  He set everything up the first time he visited their office so it makes sense that he would be the one.  However, we may need to change that just in case Dad is not well and we need to talk to them.  The other piece of mail was to inform us that Kevin needs to contact them yet again!  I'm hoping it was sent before we talked to them yesterday.  Kevin agreed to call them tomorrow while I'm at work.  More to come on that.  Mind you, this is still progress in the right direction.  I am praying for this to be resolved as soon as possible.  

- That I was able to get my Mammogram and Health Screening done and I didn't have to take extra time off work to do it!  AND that I can get a free gym membership if I want.  I just know that now I need to get serious about some strength and cardio training!  Let the fun begin. 

- For all the well-wishes, prayers over the past several months.  It really means so much and helps us to endure our trials with the words of encouragement from good people.  It reminds us we are never alone.

- For more time than usual with my family at home.  I'm liking my new schedule!

- For the gift of about 40 plus movies from my Dad.  He gave us all kinds of movies and has more to give us!  I've only had the chance to watch a few of them, but just knowing we have a big box of them has been awesome!  Thanks Dad!

- For YOU of course!  For reading.  For your comments, emails and messages.  Thank you!

In other news..... 

Lexi had a job interview yesterday but she cancelled it. She still isn't feeling well. She has had a crazy week full of migraines. I think the change in weather has a little to do with that. Especially when it gets so hot so fast around here. Poor girl!   

Work has been a little crazy for me.  I think this new schedule is trying to kill me. I'm only going in a half an hour earlier but you would think it was hours and hours earlier the way I feel lately.  I've had to wake up a lot earlier to be ready to leave the house at "o-dark-thirty".   Then I've had an added assignment this week to add to it all AND I've had a few unexpected things to deal with as well.  Plus I've been waking up in the middle of the night and losing sleep.  All of these things combined have been a recipe for my craziness and crankiness too.  Not fun.  I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday and I'll be able to sleep in Saturday.  I'm sure once I adjust to this change all will be well again.  It just takes time.  ~smile~smile~

Looks like Kevin is down for the night tonight. I came in from work and he mentioned that he was in a lot of pain. That's never a good sign. I hate it when he hurts, and I hate it when he is loopy too. So, staying close to home is pretty much the plan for the weekend. Lexi and I have a couple errands to run tomorrow and she should go help clean the church tomorrow with the Young Women. She was still not well again today so we will see what tomorrow brings.  I'm hoping she is feeling much better by tomorrow. I need my little helper and I don't like her feeling bad either. Kyle is off to his Stake Young Adult Activity tonight. I guess Jester's is coming to them to put on a little comedy show. That should be fun. I'm hoping he has fun and enjoys himself. He also plans to stop in at work to talk to a few people too. Time will tell.

Curtis has a birthday coming up in a few weeks. We plan to get a care package ready for him, but the bulk of his present will be the suit he asked for. Another one of his buddies has gone home from his mission this past week. Elder Larkin. He is the tallest one right in the middle of this photo with the Hawaiian tie on. Curtis had a lot of fun being his companion for a while. I know Curtis will be sad to see him leave. 

I did something silly again today. I made Stromboli to take into work for a potluck this morning. When I got to work the pan I had it in was still hot. Well, I didn't realize that and I placed the pan on my forearm and carried it all the way into my office. Well, I burnt my forearm pretty good and it blistered up and everything.  Take a look. 

That's it for today.  I need to get some stuff done around here since those cleaning fairies have decided to pass by our house on their monthly tour. I've got to figure out how to get on that list. Does anyone know?  Ha Ha!! 

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