Sunday, August 28, 2016


It's been an interesting weekend. I wanted to work on my project this weekend, but things just didn't work out for me. No biggie. I can do this another time. I had to cancel yet another appointment with our bishop. That's three in a row with him and the stake president. Not good. I feel bad. BUT......

I was woke up this morning to Lexi crying out in pain. She has another migraine. That makes 5 in less than 2 weeks time. This one is pretty bad. She nearly threw up and couldn't catch her breath because the pain was so bad. I gave her two extra strength Tylenol, turned off all the lights and had her lay down. I thought for sure we were going to end up at Urgent Care again. She fell asleep shortly there after for about an hour. The pain has died down a little bit since then, but it's still there.

Looks like we will have a couple doctor's appointments this week for Lexi. One to the eye doctor and the other to our Primary Care doctor. I'm not convinced it's not eye strain or something like that. She usually has an eye appointment once a year and we haven't gone yet this year, so it's time. She's gotta go. Then we will be off to our primary care doctor. Looks like we might even get a trip to a Neurologist out of this too. Or at least it's a possibility. More to come on that. The bad part about this we all missed church today. Arg! I couldn't leave her almost alone to deal with this. Sure Dad would have been here, but she was in no condition to walk around and get things like drinks of water or medicine to take. She needed her Mom. Poor girlie!

I'm thankful we live in a day that we have so many options available to us to help someone like Lexi when things like migraines take over and I'm certain we will have a solution and a way to treat them soon. I also appreciate all the comments and ideas for possible treatments from friends and family. This will help me ask certain questions when we see the doctors. More to come on our little Lexi. 

Sorry to cut this short. I just had a couple minutes to pop in. Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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