Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Ten

Ten things I need to do today:
  1. Pray! A lot!  -  
  2. Print off some documentation for our visit to Social Security next week.  
  3. Download/Scan some documents to get Lexi registered in school.
  4. Get the car battery into the car.  (side note: The battery we picked up yesterday ended up leaking battery acid all over.  So, off to O'Reilly's again to pick up another battery.  By the time Kyle and I got the new battery back into the car, it was time for Kyle to get ready for work.  We have the back bathroom - the master, set up for Kevin.  That means the rest of us use the guest bathroom.  So, Lexi and I never would have made it to church on time after Kyle was finished getting ready. We missed church....I'm not happy about that.)
  5. Pick up some things from the store for Kevin.  Prescription type things.  Mini enemas.  He was out of them and needed them Friday night, but said he could wait until Saturday.  Then when Kyle and I went to the grocery store Saturday morning they didn't have the kind Kevin needed.  That meant I had to go today.  If I didn't go Kevin would have landed back in an ER for sure.  I'm just glad the store had them and I didn't need to drive all over to find them. 
  6. Read my scriptures.
  7. Make dinner - chicken and rice
  8. Get a few things ready for work tomorrow
  9. Re-arrange a few things around the house
  10. Remember to make sure the dogs get fed today.  I tend to forget especially since I am not usually the one that feeds them.
Nine people I visited with yesterday:
  1. My son
  2. My husband
  3. the saleperson at Oreilly's
  4. our Bishop
  5. our former Bishop
  6. my Mom
  7. Lexi
  8. the salesperson at the grocery store
  9. a phone salesperson
Eight things I did yesterday:
  1. Ran to grocery store with Kyle
  2. Went to Oreilly Auto Parts
  3. Cleaned the hallway
  4. Watched an episode or two of NCIS
  5. Made dinner
  6. Picked up around the house
  7. Wrote a blog post or two
  8. visited with my Mom a bit - she came by to take me to O'Reilly's yesterday.
Seven things on my "I can't wait" list for the rest of the month:

  1. For Kevin and now Lexi to FINALLY get approved for Social Security Benefits.
  2. More rain!
  3. Payday.  
  4. Lexi to get to her next Orthodontist appointment.  We are waiting until Kevin gets approved by social security to take the next step with the braces.  We just can't swing the down payment right now.  Soon though, we hope.  We are hoping it's only about one more month before we can get going on this for her.
  5. Once Lexi gets her braces, I want to start the process to get braces as well.
  6. Lexi to start her classes with EVIT.  I'm excited for her.
  7. Did I say more rain?  
Six things I'm so thankful for:

  1. That it was just a car battery that caused my car to NOT start and nothing more.
  2. Good friends and family that come running when I need help.
  3. I've been really clumsy lately.  Like ridiculously clumsy.  I'm thankful that I haven't hurt myself during one of my clumsy episodes.  I don't know what the deal is.
  4. My children. 
  5. The ability to pray to my Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere.
  6. My husband.
Five words that describe me today:
  1. clumsy
  2. forgetful
  3. stubborn
  4. tired
  5. humble
Four things I need to do tomorrow:

  1. Call the City to have our old couch picked up.  (I haven't called yet.)
  2. Call the schools
  3. Make a call to an attorney
  4. Get ready for my Mammogram.
Three random thoughts:

  1. I'm on a role.  I wish I could take a couple weeks off to get all the projects around the house done.  But realistically that isn't going to happen.  So, we will have to do this a little bit at a time.  
  2. I cannot believe Curtis only has 7 months left of his mission. I can't believe that.  Seems like just yesterday that we sent him off.  Time flies.
  3. Why are some people so fake?  Only doing things to get recognition???  Do you think those they want recognition from see that?  I sure hope so.  Sad!
Two things that made me laugh recently:
  1. Our little car battery issue.  The first replacement battery ends up leaking battery acid all over. (poor Kyle)  Then when I got to O'Reilly's to get a second replacement battery, the poor guy behind the counter was so sick.  I felt so bad for him.  He could barely stand and think straight.  I think he must have had pneumonia or bronchitis because he went around the corner and all I could hear was this rattly cough.  Then he insisted on going with me to get the battery and put the new one in my car.  All I could think about was he does not need to be out in the heat.  Anyway, back on track, the whole blunder with the battery leaking was a little funny.  (I do find myself not getting as stressed out over little things anymore like I use to.  Before this battery thing would have stressed me out.  Not anymore and that is a good thing.)
  2. Kyle watching the Olympic replays.  That poor guy that broke his leg.  Ouch!  But, to see it, it was like something out of a cartoon.  Kyle just giggled. Crazy kid.
One Recipe I'm anxious to try:

The secret to this recipe is in the waffle maker.  You have to use one of those rotating ones.  

Goodnight Waffles:

Most of the mixing for these is done the night before.  In the morning just mix in the eggs, vanilla, and a pinch of baking soda while the waffle maker is heating up.  Leftover batter may be covered and stored in the refrigerator, for about three days.  Be sure to spray waffle maker with Pam spray before you heat it up.  

In a very large bowl that you can cover and seal with heavy foil mix 1/2 cup water (105 degrees), 1 Tablespoon granulated sugar, 1 yeast packet, and let stand until yeast is foamy for about 10 minutes.  Stir in 2 cups while milk warmed to about 105 degrees, 1/2 cup melted and cooled unsalted butter, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 cups all purpose flour.  Beat until well mixed.  Cover tightly with foil making sure batter can not escape in the middle of the night. Leave batter out over night.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE.  In the morning add 2 lightly beaten eggs, 2 teaspoons vanilla, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda.  Once waffler is heated to about four, use about a cup of better for each one.  Batter will smell like beer because of the yeast.  These guys are soooooo good.  

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