Friday, August 26, 2016

Smile! It's FRIDAY!!!

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My house is all dark this afternoon. I came home from work to find Lexi sprawled out all over the couch in pain with a migraine. I'm telling you, that girl has had 3 bad migraines over the last two weeks. For a second there I thought she was faking it to get out of going to mutual tonight, but she just woke up and was in tears and couldn't handle even speaking because it hurts so bad. I feel bad for even thinking she was trying to get out of mutual now. If these keep coming on this often we will have not other choice but to get her into our primary care doctor and ultimately to a Neurologist.  I feel bad for her. These strike at some of the oddest moments. When she is telling me she may need to go to Urgent Care if these get worse, I know it's bad. She NEVER asks to go to the doctor. EVER! Poor Lexi. Here is hoping things improve for her quickly. 

Later tonight I will be off to go visit my parents. I'm picking up something and stopping by to see their new remodel of their master bathroom and closet. A few months back they had a leak and had to tear out the wall from their master bedroom closet to the shower behind it. Luckily they got that leak taken care of and now they are redoing the back bathroom and master closet. My parents have lived in that house for more than 30 years now and these are some of the first renovations they have ever made. It's been a long time coming and I'm happy for them. Since my Mom's recent diagnosis with osteoporosis and her falls and broken bones they have decided to add a few grab bars to the bathroom to make things a little easier for them to get in and out of the different areas. I think that was a good decision. Tonight my Mom is finishing up the new curtains she is sewing for the room and I can't wait to see it all. The recent joke at my parents house was that the paint color they picked out has turned out to be a pale shade of pink. I had to laugh. It really isn't pink. Trust me. I'll see if I can snap a couple of photos to share of their newly renovated bathroom and closet. 

Kevin is still down. Tonight when I talk to him he sounds like an old man. I'm sure that's because he is tired and I caught him resting. Believe me he has been pretty vocal over the past couple of days about a few things. That's my spunky husband!

Work today was a little stressful. I've been dealing with a couple big escalations lately, over the past several days at least. You know, the kinds of things that take the help of upper leadership, but I was grateful for their help. They were able to accomplish something I knew I couldn't and that made for a better client experience and frankly that is all that matters. Tomorrow I will be right back at it as soon as I walk in to the office, but I am hopeful we might be able to have a resolution and finish up the week knowing things are in the final stages of completion. That would be a good ending to a wild and crazy week for sure!

I will say this, I have noticed a big difference in the way things come together each day that I take the time to read my scriptures. Some days I manage to get my reading done first thing in the morning, but other days it happens in the late morning. Either way, I notice a difference and I seem to have a better outlook on life and the situations around me and I know it is because I am remembering to read my scriptures. Today Elder Dallin H Oaks sent out a message on Facebook reminding us all to pray before we enjoy the spiritual nourishment of reading our scriptures. I'm thankful for his reminder. Lately I have managed to read my scriptures while at work and I haven't taken the time to pray before I read. BUT, that will soon change effective tomorrow. I need to invoke the Spirit into my daily scripture study and ask for my heart and mind to be enlightened with personal revelation. So much has moved forward in the right direction in our lives since Kevin's SCI, but then other things have taken a few steps back since then and I feel I need all the help I can get for myself and help my husband and children through all of this. Yes, I do know that the weight of our little world rests squarely on my two shoulders right now, but I also know that I am strong and have the ability to do hard things with the love, help, and support my Heavenly Father sends my way through the promptings from that still small voice that I so love to hear, the teachings of the gospel I need each and every Sunday, those he has called to have stewardship over us, and those ward friends, other friends, and family that help us each and every step of the way.

Here are a few other things I am grateful for....

- As I watch the news and hear of fires, tornadoes, disease, flooding, earthquakes, accidents, war I am so grateful that my family has been untouched by these types of tragedy. What an incredible blessing. (No I don't consider Kevin's SCI the same type of accident)

- For my daughter's in-laws. I hope as times goes on we are able to forge a relationship of some kind as the parents and future grandparents together. 

- For my stationary bicycle that I picked out as my 10 year anniversary gift from my employer. I can't wait to use it! I absolutely LOVE it! Exciting!

- That my husband finally has at least the preliminary steps completed with social security and our new friends in Maryland. It's the first steps towards getting some of the help we need. The man needs more than he is willing to admit. Is it any wonder? BUT, apparently, there must be many in need of this kind of help because they are really dragging their feet. My father thinks it's a racket and that social security is being "encouraged" by the third party to drag their feet so the 3rd party gets more money. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Needless to say, my dad also plans to reach out to our state representatives but won't do that until we are finally finished with this whole process. Let's hope that happens very soon. 

- For Pinterest and being able to click a few keys on the keyboard and come up with hundreds of recipes to shake up our meals. I now have a new pork chop recipe for my slow cooker I plan to try eventually. It looks so easy....just a can of cream of chicken soup, 1/2 can of water, and 1 envelope of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix. Stir it all together, pour it over the chops in the slow cooker and then cook it on high for 4 hours. Yummy! It's also been an invaluable source for wedding reception ideas. Whoever developed it was a genius!  Thank you.

- That the weather cooperated and we were finally blessed with a little cooler weather and some rain. Cooler is ALWAYS better when you live in the desert. 

- For my job. I had quite the week full of all kids of escalations. I had another firm make an error and they delivered a position twice.  It was over five hundred thousand dollars in value, and they refused to send over the other two accounts totaling over seventy millions dollars until the correction with the position was made. The hitch was that the delivering firm refused to provide us with their letter of indemnification. We need this to send the position back. Well, long story short, I spent all week dealing with directors, investment advisors, other firms, and processing groups trying to correct this issue so we could get the other two accounts sent over...seventy million dollars. I was able to get all the issues resolved and the position sent back to the other firm in record time as well as the other two accounts on their way to our firm, while keeping our clients, our business partners, and other firm happy throughout the process. Receiving all the thank you's these past few days reminds me exactly why I do what I do each day for the best company in the industry. 

- For whomever put our garbage cans out this morning for the garbage man...thank you. (Kyle says it wasn't him.)

- For friends who bring in yummy brunch treats for us all to share! I didn't grab anything for breakfast or lunch from the house before I left for work this morning. I was running a little late, and her surprise was an awesome surprise! She brought in this banana split cake because yesterday was banana split day. We just celebrated it a day late.  

- For all of you!

Catching up on the whole effort to live healthier today.....

For starters, I have been attempting the intermittent fasting thing. I haven't made it through a 19 hour cycle yet. I don't know if I ever will. That is a long time! And I have a friend who is successful using a 12-16 hour fast cycle. 

What I have been trying is the first step of not eating until noon. I've adjusted that a little because from what I've read, you have to stop eating at 10pm and then not eat until noon the following day. I stop eating well before ten, so I can back up that noon time accordingly. 

What I have found is that I am a lot more actual growling stomach hungry...when I do this. That's supposed to be good. It means my body is burning stored calories rather than newly consumed ones. 

Eventually, the plan is to push that noon time meal back to a later time (the magic 19 hours from the previous meal) so that I am only eating during a 5-hour window later in the day. They recommend 5pm-10pm for eating, but once I'm at work those exact hours don't really work with my schedule. 

Of course, along with only eating during those hours you can make dietary changes. You don't have to count calories, but you can do things like avoid processed foods and wheat products....just as an example and what someone I know is doing. 

In more exciting news, my Allure Beauty Box was delivered today! All the girls at work have been raving about these and another friend ordered it for me. How cool is that?! My boss asked me if it had arrived today because she wanted to see if I received a certain product but I wasn't aware that my box was at the house until I got home today.

This is what the Allure Beauty Box is....

Allure Beauty Box
Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Allure magazine. Each month includes deluxe and full sized beauty and makeup items. AND you can subscribe for the entire year or just one month. You can cancel at any time. So, my friend signed me up for a month so I could check it out. How nice, right???!!! I thought so.

One co-worker has signed up for about three of these monthly beauty boxes. The others that she receives are the Ipsy beauty bag and Birchbox beauty box. She showed us all the things she received and WOW! She is receiving some pretty cool things, but I don't know if I would want to keep receiving all three boxes each and every month like she does. I don't think I could do that.

So, here is what I received today....


The Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50, Wet Brush Midi brush, Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener, Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer, Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum, and Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in Pebble Beach. 

One month the girls at work received this in their box....

Foreo Luna Play (a $39 value!)
Foreo Day Cleanser
Foreo Night Cleanser

Pretty cool right?! I think if I had someone on my Christmas list that love makeup and products like this and I couldn't come up with a good idea for Christmas, this would be my choice. I'd order it early enough so one of the boxes could be wrapped and under the tree and then sign them up for a couple extra months too. If I had a lot of extra money I might even do this for the entire year. I just think its a fun thing to get from time to time. Know what I mean? This lets you try out some of those more expensive products without having to put out all the money. Not a bad idea! Again, this was a nice surprise for me from my friend. ~smile~smile~

So, that's where I am. And I have to say, the health screening at work sure has pointed out the need to get busy on a weight loss journey. I've known this for a while now, but when they attach money to it, it makes things that much more pressing. Besides, our HSA account can always use a little extra cash in it at the beginning of each year to pay for all of those deductibles. Kevin's prescriptions are always extremely expensive those first few months until we are past the deductible markers, at least until he is covered by medicare. Then things will might change. That would be a good thing and it's something to look forward to. 

Well, gotta go. Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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