Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let it Rain

It rained most of the morning while I was at work today.  It was lovely!  It was thundering and lightening all around us and it was loud!  I love rain!  It's one of the things that I've always wished there was more of here in the desert.  I think I'd love living in Seattle for a while.  I just love watching and listening to the rain.  When I climbed into bed, I checked the weather on my cellphone in the hopes that rain was set to hit again tonight.  I would have LOVED to open the windows and listen to it off and on all night.  Unfortunately I was disappointed.  I guess we will have to wait a few more days until it rains again.  
When it's raining like it did today, I just want to be outside!  I'm so grateful for a place to enjoy the rain and keep dry.  When it rains in Arizona, it usually means you should stay inside because it's muggy and hot outside.  Which means stay in the air conditioning.  Rarely do you feel cold during a summer rain around here.  Today would have been one of those rare days, but I had to stay inside and work.  Darn!

Kyle took off to go play volleyball with several of the Young Adults in his ward.  They play every Friday night.  He works on Sundays and that makes it hard for him to make it to church, so he tries to stay involved by making it to Family Home Evenings on Mondays, Volleyball on Friday, and other activities like cleaning the church every once in a while.  If only they started their Sunday meetings just a little bit earlier.  Then Kyle could make it to at least Sacrament Meeting.  We keep praying that his work schedule will change soon.  He needs to get involved in his ward more.  It would be a good thing for him.  
Earlier today Lexi had a phone interview for a job she applied for.  She has an in person interview soon too.  I hope she gets the job.  It would be good for her to earn her own money.  She said she was pretty nervous today, and now she is super nervous for her in person interview too.  This brought a smile to my face because I know exactly how she feels.  I felt the same way each time I interviewed for jobs.  In fact, I still feel that way sometimes.  I guess some things never change.  Lexi is also determined to get to New York after high school ends to go to that culinary school there.  She plans to save some money.  I personally think she should save some money and go on a mission, but we shall see.  I don't know if I could handle letting her attend school that far out of state.  It's on the other side of the world in a big bad city.  I know.  I know.  Curtis is there right now.  But that's a little different than serving a mission there I think.  I'm secretly hoping that by the time Lexi is done with high school that she will change her mind about New York.  

It's now Saturday morning.  We have so much to do!  I need to go pick up groceries today.  That means I need to clean out the refrigerator before I go and get a few things organized there first.  We have to run to the public library to return items.  Lexi has plans to hang out with her friend Christin later tonight.  That means we need to get a few things done around the house before she leaves.  Kyle's new work week starts today.  That means he won't be home to help me take or pick Lexi up so I will have to stay up late tonight.  Lexi never comes home until late when she spends time with Christin and I really don't mind since they don't get to spend time with each other that often.  I like Christin.  She is a very good influence on Lexi and I hope Lexi is on Christin too.  Christin is the girl that got Lexi to do the sign language at a baptism a while back, and the girl that encourages Lexi to do her personal progress, and also encourages Lexi to read.  They have a little contest going.  In fact, Lexi chatted with Christin while she was on the Laurel Retreat and all they talked about was the books they have read lately.  I love that!  Christin is also the one that has encouraged Lexi to get a job and save some money.  I absolutely LOVE that too! A while back Lexi and I had the how to handle money conversation.  We talked about tithing and making that the first thing you do whenever you get money and the importance of putting the Lord first, and how that will make it much easier to handle the rest of your expenses.  We talked about paying fast offerings and how if you want to see changes in your personal situation pay generously to fast offerings consistently and you will see a change.  We talked about taxes.  We talked about saving for a rainy day.  We talked about saving for retirement.  We talked about checking accounts and savings accounts, and bank fees.  We talked about all kinds of things.  I think Lexi is going to be pretty careful with her money.  Not because of the things I shared with her, but because of the questions she asked that prompted the entire conversation.  Time will tell.   

The other day I mentioned that I got bit by something.  Well, it's been a couple of days and now my chin is peeling and still oozing.  Pretty gross, I know.  It kind of looks like I have a good sunburn on just my chin of all things.  I've been keeping it moist with Antibacterial ointment at night and that seems to help a little. I just wish I knew what bit me.  I spent a lot more time outside on Tuesday than I normally do and I'm not sure if something got me then or while I was sleeping.  A friend of mine at work said she walked into a spider web a while back and she was bit on the arm by the spider and the same thing happened to her that is happening to my chin.  Crazy!  So, maybe it was a spider?  I parked near a tree when I went to my doctor's appointment last week, and I park near a brick wall and a bush at work too.  Maybe something got me in these areas?  I really do not recall what happened.  The whole thing is a little strange if you ask me.  I'm just glad my chin is not all swollen anymore.  

We are closer to finally getting approved for Social Security!  I think I mentioned this the other day.  Kevin went down to the office with Kyle on Thursday.  They said they needed a little more documentation about a workman's comp claim he filed back in 2014.  So, we have part of what they are looking for and have a phone call into someone that can help us with the rest too.  Then once Social Security receives all of this, they said it will take another two to four weeks before Kevin sees benefits paid out.  Talk about moving at a snails pace!  They have had his application in pending status since April and NEVER told us what the real problem was until Kevin actually went down to their offices.  No letter.  Phone calls, but when we called they never called us back.  They always told us they would send you something if they needed anything.  That is not true.  Believe me we have been watching the mail like a hawk since we filed back in December.  Nothing since we send them documentation about Kevin's abilities to do certain tasks back in March.  Nothing!  And they never said they sent anything new when Kevin asked either.  So frustrating!  I'm just glad we are a little bit closer to final approval.  Kevin did find out how much he would be getting and also got Lexi set up to receive benefits as well once Kevin is approved.  That is a HUGE blessing!!  I never knew the minor children of someone who is disabled could receive benefits also.  If I would have known this when Kevin was on social security years ago I would have had Danielle, Kyle, Curtis and Lexi on them as well.  If only I knew!  All in all, once Kevin is approved and benefits start coming in, that will ease some of the stress that I have been feeling since before Kevin had his last surgery and suffered the spinal cord injury.  It's been over a year now.  I can honestly say, I will feel like we just received a visit from Publisher's Clearing House or something, even though the amount is far less than anything Publisher's could bring me.  Ha HA!

STOP!!!!  Wait!!!  Halt!!

I went out to start my car this morning to go with Kyle to store and my battery is dead!  Arg!  So, this could change everyone's plans for today.  I ran with Kyle in his car to the store.  He wanted to grab something for his lunch tonight and I needed some water and some toilet paper.  So, I went with.  When we got back from the store Kyle decided to take the battery out of the car so I could take it down to the place we bought it.  Our mechanic warned us that the battery might need to be replaced soon after his last repair.  I so appreciate that warning.  I'm hoping we don't have to pay some huge amount to replace it.  I got the lifetime warranty on the battery when we bought it, but extra money right now I do not have and of course, these things NEVER happen at the perfectly ideal time.  It's never the perfect time when you have car trouble.  Here's to hoping they just replace it.  Here is to also feeling grateful that this happened on a Saturday morning and not a work day, or in the middle of traffic or some place like that.  I guess you could say it's raining in all sorts of ways around here.  ~smile~smile~

This battery thing could put a dent in our plans to run to the library or get Lexi over to her friend's house later today.  BUT all in all, if that is the worst of it, we are doing okay.

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon. 

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