Thursday, August 4, 2016

Just sayin'

Today has been a strange day.  The day before yesterday I must have been bit by something or I am allergic to something and I still haven't determined what it is.  My chin swelled up, got hot, and then today it started oozing.  I know, gross!  Well, by last night and this morning I thought for sure I was going to end up in an Urgent Care or something, but as soon as I showed my chin to my boss at work today it finally started to come down.  It still oozing a little bit, but I am much better.  I'm still blotchy all over everywhere else, but the chin is a lot better!  Woo Hoo!!!

Today Kyle took Kevin down to the Social Security Office.  Apparently they needed to see him in order to believe the actual date he stopped working.  Even if he and I have told them over the phone.  Anyway, now they want two more pieces of paper from us.  We have one, but we are waiting for an attorney to get back to me regarding the other piece.  We are hoping to go back to Social Security next week with everything they need.  That should take care of things and then they told Kevin it will be 2 to 4 weeks after they receive that documentation before they will finally pay out benefits to him.  Can you believe that?!!  We still have to wait.  BUT...we also gave them the information about Lexi and she will also be set to be covered at least until she turns 18, which is a huge blessing!  Plus they will back date her benefits as well!  Yay!  Now to just get them to start paying out.  I swear it's like pulling teeth with those people.

This week I have received several compliments from various people.  One from my therapist who reminded me that I am enough and that "I" am not the cause or the problem in our family, and that I need to start looking at certain things in another way.  (She is so right!)  She also said not many people can do what I do, or even have a clue about what I do, how I do it, and why I do it, and that I am very strong.  I appreciated her kind words.  She said she could never do what I do.  I seriously doubt that.  I know that she too would do everything within her power to keep her family in tact and her children thriving without even knowing there are any issues.  She's pretty awesome!  
Then, I received a very nice compliment from an advisor and a co-worker who went above and beyond to make sure my boss knew about it.  I had a client insist that I call them as soon as we received paperwork to do a transaction, and to let them know as soon as possible if we saw anything wrong with the paperwork once we got it.  So, I called when we got the paperwork.  Then I called our processing group to make sure everything was in good order and they executed the transaction right them and there.  My next call was back to this Advisor to let them know that the transaction had taken place without a hitch.  He was thrilled!  And called to say so.  This Advisor is, well, let's just say their firm is highly visible across the country and I rarely hear much feedback from them unless something isn't working well.  So, for them to go out of their way to let me know how thrilled they were was huge!  
Then I got a compliment from my boss today to jumping in to help out this morning with a situation before I was technically on the phones.  She sent a message out to the team letting them know I helped out and thanking me for going above and beyond to help the entire team in the long run.  
All and all this has been quite the week for compliments.  Wow!  Thank you.  I really appreciate all of these.

I'm sitting here (again) like a great, big slug.  A great, big, tired slug.  Something has got to give soon.  Between my husband, the kids, and the dogs I am not getting enough sleep at night and haven't been for most of the summer.

This tiredness just has me feeling off all day.  I don't have any energy.  I'm beginning to agree with something that I read about a lack of sleep being a contributing factor to weight gain....too tired to make something healthy to eat, so I simply grab what's quickest and comforting, which is nearly always laden with either carbs, sugar, or (dare I say it?)both!

I hate to even think this, but it is looking like my only solution is to start going to bed at some hideously early hour like 8:00.  Maybe I could stretch it to 9:00....or 9:30???

Anyway, something must be done.  Soon!

Since my last appointment with my cardiologist, I've gained a couple pounds as I've sat here being a slug this summer.  It isn't much, but I can really tell.  I hate it.  I already had a lot of weight to lose.  I'm not feeling well.  My aches and pains seem to have multiplied.  My thoughts are filled with fears of what's going to happen if I don't get a handle on this.  As one book I read a while back stated, "You don't see fat people in nursing homes."  That's because they die before they get that far!!! 

So, I'm going to make my new resolve to change my thought patterns from negative to positive and train myself to behave differently.  With my Heavenly Father's help, I know I can do this!  Besides, isn't this a righteous goal?? 

I want to go back to working out every day.  Sore knees and other aches keep me from doing a lot of things I want to do, things that I use to enjoy doing.  I know that if I can get some of this weight off it will, if not cure my pain, at least reduce it and that in turn will make it easier to do more things.   

I also want to change my eating habits.  Friends of mine have given up carbs and sugars and have signed up for these expensive diet plans.  They have shared that they feel so much better...that all the little aches and pains and discomforts have disappeared and their energy level has shot through the roof.  I'd like to do that.  I am weak and it doesn't help that my family has no interest in following a diet plan.  I've made up my mind that I am going to start trying to prepare healthier meals and they can deal with it.  If they don't like it, they will do what they like to do anyway.  So be it.  I just can't have the bad stuff in the house or I will eat it.  

My employer will pay for a gym membership for me each and every year that I belong to one.  I just have to put up the money in advance and they will reimburse me at the end of each year.  Then they also pay me to start improving my health.  In fact, I have my first appointment with their care staff to get my baseline tests done so they know where I started.  So, after that I will need to make some changes.  They also pay this out at the end of each year.  Pretty cool isn't it?!  The payments go into an HSA Account for the family.  Even so, we will take it!

Well, I just wanted to share with you where I'm at and what I hope to do.  Please feel free to hold me accountable and even give me a good swift kick in the backside when I need it.  Trust me, just knowing you will be watching will be motivation enough! 

Tonight we are running a few quick errands and watching a couple episodes of NCIS.  Nothing too crazy.  My chic started oozing a lot, and is still a little swollen.  So, I put a little Anti-bacterial cream on it and now it is oozing a lot more.  BUT, the swelling has come down a lot.  Yay!!  I'm happy about that, but I think I might need to keep the Anti-bacterial cream on it for the next few days.  Weird.  I know I got bit by something.  Now to figure out what it was.  More to come later.

The other day I had a little run in with a security guard in the parking lot at work.  I was parked next to this big truck and when I went to pull out of my parking space to go home I couldn't see over the truck and I nearly backed into the security guard who was riding a golf cart through the lot.  Thankfully, I did not hit him and he was nice enough to let me pull out and move out of the space without any issues.  BUT, then the next day my security badge would not work at all when I tried to leave the building to come home.  I work in a building where 2500 other people work.  It's a huge building and you have to badge in and out.  You cannot leave without presenting your badge.  So, when mine didn't work I moved away from the door and got on the phone and called security.  They told me that I had to come to the front desk which was up and through a maze of hallways away.  About a half a mile away through the building.  If I could go around the building it would be much easier and not as far.  So, to the front of the building I went.  They then presented me with a temporary badge and told me I would have to place a request for a new badge when I came in today.  They said a new badge would be brought to me in my office.  Well, I didn't believe the guard.  BUT, that is exactly what happened.  AND I got a nice little badge cover and clip to wear on my clothing too.  I did, however, think that it was pretty suspicious that my badge stopped working right after my blunder with the security guard in the parking lot.  I thought he took my badge down to teach me a lesson.  BUT....we are not going to allow ourselves to think that way.


Before I go, I'd like to leave this little note to myself:

Most people are well intended and just doing the best they can.  Cut other some slack whenever possible.  Just sayin.  

Life is good.  I'm glad my chin is getting better.

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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