Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Quick Weekend TEN.

Ten things I did yesterday:
  1. Read my scriptures and did what Elder Oaks suggested and started with prayer. I still need to do my reading for today. It's funny. I find it easier to read on the days I work than on the days I don't. Time to try a little harder on the weekends to get that done.
  2. Ran to the grocery store for a couple things. Just a couple. Nothing crazy. It almost wasn't worth going, but we needed those things.
  3. Went to work. This week has been interesting. Challenging but also rewarding in the sense that I know I do a good job. No, I'm not perfect and I would never say that I was, but I do know how to do my job well.
  4. Made a very tasty dinner for my family. 
  5. Got Lexi to give me a list of books she wants so I have it for Christmas. You know she wants over 200 books. My word!
  6. Watched an episode of NCIS. I'm almost done with all the seasons. This summer there isn't anything good on T.V. Thank goodness for Netflix! I can't wait for the fall season to start!
  7. Printed off paperwork Kevin and I need to sign and send off to our friends in Maryland. I really hope this group can help us out. They are still investigating things, but we are hopeful they will be able to lend a hand.
  8. Cleaned out the front seat of my car. Now that Kyle has his own car my car seems to stay a lot cleaner now. Except when I leave all the junk mail on the floor of the passenger seat. I don't even bring that stuff into the house anymore. It goes right into the trash. I read someplace that when you get mailers from people with self addressed stamped envelopes you should send them all of your junk mail to give them a taste of how it feels. I haven't tried that yet but it's not a bad idea.
  9. Made sure Lexi was feeling a little better after her migraine on Thursday. It's Saturday and she has another one. Thankfully not as bad as her last one. I think it's time to get her back to the doctor and eye doctor. We take her to the eye doctor every year. I wonder if it's all the reading she has been doing lately and maybe she needs new glasses....or at least I hope it's something that simple.  Appointments to make next week.
  10. Went to bed early!
Nine things I have on my to-do list today:
  1. Read my scriptures. 
  2. Clear, sweep, and mop floors.
  3. Run to the grocery store. Yes, it's become a daily thing. Not the best way to do it, I know. It's just how it ends up happening with our budget lately. What can I say?
  4. Laundry for church and work next week.
  5. Plan the details for our upcoming Missionary Box for Curtis.
  6. Move a few things into the spare room. We have a tiny room off of our dining room that actually use to be Danielle's bedroom for a while. Now it's the "catch all" room. I've got a few totes to move into that room.
  7. Dishes. Have you ever noticed after being married for about say, 29 years, that all of your dishes need to be replaced? I wish I could throw out all the mismatched silverware, glasses, plates, bowls, and other things and start all over again with brand new stuff.  BUT, the budget can't handle that right now. Maybe in a few months. I'm not talking anything fancy. Just new everyday stuff. I like these....   Image result for walmart stoneware
Image result for walmart stoneware
Image result for walmart stoneware

8. Get Kevin to sign the paperwork I printed out yesterday so I can take it to the post office for mailing. I'll scan a copy and send it but they also want original signatures as well

9. Make dinner. Chicken, cheesy potatoes (Mormon funeral potatoes), and some kind of veggie are on the menu for tonight.

Eight things I love about this time of year:
  1. Sitting on my front porch watching a good storm roll in.
  2. Hearing the rain hit the roof of our home.
  3. Walking out to my car in the mornings for work and it actually feeling a little hint of cold in the air. Even if it is just a tiny tiny hint.
  4. The anticipation of the upcoming holidays.
  5. The idea of soon being able to turn off the air conditioner and opening up all the doors and windows to let air out the house and feel the cool night air in the evenings! I can't wait!
  6. The thought of wearing socks and long sleeves again.
  7. Fall colors!
  8. Fall cooking....soups, apple desserts, pumpkin desserts, cider, warm hearty casseroles.
Seven things we're eating these days:
  1. Lots of sandwiches. They are just so simple.
  2. Homemade cookies right out of the oven because the weather has cooled down enough that the thought of turning the oven on doesn't freak me out anymore. It gets so darn hot during the summer here, who wants to make it hotter by turning on the oven. Stove top meals, crock pot, grilling, or no cooking at all are the way to go here.
  3. More dishes with a tomato base in them.
  4. Oatmeal and fun things like that.
  5. Roman noodles. Lexi can't get enough of them.
  6. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Lexi is loving every minute of that! I am too.
  7. Homemade bread, again because baking at the time of year doesn't heat up the house as much as it would in 118 degree weather does. Lately we have stayed around 100 degrees, today we are at 99 degrees. That's always a good thing!
Six of our favorite things to put in oatmeal, along with butter and sugar. 
  1. broken or bite size cookie pieces
  2. ice cream (it's great instead of milk, especially vanilla)
  3. fresh fruit
  4. fresh pie
  5. brown sugar and cinnamon
  6. buttered toast with jam and peanut butter, broken up, added and soggy. NUMMERS!

Five people I spoke with multiple times yesterday:
  1. My family
  2. Corina 
  3. George
  4. Dave
  5. Ana

Four UFO's (UN-finshed objects) in the works or needing to be started before I am into the holidays:
  1. My coffee table top and a few other pieces to be painted.
  2. A jewelry project. I have a necklace that broke that I need to repair or redo.
  3. An upcoming party.
  4. A specific holiday gift that I can't be specific about because someone reads this blog, but it will be wondermous. I'm hoping.

Three TV shows we'll watch this upcoming season:
  1. Scandal - of course!
  2. Madam Secretary
  3. Dancing with the Stars 
Two things I loved about yesterday:
  1. Walking into work and finding out that I didn't have to train someone first thing in the morning and that my big escalation and all of the issues were finally resolved. These two things made for a much easier Friday for a lot of folks and that is always a good thing.
  2. That Lexi's headache on Thursday had finally gone away by yesterday morning, Friday. She still felt fuzzy yesterday, but she was better. She is down and finally sleeping through another one now. A few minutes ago she woke up and asked me to make a doctor's appointment for her. That's how I know these are getting bad. That will be my first order of business on Monday. Call the doctor. Poor Lexi.
One thing I am looking forward to this fall:
  1. LDS General Conference! BUT, even before that is the LDS Women's Broadcast. It's always uplifting and inspires me to be a better me. It's always on a Saturday evening and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite events of the entire year each year. I usually watch it from the comfort of my home because it's just easier that way. Love that streaming option. Happiness!

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