Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday Count-down

Ten happy thoughts from this bright beautiful Saturday:
      1) We all slept in until 9!  (after Kyle was off to work at 5)
      2) I found a way to solve a little issue, and I am so proud of myself!
      3) I LOVE that Lexi can write her own talk and doesn't want any help from her parents.  That makes this Momma very happy!  
      4) Lexi is off to another party tonight and maybe a dance too.
      5) I'm so grateful I married the man I married.  
      6) Curtis reaches his 9 months left mark this week!  I can't believe how quickly     time has passed.
      7) Can't wait to declutter a few big things!  I'm LOVING the curb side service our    city has for unwanted items.
      8) I tend to scar very easily.  I tan easily, but scar badly.  Since I stopped drinking soda my skin heals faster.  Yay!  This scar, is finally looking better.  Sorry, the               photo is gross.
      9) Lexi is all caught up on her classes.  
    10) It's going to be a quiet night tonight. 
Nine things I did today:
      1) Got a bill that was stressing me out paid by 9 a.m.
      2) Laundry, several loads.
      3) Got the dog to do his business outside! (While Kyle was at work)
      4) Read a book
      5) Made a few phone calls
      6) Talked to my oldest daughter
      7) Made dinner
      8) Played with the puppy
      9) Cleaned!
Eight People I spoke to today:
      1) Milo - the man that took my payment
      2) John - the man fixing my car
      3) Danielle - she was trying to help me with something, but I took care of it already.
      4) Kyle - he called me to do something for him while he was at work
      5) A few Facebook friends - through instant messenger.
      6) the clerk at the store I went to
      7) my neighbor
      8) our medical insurance rep.
Seven things I read today:
      1) A few blog posts
      2) Several text messages
      3) A resume' (Lexi has created one for herself)
      4) Some material I will be presenting at a future meeting
      5) Lexi's talk
      6) a book - God Wants a Powerful People, by: Sheri Dew
      7) a few labels of medications
Six things I wondered about today:
      1)  Is the swelling in my chin and my neck ever going to go down?  This morning I  woke up with a giant chin and a big swelled up spot on my neck.  I'm either                  allergic to something or I got bit by something.  I need it to go away before                    church tomorrow and certainly before work on Monday.  If it's still swollen by                  Monday morning, I will just scream!  LOL!  I mean......I will be going to the                      doctor, or at least Urgent Care.  Yikes!  I wish I knew what this was!  

      2)  When will the doors on my front porch will be moved inside.  
      3)  How some people pay cash for their homes.  I would LOVE to be able to do      that!  Time to check that out.
      4)  Who will be our next President of the United States.  
      5)  Is there ever going to be something good to watch on T.V. this summer?  OR    even on Netflix or Hulu?  I need a new show to watch.  
      6)  Will our attorney EVER get the medical records they requested from the           hospital?  Come on now! Enough already.  
Five things I have to do before the end of the month.
      1) Car emissions - actually right after the car is repaired
      2) Car tags - after the car is repaired
      3) Birthday celebrations for Kevin and Lexi AND Father's Day too!
      4) Move my doors and clean off my front porch.  It's just something I want to do.
      5) Take care of a few errands.
Four things I'd like to change:
      1) Kevin's SCI.  I want my husband back!
      2) Our financial situation.  Time to start thinking outside of the box, and start         looking for new ideas and ways to get it done.
      3) Our car situation.  Time for a second car.  (It will happen soon)
      4) Expectations of others.  I'm shocked by what some people expect of Kevin and I. OR that they just do not care what we are going through and place demands             on us.  It blows my mind.  It's kind of sad.  I read a quote the other day that said,           "Fake people don't surprise me anymore, loyal people do."
Three things I wouldn't change for anything in the world:
      1) The way we raised our children. We taught them.  Didn't always shelter them   from things like illness that resulted in financial burdens.  We let them learn,                 grow, and make mistakes, but most of all, we shared our experiences and                     testimonies every change we got with them.  As a result, our children are                       certainly not perfect, yet, well rounded, caring, compassionate individuals.  
      2) The man I married
      3) The struggles we have had. They have all made us better people as a family.
Two things I love about this time of year:
      1)  Swimming!  I love time spent in the pool.
      2)  BBQ's, especially on the 4th of July.
One thing I learned today:
      1)  Selfishness is the antithesis of love.  President David O McKay said, "I know of no better way to bring about harmony in the home, in the neighborhood, in organizations, peace in our country, and in the world than for every man and woman first to eliminate from his or her heart the enemies of harmony and peace such as hatred, selfishness, greed, animosity, and envy." 
 I love that quote!  I also like this one......  
"Every divorce is the result of selfishness on the part of one or the other or both parties to a marriage contract.  Someone is thinking of self--comforts, conveniences, freedoms, luxuries, or ease.  Sometimes the ceaseless pinpricking of an unhappy, discontented, and selfish spouse can finally add up to serious physical violence.  Sometimes people are goaded to the point where they erringly feel justified in doing the things which are so wrong.  Nothing, of course, justifies sin.  The marriage that is based upon selfishness is almost certain to fail.  The one who marries for wealth or the one who marries for prestige or social plane is certain to be disappointed.  The one who marries to satisfy vanity and pride or who marries to spite or to show up another person is fooling only himself.  But the one who marries to give happiness as well as receive it, to give service as well as to receive it, and who looks after the interests of the two and then the family as it comes will have a good chance that the marriage will be a happy one."  (Marriage & Family Manual - Marriage & Divorce, pg. 148-149)

I'm learning about selfishness and selflessness these past few days.  It's interesting how things come up sometimes.  Some things come up and smack you in the face, others come up gradually.  But, I am learning.  That's always a good thing.  

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  I'm off to hit the Benedryl in the hopes that this giant bump on my chin and neck will finally go away.  I need it gone by tomorrow so I can go to church to hear Lexi give her talk.  I can't miss that.  If I have to go with these lumps, I'll have to sit in the back or something, so no one sees me.  Thanks for all of your prayers these past few days, and words of encouragement.  They have really helped.  We all appreciate them.  Take care and we will talk again soon.
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