Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Random Thoughts, A list and a pic.

I'm tired and my eyes are so sore.  I have been sleeping with a cool mist humidifier next to me and I think it was blowing on me and my poor eye last night.  I've been squinting all day just to see.  Even though my eyes have been bothering me, my co-workers have made me laugh quite a bit today.  This morning my co-worker that sits by me mentioned that she didn't wear any eye make-up today because her one eye was bothering her.  She then announced to all of us that she wasn't going to wear eye make-up anymore.  (Frankly, I agree.  I haven't worn eye make-up for years now primarily because my eyes have bothered me so much too.)  Then my other  co-worker mentioned the brand of a make-up fixer her daughter uses and how well it works.  It's an Urban Decay product.  When my other co-worker heard the brand, she piped up and said she's doing a little suburban decaying (she's in her 60's) right now.  I about lost it, and started laughing so hard, that her next question was....."Hey Sondra, did you pee your pants over there?"  By this time, I was on the phone with a client and struggling to NOT bust up laughing.  Oh my goodness!  She was on a roll all day.  Later when our supervisor was walking out the door this same co-worker piped up and said to our supervisor, "Give Frank a kiss for me!" As our supervisor walked passed another employee named Frank.  We all started laughing!  What she really meant by kiss Frank, was Kiss your puppy Frank for me because he has a fairly new dog, and this co-worker loves animals.  Needless to say, Frank the employee jumped up and did a little freak out thinking our team supervisor was coming to give him a kiss.  I'm telling you my co-worker was on a roll today!!!  Oh my gosh!  She had  us all laughing so hard all of us probably peed our pants today.  Of course, our next conversation went right to adult diapers.  I told her I would be happy to bring her a catheter if she needed one.  She didn't like that idea.  ~smile~smile~

We've been driving around in Danielle's car for the past few days because our car is in the shop being repaired.  The check engine light is on and we can't get it through emissions with the light on.  So, we wait.  The mechanic is super busy so it could be a few days.  I'm just grateful Danielle has been willing to work with us.  Needless to say, Kyle and my Mom have been playing chauffeur to both Danielle and I since our schedules don't quite jive.  I can't wait for our car to be done and Kyle to buy a car.  It's been hard on all of my kids, extended family, and friends.  All have been helping us through all of this crazy stuff.  Especially since it all seems to be hitting us all at once.  I'm just grateful everyone has been willing to help us through this.  I honestly do not know what we would do without the help of so many.  Blessings!!!  Huge blessings!

When I got home, the "fun" of the day kept right on going.  Kyle's puppy came right up, sat on the blanket on my bed and he was chewing something.  Come to find out, it was something he killed.....GROSS!!  I was so annoyed, especially since he was on MY blanket!  Silly puppy.  And of course, Kyle was gone to Institute tonight when it happened, so I couldn't make him remove the dog and whatever it was he was chewing on. The remaining pieces were still on my blanket....ARG!  Time for the blanket to go into the washing machine.  Puppies!  Tell me again why I agreed to this?  (Kyle caught me at a weak moment.)

Tonight I am laminating a few things for my little presentation tomorrow.  I have a lot of material for this, now I need to weed through it and decide what to use and what not to use.  I will say this, I am so glad the company I work for has so many resources available to all of us.  It has made my job so much easier!  How awesome is that??!!  I'm a happy camper.


1. If you could sit beside and/or jump in any lake in the whole wide world today, which lake would you choose and why?

Now that we know what life on a lake could be like, and after watching a few shows about all the lakes across the country, I would say there are a few lakes in Texas and in the southern states, as well as a few in Montana that I would LOVE to visit and jump in!

2. What's your favorite 'fruity' drink? 

I would say Lemonade of any kind.

3. I read a list of thirteen things to do right now to simply your life. They were-

clean as you go, re-evaluate your relationships (cut toxic ties), unsubscribe (too many blogs and websites), de-clutter, write down your daily goals, reply to emails right away, forget multitasking, create a morning routine, re-evaluate your commitments (which hobbies and responsibilities are most important to you), say no, clean up your computer, and plan your day ahead

Which of the tasks listed do you currently find most helpful in keeping life simple? Which item on the list should you adopt in order to simplify your life this month?

Cleaning as I go while cooking in the kitchen is the best!  I find that helps me a lot when making those big meals.  Writing down daily goals helps me remember things and stay on task.  I have a morning routine for the days I go to work that seems to work pretty well.  I just need to plan and allow a few minutes for the times when I run a little late.  Right now I don't have any extra time. 

I could de-clutter a LOT more!  

4. What did you do the summer after you graduated from high school?

I worked full-time at a local flower shop.  I was getting ready for college in the fall.

5. Are you a fan of pod casts? If so what's a favorite? 

I guess I'm a fan, but I don't have any favorites.

6. Do you think today's fathers have it harder, easier, or just different than fathers in the past?

I think yesterday's fathers had their own kind of difficulties.  I think each generation has their own issues to deal with.  I for one would not want to be raising little children in this day and age.  We as parents have so much to teach our children just about which bathroom to use, not to mention all the other things that will be coming at them in Elementary School.  Believe it or not, the drug issues we use to have in High School are things kids in Elementary School are experiencing.  That's scary!  So, my answer is Father's today have it hard!

7. Tell us one way you're like your father? Or not at all like your father if that's easier?

I would say I like both of my parents in many ways.
I think I have my Dad's youthful appearance, and his keen intellect, his ability to adapt to change, and working hard.  I know that if I have half the gifts and talents that my dad has I will be just fine.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

It's been a long day.  My eyes are sore.  I think I let my cool air humidifier blow too close to my eyes last night or something.  I think it dried my right eye out too much.  How crazy is that?!  LOL!  Of all the things.  I even wore my glasses today.  Silly me.

I should get going.  It's late, I'm tired and I need to run my blanket through the washer one more time just to make sure the "pieces" are all gone.  Freaks me out every time I think about it.  Eeeewwww!!!

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  

OH!  I almost forgot!!!!
Below is the latest photo of Curtis at another training session with his Zone.  He is in the middle on the top row.  Love this young man!  He only has another 9 months left.  Don't tell him, but I can't wait to see him.  ~smile ~smile~

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