Saturday, June 4, 2016

Rambling thoughts and I did something right!

Have you ever watched the Disney film, Pollyanna?  In the movie, Pollyanna has a positive outlook everything!  I was visiting with a friend the day before yesterday and I shared a few of my major faux pas that night.  I was pretty hard on myself.  My friend even tried teasing me into playing the "glad game" to try to find some good in my little mess.  My only comment, "Okay.  I know!  I'm glad that's over and I can look forward to my next mess!"  Okay then!  Not quite what my friend had in mind, did give me some food for thought! 

It's easy to say "I blew it" or "I sure messed that up".  It's easy to be hard on yourself!  So, today's blog post is a list of ten things I've done right lately.  It's not vain.  It's not proud.  It may feel awkward at first, but will eventually make me feel good!  I challenge you to follow my lead and do the your list on your blog or in a journal.  You and I may have to really think long and hard for a moment or even ask someone else for input before you feel comfortable patting yourself on the back---and publicly yet!  But, once you've got this list, you'll feel great!  Go for it!

Regarding my own list.....I got about three thoughts into it and decided that then was not going to be as easy as I thought it would be.  I started asking family members to list things for me.  Some of them had no problem listing about ten things in nothing flat.  Again, a confirmation as to just how much easier it is to see the good in others than ourselves!  

Without further ado......Ten things I've done right lately:

  • I've been working hard at achieving some personal goals that really need to be met and am actually meeting some success!!  Yay!
  • Listened to that little voice inside that told me everything was going to be alright Friday.  You see, Lexi is at Girl's Camp this week and Kyle and I had to work.  That meant Kevin was home alone all day Friday.  I was so worried something would happen.  I spent the entire day in contact with him.  (I tried to FaceTime with him at lunch but he never answered.  If he wouldn't have answered my text message I would have been booking it home for sure!  Before I left home Friday morning I said a couple little prayers and kept getting that calm easy feeling that everything was going to be okay.  I made sure Kevin had what he needed.  Something to drink, snacks, even a sandwich for lunch.  I locked all the doors to outside making sure all the locks were bolted before I left.  I didn't want anyone busting in on him!  Believe me, this is not something we will ever do unless we absolutely have to like yesterday.  Thank goodness I kept receiving that sweet feeling from that still small voice throughout the day.  (What a blessing!)  When we got home last night.  Kevin was a little hot since it was 117 degrees outside, which we expected.  I so grateful we didn't come home to find him down on the ground or something.  I am also grateful for the blessing of that still small voice in my life that reminded me that Kevin, and even I, was not alone through that entire day!  We were being watched over!!!
  • Made a wonderful breakfast for Kevin and I this morning and enjoyed him singing my praises about it all morning!  I made omelettes.  He loves them.
  • Made a really great roast, potatoes, and carrots the way a roast should be made.  With all the trimmings, seasonings, and such.  I even made homemade gravy to go along with it.  That doesn't happen that often around here.  I usually just throw a roast in a crock pot with a package of roast seasoning and call it done.  I can count the roasts made the way my Mom and Grandmother would make it in the past 30 years, so this was worth mentioning! 
  • I sacrificed plans of something that really mattered to me, in order to accommodate others.  It turns out not being, at all, what I wanted it to be or had hoped for but, my efforts were appreciated, which made it worth it!  
  • I pulled off a fabulous wedding reception in spite of all of our obstacles! (money, Kevin unable to do the heavy lifting, Curtis away on his mission to help us, a bride and groom in la la land...I mean, just wanted to be together and not do anything other than that...which happens to us all during that time......., complete with everything the bride and groom wanted, food they actually wanted to eat, a candy table, a canopy over the cake area, a DJ, decorations just the way my daughter wanted them, amazing flowers everywhere, and lots of color, that hopefully the happy couple will remember for a long, long time!   (This also helped me to realize that I've still got it!  Yes!)
  • I asked a friend some personal questions about something very close to her heart.  In response, she told me that I try harder than anyone she knows to understand those things.  I always was worried that I was seeming nosy or intrusive, which says to me that sometimes we need to take a chance because someone may just want us to.  
  • I've managed to get a little more organized around the house and things are starting to slowly come together.  That's always a good thing!  
  • With all the organizing and decluttering happening around our house, I've been able to let go of things I never thought I'd be able to let go of, by throwing some things away or by reselling things at times and making a little cash, which has been a huge blessing at times.  (Time to find a few more things to let go of!)
  • I've learned to not be so hard on myself especially when things take longer to get done now.  I am only one person, doing the work of say 20 plus right now.  I can't do everything all at once.  I'm doing the best I can and that is all that matters...don't give up!  

  • Okay, that was harder than I expected!  But, it beats the heck out of reading what I didn't do right lately!  My quote of the day....the word "professional" could be substituted with whatever it is a person is doing in life...I really like it!  

    A true {professional} achieves success when you don't know whether what you are doing is work or play.  

    Rambling thoughts:

    It's weird being home alone. (Lexi at Girl's Camp and Kyle at work)  Okay, I'm not really alone.  Kevin is here, but he is finally sleeping!  He hasn't been sleeping well over the past several days so the doctor up'd his one medication.  So the fact that he is able to sleep right now is a good thing.  Yay!  

    Kyle's puppy actually went outside on his own this morning!  That is amazing.  Since he has been here we have had to pick him up and take him outside and then when he is out there he runs right back up to the door.  Not today!  Today he walked right out, into the yard, around to the side of the house, laid down in the dirt, and seemed pretty content to be there.  Then he walked up to the edge of the pool, looked in like he wanted to jump in.  Then he turned around and came back inside when he was ready.  He was only out there for about 5 minutes, but that's a big improvement!  Yay, again!

    Lexi comes home from Girl's Camp today!  I will admit, I am pretty happy about that.  I've missed that girl more than I thought I would.  I can't wait to hear all the things she will want to share about her experiences at camp.  She is going to be tired and ready for a long nap...even so, it will be good to have her home again.  Yay, one more time!  

    Take care my friends, enjoy your weekend, and we will talk again soon.  
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