Friday, June 3, 2016

Oh, and you are so humble!

Yesterday, while I was surfing other blogs, I noticed a talent someone had and I was green with envy!  I do recognize my own talents but I wanted THAT talent!  Don't get me wrong, everyone has talent, but they are all so different!  These differences are what make us who we are and make life so interesting.  Yet, we look at others and think, "Wow, If only I could be more like her.....If I could that or that like she does."  We all do it.  It's human nature.  "If I could be like....."
Without even a second to think about it, here's my list of "If I could only be more like....":

  • Kevin:  I'd have his assertiveness, good nature, and ability to read people like a book.  
  • Danielle:  Her thirst for learning, teaching, and kindness
  • Kyle:  His ability to pull people out of their comfort zone, and easy going attitude.
  • Curtis:  His kindness, big heart, and humor 
  • Lexi:  Her competitiveness, love of baking, and organization skills.
  • My Mom:  Artistic talents, kind nature, creativity, and love
  • My Dad:  His natural ability to learn, research, and his gift for words.
  • Shaun:  His creativity, loyalty, and love
  • Susan:  Kind nature, creativity, and beautiful hair
  • Shelly:  The gift of making others feel loved and understood.

A while back, I was talking with my of those conversations that you can only have with people like your mother, your spouse, your children, and maybe a best friend, but you wouldn't dare say it to just anyone because they'd think, "Aren't you full of yourself??!!"  I was telling my girls about something that I'd been working on and was feeling really good about.  I said, ...and it is almost perfect!  I mean, I did GOOOOOOOOD!"  My girls started laughing and said, "And you're humble too!"  We all laughed.  

I've thought about that later several times and laughed each time it comes to mind.  Isn't it funny?  We do something that we know is great and we don't feel comfortable talking about it, sharing it with others, for fear of seeming prideful of vain?  Yet, we don't even hesitate to say things like, "I'm fat, I hate my hair, I have zits, I'm a loser."  We sit in judgment of ourselves so often.  And yet, we look at others and just wish we could be as pretty as, as thin as, as smart as, as creative as,.....and so on.  One thing that is easily forgotten is that when we are looking at them, we are seeing their best!  We see them in public.  We see them performing and teaching after they've spent endless hours preparing and learning.  We see them in magazines with their nails done, their hair looking perfect, their skin airbrushed.  And we compare that person to our worst self, home, in our sweats, no make-up, saggy boobs, before our shower, bad morning breath, and all....right down to Monday morning!  How said is that!!!

So, I have two purposes with this blog post.  One, I'm going to list ten things I like about myself and my talents.  I'm listing them honestly, as they come to judging what others will think of I say them, no weeding out my thoughts, just as they come to me, RAW honesty!!

Things I like about me:

  1. I'm an open book.  What you see is what you get.
  2. I'm a great cook!  When I welcome people into my home, I want them to come and enjoy themselves and not feel like they have to help me cook, clean-up, or anything even though we usually end up in my kitchen.
  3. I'm a fun mom.  I have good relationships with my children.
  4. I'm creative and have a talent or knack for decorating.
  5. I'm dependable.  When I say I'm going to do something I always do it.
  6. I'm a good friend.  I am willing to sacrifice for friends, I'm a good listener when I need to be.  I'm willing to be there for my friends no matter what. 
  7. I'm a good teacher.  I can put others at ease instantly and I do not put myself above those I teach and make then feel "at home" when I teach. 
  8. I have a pretty smile and eyes
  9. I'm spontaneous.  I haven't always been, but I have learned to be more and more, which is a fun quality to have!
  10. I'm adventurous and not afraid to try new things in life....but not so much with food.  LOL!

Sheesh, that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I kept thinking, "I can't say that!  That's vain!"  But, I listed things anyway.  It's NOT vain!  It's healthy!  The second thing I'm going to do is challenge you to make a list about yourself on your blog, or in your personal journal, of things that you like about yourself.  No one can judge how you feel.  This is something that YOU feel about yourself.  Go for it!  I dare you!  

Kyle got the mail today and he mentioned that his Dad received an application to enroll in something with some kind of card.  When I picked up the envelope my head started going in a million different directions.  I thought that this piece of mail might be a sign his disability benefits might finally get approved.  Little did I know that once you turn 50 years old you start receiving a whole new kind of junk mail of the senior type.  Today Kevin received his application to join AARP!!  Oh yay!  LOL!  I was so hoping it was the other.  While we are on an insurance topic.  Did you know that many people are finding that they can receive better rates on medical insurance through Obama Care than what they were getting through a company medical plan?  I was shocked at the number of people retiring before they turn 59 and doing this. They can't withdrawal from their retirement plans without penalties until they are at least 59 and a half.  So what the heck??   It blows my mind.  What are these people going to do if they do away with Obama Care?  Seems like it might be a good idea to wait and see what comes our way after the next Presidential election, don't you think??  I so hope my medical plan changes for the better....time will tell.  

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon. Enjoy your weekend! 

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