Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Dad

John Zimmerman is my father and the first good man I ever loved.  It's because of the man he is and the example he set, that I am able to love my husband with deep passion and appreciation.

At 49 years old, I'm still "daddy's little girl", and you know what, I still love that.  I did not enter this world through his body, but I entered the world through his heart.  The bond we share is unlike any other connection. 

Dad, I love you for an infinite number of reasons.  I feel very blessed to have you as my father and I'm thankful for the wonderful life you have given me.  

In honor of Father's Day, I would like to celebrate you:  A magnificent man, a loyal, loving husband, a devoted father, and a true friend.  Please know that my list of gratitude is endless and continues to grow with each day. 

Thank you for falling madly in love with Judy Meyers and marrying her 50+ years ago.  

Thank you for showing me that men can actually love women faithfully and unconditionally - for time and all eternity.  

Thank you for knowing you wanted to a be a father.

Thank you for providing me with a never-ending sense of safety and emotional security throughout my life.  

Thank you for showering me with heartfelt hugs and kisses when I was a little girl.

Thank you for crying in front of me when you found out your father had passed away.

Thank you for encouraging me to play softball when I was a girl, even though I wasn't very good at it. 

Thank you for leaving work early to take me to my doctor's appointments when I broke both of my arms at the same time.

Thanks for teaching me the importance of health and exercise.

Thank you for raising me to love this country, to be thankful to every man and women who serves in our military for their contributions to our nation's safety, their time, efforts, and sacrifices for each and every one of us.  

 Thank you for being an overprotective father from the time I was an infant until today.  To thins day I will never forget the time you came around the corner while I was on the phone with a friend after I said, "My parents don't know everything I do." and you said, "You'd be surprised the things we know about where you go and what you do when you leave this house."  Little did I know at the time just how right you were.  To this day I am still impressed by just how much you knew without me really knowing you knew.  

Thank you for teaching me the power of humor and how to effectively tell a joke.

Thank you for teaching me the significance of recognizing the promptings of that still small voice, the Holy Ghost, when I was young, and for teaching me to always listen and obey whenever received those promptings.  

Than you for changing the massive surgical bandage on my Mom after her surgery because Mom couldn't do it for herself and dealing with the massive hole and keeping it wet and clean so it could heal properly.  

Thank you for always telling me I am beautiful.

Thank you for working so hard all throughout our life to provide out family with a comfortable lifestyle that allowed my mother to be home with us.  

Thank you for always kissing me on the cheek to say goodnight.

Thank you for teaching me the importance of humility, and the remarkable blessings that come from helping others whether it be emotional, physical, or financial help.  

Thank you for showing me the importance of education.  I'll never forget when you and Mom went back to college, you showed me that it is never too late to get an education.  

Thank you for taking care of my cuts and scraps when I felt I was in dire physical pain.  

Thank you for embarrassing me when Kevin and I came home to announce we were engaged and you handed him a folder with the owner's manual on me.  To this day I hear about that from Kevin and that is permanently seared into my memory, especially when Kevin says, "Well honey, let me check your owner's manual."

Thank you for teaching me about politics and political parties.  

Thank you for resisting the urge to convince me to vote for your candidate during every election.  

Thank you for never lying to me. 

Thank you for loving your brother and teaching me the importance of loving those who have other ideas and may not think the same way you do.  

Thank you for showing me that some friends do not always do things you like, but that should never affect the love you have for them.  

Thank you for loving and accepting my husband into our family.

Thank you for loving and accepting me and always making me feel like I am good enough.

Thank you for showing me what it means to be a good man, a great teacher, an extraordinary husband, and an outstanding father for the past 49 years of my life.

I love you Dad!  AND I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day.

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