Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In a few words.....

Went to work.

Came home.

Puppy shredded paper.



I got upset.

Kyle got upset back.

No fun!  

I hate messes.

That's what bugs me a lot.

I'm trying to fix dinner.

Waiting to hear from Danielle.

Lexi has Mutual tonight.

So we better decide what to make.


Kevin is in pain.

He ran out of meds.

We ran out of money.

Now we wait for payday.

So, Kevin waits too.

Not good!

I'm tired of running on fumes.

Too many bills.

Car Repairs.

Car Emissions.

Car Tags.

Water bill.


Insurance bill.

Plus gas, food, and everything else.

Not enough money.

Only so much I can do.


Can we hold on like this?

Til Mid September?????

You know....

Social Security.

When they say we'll have answers?

I work full time.

Still not enough.

I need a second job.


my current work would have to approve.

would they?

Probably not.

What to do?

Can't rob a bank.

Don't play the lottery.

Don't expect an inheritance soon.

This is so hard! 

Our Bishop.


He helps us as much as he can.

Trying to keep us "afloat".

We know he can't do everything.

We appreciate his help.

More than he could know.

What a blessing it is.

To belong to our church!

The Church of Jesus Christ of....

Latter-day Saints!!!

We have received so much.

Because of their help,

Our burdens are a little 


Because of their help,

We do not feel

like the weight of

the world is on our 


We are still stressed,

just not like it could be.

We know.

That this burden

will be a part of our life

and we know that eventually

things will get better.

This stressful situation

will change.

It will pass.

Even though this is 


We are a strong family.

We will hold on.

And we will be better for it.

In the end, 

When it gets to hard,

we kneel.

We know we can do,

hard things.

We know we can use this experience,

to someday help another.

To lift them, encourage them, 

and ease their burden too.

Life is full of experiences like these.

We just need to remember....

It's part of our earthly experience.

To learn and to grow.

So keep things in perspective.

Your attitude counts too.

Life IS still good!!

Enough said!  

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