Thursday, June 2, 2016

If Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy... it's all up to me.

Thank you all so much for the many kind comments and emails yesterday.  I was overwhelmed and brought to tears!  My husband teases me to "never think about quitting blogging ever!" 
He gets frustrated because he feels that I share things he doesn't want everyone knowing, but what happens to him also happens to me, right?!  I guess I never thought saying the word permanent would cause such a ruckus.  I thought he just didn't want me sharing other personal things like bathroom habits and things.  I really think he wasn't ready to play twenty questions with people and that I understand.  Some days I have to tip toe around everyone I come in contact with throughout a given day.  Others not so much.

Which brings me to my point today.  I've been jotting down a little "list" of sorts that's a little different than any of the others I've created over the past several weeks.  I've made little notes of things that get to me and I've come up with this "self-help" list.  Being the kind of person that I am, I'm going to print it out and strategically place a few copies in plain sight for the next two weeks.  I'm hoping that this list will be noticed and maybe even rub off on others, but mostly, that it will be a reminder to myself!  I'm certain that if I work on this list during the summer, all will be happier!  Mostly ME because as the saying goes, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"  It begins with me, so here's my list on how to have a wonderful summer.....
  • Have high hopes and low expectations.
  • Think before you speak
  • Give others your full attention when visiting.
  • Give others a reason to smile.
  • Praise loudly.  Blame softly.
  • Smile often.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Forgive and FORGET about it.
  • Give lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Say I love you whenever possible.
  • Take lots of deep breaths
  • Choose playtime first
  • Relax and take lots of breaks
  • Listen
  • Don't obsess
  • Don't expect perfection
  • Let things go quickly
  • Do something crazy three times a day
  • Pray a lot!!
  • See a need and fill it!  Yes, this means chores.
  • Keep in mind that 99% of the time, no one intends offense.
  • Touch, touch and touch some more.  Hugs and kisses count!
That's my very own list!  I think that it will be a good reminder for me!  At least, it's a good start!  My quote for the day is one that I've seen many times in the past and loved it.  
I should get going.  Again, thank you for all of your kind words yesterday.  They, too, will go a lonnnnng way!  Have a fantabulous Thursday evening and a terrific Friday!  
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