Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hump Day it is!

WOW!  I'm not sure I understood yesterdays post.  My eyes were so sore and I just wanted to get it posted so I could get to bed.  Sorry it was so all over the place. 

 Remember me saying I had the cool mist humidifier blowing in my eyes all night, the night before last?  Well, last night I slept with sunglasses on so my eyes wouldn't be effected by the blowing of the humidifier.  When Kyle came in from going to Institute and watching movies with a friend he just laughed at me because I looked goofy with these white sunglasses, with mirror lenses on while I was asleep.  I'm sure I certainly did look goofy.  I don't care.  BUT.....Low and behold, my eyes didn't bother me at all today.  Yes!  

On a side note:  One of my co-worker's mentioned that her husband and his buddies sometimes play something called Diaper Poker.  I thought the name was funny.  I guess all these grown men have to put on an adult diaper.  Everyone plays and no one can leave the table, hence the reason for the diapers.  If someone walks away from the table they lose the game.  Now, that's funny stuff!  I'm picturing all these grown men wearing adult diapers around a big card table, laughing and having a good time, until one of them has an accident in their diaper.  Can you imagine?  Gross!  Gross!  Gross!  But no one can leave so they all have to endure the awful smell.  Yuck, right!?!  My co-worker said one of the guys couldn't understand why no one wanted to play that game with him.  LOL!!!  

My presentation went well today.  I was so nervous!  I don't know why I was so nervous but I was.  I think it's because I've been preoccupied with everything happening around my home with all of the stresses here and then to finally do something out of my so called "norm" of medical things and household stuff I got a little freaked out.  It's not like I haven't done one of these presentations before in front of strangers several times a year too.  I think it could also be that this presentation was in front of all of my co-workers.  Whatever it is, something had me flustered, that's for sure.  I just hope I didn't sound flustered.  Everyone complimented me on a job well done and I appreciated that.  I'm just glad that's over and now I just need to focus on the next one coming up soon.  I'm still doing some research on that so we shall see.   

Our car is still in the shop.  I haven't heard a word yet this week.  That has me a little worried.  Worried for our mechanic because I know he is super busy, and worried about the size of the bill.  I'm sure we will know more soon enough so why stress about it now, right?

Have you heard about all the fires in our area.  The Show Low area has a fire and everyone there is under 
pre-evacuation precautions. (which essentially means they need to be ready to leave the area within 10-15 minutes from the time they are told to evacuate)  My brother and his wife were planning to take their family up to Show Low this weekend so my nephew could be baptized.  I'm not sure why they were planning to go up to Show Low to do it, but I think it was to do the baptism with her parents.  Danielle was planning on riding up with my niece, since she hasn't made that drive alone and so they can get my other nephew home for work by 5p.m. on Saturday, but my SIL cancelled the baptism today.  Kind of sad that Cameron has to wait now, but it's probably a good idea to wait. Poor Cameron must be bummed that his baptism has to be put off.  I know I was super excited for my baptism when I was eight.  I can only imagine how he must be feeling.  
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I'm sure a lot of folks from the Show Low area will be down here in the valley this weekend for our record breaking 120 degree heat, due to the fires.  They are going to come down here and feel like they are on fire, that's for sure.  120 degrees is nearly as hot as it has every been here.  I remember when we got up to 122 degrees.  That doesn't happen that often.  I, for one, will not be looking forward to the all!  I'm hoping the weatherman was telling a fib and we don't get up over 100 degrees.  That would make my day!

Did I tell you my other nephew, James, received a full ride scholarship to Texas Tech?!  He starts classes this fall.  From what I understand, Texas Tech was his first choice and he was accepted.  How cool is that?!?  We are super excited for him.  

I found this yummy recipe I want to try soon.  It sounds wonderful and a friend says it is. 

We received a letter from Curtis today.  

Hey Everyone,

This week was a great one.  Elder Bennett from the Seventy came and spoke to us about desires, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and loving those we teach.  It was pretty scary at first because when we got to the church building we found our names placed on tables that showed where we were going to be seated, and my seat was directly at the front.  So, I knew I would be called on a lot!  As it turns out, I was called on a lot, but it wasn't bad.  

After the meeting we saw so many miracles in our district.  In the past, even before I was here, they had 25-30 lessons on average a week, most of which were in less actives homes.  But this week we had 48 lessons which was awesome because they were balanced between lessons with new investigators and less active members.  We also found about 18 new investigators in our district, and most of them Elder Matson and I are teaching ourselves.  It was really cool because normally the other district in the zone kills us in just about every key indicator, except less active lessons, but this week we were about even, and we beat them in a few others as well.  Not that any of this is a competition, it was just really cool to see the district work really hard this week and see a lot of blessings.  

This Saturday is the baptism with Kxxxx.  He is super excited!  He says that he's inviting a ton of people and says that they are all very open to hearing the missionary discussions.  He's invited about 15 non-member friends so far and says he plans to invite more.  Of course, we are pumped for this.  He says we are lucky to be the missionaries baptizing him because he's been talking with other missionaries for a long time and he finally feels like he is ready.   

Well, that's about all I can remember from our week.  How are all of you???


Elder Schmidt
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Curtis is loving every minute of his mission and we are thrilled for him!  

It's been a long day and I am still running errands and it's 9:30 p.m.  One things for sure, life is never dull.  I can't wait for my head to hit the pillow tonight!  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  
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