Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Friday Eve!!!

Yesterday.....Its raining outside!!!  Yippy!!!  I know tomorrow will be muggy but it's worth it.  We ALWAYS need the rain here in Arizona, and it's a nice change from the blistering heat we've had over the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully it will rain again tomorrow.  Time will tell.

Tonight Lexi stayed home from mutual because she wasn't feeling well.  So after dinner we cleared off the big round table I had in the living room so we could play a couple games.  The first game we played was Sushi Go.  After a few rounds of that game we switched games and played Ticket to Ride.  It was nice to listen to the rain and thunder while we spent some time together.  After Ticket to Ride Kyle wanted to keep playing games, but I had to cut it short so I could get up for work tomorrow.  I turned on a movie and went to bed while Kyle, Kevin, and Lexi played video games until late.  I fell asleep watching my movie but woke up at about midnight I found all three of them in the family room where I left them still playing video games.  Kevin had moved from his wheelchair into the recliner and they all seemed to be having a good time.  I'm glad they had a good time.  I know Kevin was hurting and would have had a hard time falling asleep anyway, so spending time playing games helped him take his mind off of it all and that's always a good thing.

Lexi ended up missing Mutual (the youth group at church that meets once a week) last night too.  When I got home from work she was asleep on the couch in our family room, that was around 3:45.  I tried and tried to get her up but she said she wasn't feeling well and wasn't planning on going to Mutual.  I let her go back to sleep for a bit and then I tried again around 5:30.  She was still down and not feeling well.  I figured she really wasn't feeling well and I guess I was right.  She played games with us around 8pm, but that was after she took a shower and that seemed to help.  Whenever the weather changes like it has been lately she gets a migraine.  When that happens I just let her relax and take it easy.  

Car Update:  It's still in the shop.  Looks like it will be there until after the 4th of July.  Exactly how much more after that date, but after the 4th none-the-less.  If it comes back to us with the check engine light still on after emissions, we will trade it off for something else.  We can't go through this every two years.  We are hoping it will be fixed and the light will go away but it isn't sounding that way.  Time will tell.  More to come on this as we hear more. 

Today feels like it should be Friday, doesn't it??  I'm going to have to watch myself so I don't forget I have one more day to work this week.  This weekend should be LOVELY!  I have a three day weekend and I am looking forward to it.  We don't have any major plans other than getting together with the family this weekend.  A little BBQ and swimming are in order.  Kevin wants to go swimming too.  He hasn't been swimming since well before his injury.  As you can imagine, I'm a little concerned about this.  I'm worried about him getting out of the pool most of all.  I'm fairly certain he won't have any problems getting into the pool or swimming.  It's the getting out part that I'm worried about.  Plus Kyle will not be with us to pick his dad up to help him out if we need it.  So we will see what happens.  Crossing my fingers all goes well.  

There's something I want to discuss.  Over the past few weeks things have come up that have given me caused to be concerned and I've want to talk things out with those around me to help me understand things and to help validate my thoughts or feelings.  But instead of being validated I've encountered something completely different where the entirely different.  Now I'm even more baffled, but that's a discussion for another day.  What I want to talk about is my need for validation.  Do you think it's odd that the word validation has come up several times over the past few days?  I do.  Here is why...I came across an old article from LDS Church News.  Here is what I found...."Speaking to General Authorities in 1967, President Spencer W. Kimball expressed his own need for validation, noting that he often looked to a Senior Apostle and Counselor in the First Presidency for approval.  In days gone by, he said, nearly every sermon given, every decision made, every argument advanced was done so with the thought, "What does Stephen L Richards think?"  

"As for myself, I seem always to measure my own performance by the estimate and appraisal of people whose opinion of my service is paramount" said President Kimball "I find myself hungering and thirsting for just a word of appreciation or of honest evaluation from my superiors and my peers.  I want no praise; I want no flattery; I am seeking only to know if what I gave was acceptable."

Years later, President Gordon B. Hinckley would quote President Kimball, noting that "although I should not have been, I was surprised" that a man of his stature needed the validation of others."
if President Kimball needed a little of that, how much more does the average church member, he said during a Regional Representatives Seminar March 31, 1989.

I TOTALLY agree!....If someone of that stature needed validation, don't we all?? 

I've learned that there are three levels of communication in relationships: superficial, personal, and validating.  In order for a deep bond to form between people, there needs to be a balance between all three.  Communication that validates is edifying, healing, nurturing, and complimentary.  In this level of communication, people express praise and compliments to those they care about.  Almost every relationship will thrive if there is a healthy dose of validation.  Validation begins with paying attention to what the other party is saying and includes expeessing ideas and thoughts that are edifying and healing.  

I've learned a lot today.  More about myself than anything.  It's been a busy day.  Kyle's phone just shut down and won't work anymore.  He has an iPhone he just got a few months ago.  He has to have a smart phone for work so he has been freaking out because it's not working.  It's been rough.  He is not happy, which I don't blame him a bit.  Arg!

Well, I should get.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  

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