Thursday, June 16, 2016

Favorite Thing Thursday

Once in a while I have written about what some of my favorite things were.  It's a bit exasperating trying to get my favorite things written down because, to put it quite frankly, I have so many favorite things.  To list them all in one post I'm afraid you'd be at your computer all day long wondering when my post was going to come to an end!  

A few days ago I came across an idea that seemed ideal for listing my favorites.  Why not just focus on one of them at a time?

Today I will focus on just one of my favorite things...

Today we will discuss the Octopus Claw.

On most days my hair does not cooperate and because of that I find having a claw nearby is extremely helpful....not to mention especially in the Arizona heat!  BUT...there was one annoying thing about using a claw.  The "gripping" part of the claw always seems to dig or scratch into my head.  I have to say, driving with one in my hair bothered me a lot!  With the high back seats in the car I find myself having to lean forward just to avoid the gripping part of the clips poking into my head.  Even worse when I would put my head on a pillow after I had forgotten I was wearing a claw, only to get smacked firmly in the noggin by a persistent hair accessory was very annoying!  

Several weeks ago I purchased an Octopus claw by accident for myself, which is pretty much just a regular claw except that the "gripping" part of it is flattened so that it rests comfortably against my head.  I was delighted, and still am, no longer do I struggle with noggin knots and scalp scrapings!!  

Here is a photo or two of a couple Octopus Claws.

I purchased two Octopus Claws last month with some birthday money I received.  I found them on a website and decided to treat myself to something I knew would be nice to have during the summer months here in Arizona.  I'm so glad I did.  I bought a white one and a gold one, and now I wish I would have picked up the black one too.  I'll have to go back some time when I have an extra buck or two and pick up the black one...and maybe a brown one too.  Then I should be all set and have a claw to go with just about every outfit I own.  I've been letting my hair grow out lately only because it is less expensive to maintain most of the time.  Or at least I thought it was in theory and in the beginning.  Lately all I can think about it cutting my hair.  Thank goodness for the Octopus Claw!!  They have saved me from taking the scissors to my own hair....that could certainly be a bad thing!  LOL!  

Homemade Butter

I have always thought making homemade butter would be a fun thing to try.  I remember seeing people churning butter on shows like Little House on the Prairie.  Remember that show?  My mom never use to churn butter.  As I thought about it, wouldn't it be simply marvelous and vintage-like, even romantic (ha!) to churn butter?  My obsession with vintage and old (shabby) things started years ago and churning butter was a definite "need to try."

I remember watching some Amish people make butter on a show I watched some time ago.  You know, how you skim the cream from the milk to churn butter.  BUT, as it turns out we don't have to churn the cream.  All you have to do is pour the cream into a quart jar and shake it!  You have to shake your jar for quite a while, but eventually you will have butter!  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure homemade butter is delicious and all and worth the effort, but it's kind of a let down on my high vintage/romantic ideas because I loved the idea of "churning butter"!  Get with the times, Sondra!

In case you wanted to give making butter a try, here are the instructions...

And, oh, even though it wasn't at all old-fashioned and dreamy like I had hoped, it is a very good work out.  

  Homemade Butter

The ingredients you need are as listed:

Cream (approximately two and half cups)
salt, to taste

Pour all your cream into a quart jar leaving space to shake the cream.

  Once you have been shaking for a while your cream should have thickened and have become considerably harder to shake.

After a bit more of shaking your cream will have formed into butter.

Pour out the butter milk and put your lump of butter into a bowl and cover with really cold tap water, chill for five to ten minutes then drain the water and work the butter by using the back of a spoon to squeeze out all the extra buttermilk. Salt your butter by sprinkling the salt over the butter and mix.

When the salt has been mixed in well you can shape your butter any way you like and store in the fridge for an hour before using, though if chilled too long you might have to soften it before it is able to be spread.

Enjoy it with fresh homemade bread!!!  Yum!

And a few rambling thoughts.......

As soon as I got home from work yesterday I was out running errands.  Since our car has been in the shop since last Friday, we have been using Danielle's car to get around.  That means that we have also been getting her to and from work every day.  BUT, yesterday we didn't have to since Chance was able to do it.  So, instead of running to pick up Danielle and take her home I had a few other errands to run.  I ended up over at my parents place.  They paid another bill for me, which was a huge blessing!  Thank you Mom and Dad!  You saved the day again.

Last night Kevin had a really bad night.  He hasn't slept, and today he was a mess.  We got him taken care of and picked up prescriptions and this afternoon we are hoping things will settle down and he will be able to get some rest finally.  It just takes time for the medicine to kick in.  Needless to say, he missed his wheelchair evaluation today.  He was being fitted for a permanent wheelchair.  One that is a little lighter and easier for Kevin to get around in.  That appointment will have to be rescheduled soon.  

Today has been a rough day all around.  We got a phone call from someone with some bad news.  After I got off the phone with the woman, told Kevin what she had to say, and had a chance to think about things, I said a quick prayer, and went to work.  I called around and ended up talking to a group out of Baltimore, Maryland.  They agreed to check into a few things and call me back once their review was completed.  I'm just glad they are willing to help.  So, we wait again.  Story of our lives lately.

Since I was home and after we got Kevin settled down a bit this afternoon, I called the disability company to try to get a status update on Kevin's social security claim.  They tried to reach Kevin's case worker at social security, but had to leave a message.  I'll give them until tomorrow and then I will call again.  I intend to call them every single day until I get answers.  Enough of this hurry up and wait stuff.  We need answers.  As my Dad put it...."squeaky wheel, remember squeaky wheel."  He's right.  It's time to become the squeaky wheel.

I called social security as well and basically got the same answer.  So, tomorrow we will call the disability company once again.  I feel like I am just spinning my wheels.  Like everyone is on summer vacation and we will have to wait until after the summer to hear anything.  It's so frustrating, but I haven't given up yet.  


If all is well with Kevin tonight and through the night, tomorrow I will be back to my normal routine.  This weekend is Father's Day.  We are going to have to be creative this year, but we are up to the challenge.  I'm sure we will come up with something awesome for Father's Day.  Kevin's birthday is the day after Father's Day.  We will make it fun!  One way or another.  

Tonight we are hoping Kevin will improve.  Here's to hoping.  Well, I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  
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