Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Little by little I've tried to get the wedding paraphernalia away, get it back to it's rightful owner, find a use for it, throw it out, or donate it to charity.  I've felt like the custodian of a storage shed for to many months now and I want my house back!  I'm tired of my living room being out of sorts.  One might think that this should have been taken care of a couple of weeks ago.  Well, you are absolutely right, but keep in mind I'm doing this all by myself while taking care of everything else too.  I can't just do this even though I wish I could.  So, it may take me a little longer to get things done but in the long run, it gets done.

Today, if you haven't guessed by now, I'm tackling my living room.  Remember the pink lamp with the crystal chandelier shade?  Well, I painted the lamp a nice shade of grey, thinking it would end up in my living room.  I thought I might change out the colors in that room, and go for a different look.  Don't get me wrong, I still like the shabby chic look, I just felt it was time for a change.  It's not going to be anything drastic, just a few touches here and there is all.  Starting with my wing back chairs.  I have two wing back chairs that are a nice wine color.  We were going to use them at my daughter's wedding and put slip covers on them so they would go with her colors, but we never ended up taking them down to the church.  So, now I have two free slip covers that I am dying to put on my chairs.  The slipcovers came in ivory, grey, and black.  The ones I have are black.  This is what my chairs will look like with the covers added in black.

When I saw the pictures I loved the grey, but now seeing the pictures again, I'm glad I have the black ones.  This is the grey....

I don't think there is that much of a difference between the black and grey, plus I think the black will be easier to keep clean anyway.   As I started to get working on my living room I remembered I had some grey curtains tucked away in a closet, so I pulled them out and I think I am going to put them up on the window in my living room.  I originally bought the curtains thinking they would be perfect for the boys room, but they wouldn't let me put them up.  So, they sat in my closet until now.  The window in my living room is a window box and there are shutters on the inside.  I hate the shutters and besides people can still see in even when the shutters are closed and I don't like that.  I can't take the shutters down so this is a simple fix.  Take a look at my curtains.  They are plain charcoal grey but they are a little shiny.  I didn't even put a single hole in the wall to hang them either.  I used command hooks and a simple curtain rod.  

What do you think??  I know they tell you to hang drapes from floor to ceiling for a dramatic look, but I really just wanted these to go right inside my window box, but unfortunately my curtains were a little too long so I had to put them just outside the window.  And besides, this is what I had and I can't get new right now, so these will have to do.    They need to be ironed or sprayed with a little Downy Wrinkle Release.  I love that stuff!!  Have you ever used it?  It works wonders on just about anything, except when you want a nice crease in something.  Then you need an iron.  

Now to find the right accessories around the house to put in my new space.  This is the fun part.  I still have some cleaning to do.  Baseboards to clean, a ceiling fan to dust, and two walls to dust before I'm ready to accessorize, but we're getting there.  

When Kyle got home this afternoon he and I ran to Sportsman's and to Walmart to pick a couple things up for Kevin.  Kyle was wanting to pick up some ammunition so he could go to the shooting range with a friend tonight.  As it turns out the friend couldn't go so Kyle didn't buy any amo.  So off to Walmart we went.  We stopped and got gas in the car and added money to our SRP card and headed home.

Before we left the house I noticed our neighbor across the street loading up his 5th wheel with all kinds of things, including his motorcycles.  So, I said hello and told him it looked like he was off to have some fun.  He then proceeded to tell me that someone must have complained about him leaving his 5th wheel on the side of his house because he was ticketed.  You could tell me was a little bit mad and I think he thought it was us, but it wasn't.  First of all, why on earth would I care where he leaves his 5th wheel?  It was on the side of their house.  Not in anyone's way and not in the street.  My neighbor said he was taking it up to his Mom's house and planned to leave it on her property.  I felt bad for him and it sounded like he was having all kinds of issues since moving into that house about a year ago.  Poor guy.  He is a nice mad.  The only issue I ever had with them was his son who seemed to have a lot of "company" any time his father was away.  The son doesn't seem to be around the house anymore and I think he could be in jail because he had a parole officer who came around from time to time, but now that the young man is gone, things are quiet and no parole officer anymore.  I will admit, when the young man was home alone and being loud and having all that "company" I was frustrated because they would wake me up in the middle of the night, but I never called even though I wanted to.  Kevin wouldn't let me.  He didn't want us to end up dealing with what we had to deal with several years ago when we got broken into.  That wasn't fun and frankly I don't want that to happen again.  So, I don't all on anything ever!  AND besides, the dad and his girlfriend or wife (i'm not quite sure) are nice people and I don't want them to have to move.  That's not right.

As soon as we got home I started dinner.  By the time dinner was done Kyle and Lexi were asleep so Kevin and I had dinner.  The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.  Lexi woke up around 11 p.m. which was about the time I drifted off to sleep.  Her sleep cycle is all messed up.  (One thing I totally dislike about online school)  Around 1 a.m. Lexi was yelling for me to wake up and hurry in to help Kevin who was hanging on the side of the bed trying to keep from falling to the ground.  When I got there I wasn't strong enough to pick Kevin up and move him further back on the bed so down he went to the floor.  So frustrating for me!  I wish I was strong enough to pick up my husband!  Thankfully Kevin was only on the floor for about 2-3 minutes.  We managed to work him back up to the bed.  Now his legs are very sore and he thinks he twisted his leg when he landed in a heap on the floor.  I feel so bad and mad at myself for not being strong enough.  It's so frustrating to watch things happen to him that you want to help prevent, but can't.  It drives me nuts!  Thankfully, Kevin is sleeping now and I guess that's a good thing.  

There is this couple that live some place close by.  I'm not sure exactly where but it's in our general area. The man is in a wheelchair and the wife must not drive or maybe they don't have a car because she pushes this man in his wheelchair all over the place.  No joke!  I've seen them at Joann's, I've seen them near my mother-in-law's house, I've seen them at the bus stops, I've seen her at the dollar store, and several other places for years now.  In fact, the man isn't very nice to the woman who pushes him all over the place even in the heat of an Arizona summer....... which is amazing to me!  Well, long story short, I keep having nightmares that that is going to be Kevin and I eventually, and that he and I are going to take the place of this older couple down the road.  Honestly, it's freaking me out and bums me out, and I think it freaks Kevin out too.  Yikes!!!  Time to find something else to dream about.  I no likey those dreams at all!

It's been a couple of weeks since I stopped drinking soda and so far so good!  I thought I would have had a horrible headache by now for sure, but nothing yet!  Yay me!  In fact, I don't even notice a difference.  It's been great!  I mentioned before that I use to get very itchy before, I have noticed a huge change in that.  Sure, I still get a little itchy but nothing like it was before.  Yay me again!  

I should get going.  I've got lots to do and I need to check on Kevin again.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  Oh, and once I get things situated with the color changes in my living room I will share some photos with you. 
This is what I have so far.  I need a pop of a color but I'm just not sure which one yet.  It's a work in progress.  

Hopefully that will happen soon!  Bye for now!  

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