Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Catch Up!

This weekend was a-MAZ-ing!!!

My birthday was low key, which was perfectly fine with me.  Went out with a friend on Friday night for dinner.  That was fun!  I received several messages from people wishing me a happy birthday and we celebrated here at the house with dinner and gifts Saturday night.  

This is what my kids at home got me for my birthday...

I wanted a new quilt, so the blanket in the photo below is the one my kid picked up for me.  I asked for a new pillow and this was the one they found for me....dinosaurs.  I also get a new piggy bank every year, the Darth Vader is the one I received this year.  So far I have a dinosaur, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, and now Darth Vader.  Curtis found a Spider man one, and it hangs out with my collection too.  Can you tell Kyle had a hand in influencing my gift this year, as well as the piggy banks picked out over the past three years?  I think he is trying to get me to save my pennies or something.  What do you think?  
See the dinosaur at the far left hand corner of the pillow.
This is the back of the pillow.  This pillow matches my quilt.  Lexi asked me the other day if I was planning on putting the quilt on our bed.  It's a king size quilt so yes I will!  
This is my quilt. 
I love it!  It's not too warm and it gets cold at night which is perfect at night right now. Love it!  

And this is what I received for Mother's Day...
With three nicely framed photos of my family at the wedding reception and of all of my kids (minus Curtis of course), then a nice picture of Danielle and Chance standing in front of the Temple with Danielle in her wedding dress and Chance in his suit.  They looked so nice that day!  LOVE IT!

Mother's Day was equally as low key.  We had every intention to at least make it to Sacrament Meeting before Curtis called, but when I saw Kevin and Lexi sleeping after both of them being in pain I just couldn't wake them.  Kevin in pain with his legs and back.  Lexi in pain because of a tooth and a migraine.  So, I let them sleep.  Danielle came over around 3:30, Kyle came home, and we talked to Curtis as soon as Kyle walked in the door. 

This is what we saw talking to Curtis...he is so happy, and that makes me happy.  I couldn't be more thrilled that he is loving his mission and loving being able to serve others without being homesick or being worried about us.  It does a Mom's heart good to know that your children can go out into the world and do not need me to help them with every single step.  That reassures Kevin and I that we taught them well and now they can govern themselves and still make good choices without us having to tell them what to do.  I absolutely love that!  I want my children to be self-reliant.  I would feel like a failure as a Mother if they couldn't make a choice without my input, or if they had to always make choices that made me happy.  I know that my kids will not always do what I think they should do or even what I want them to do.  It's just the way life is.  Now, don't get me wrong...I love my kids and want to see them every chance I get, but I totally understand schedules and giving equal time to both families involved.  It can be so hard during the holidays trying to visit all extended family.  I use to dread the holidays because they were not enjoyable running from place to place to place.  In fact, I do regret that I didn't put my foot down more and insist that my kids be able to spend time at their home, playing with their toys on holidays like Christmas, making our own memories.  Please understand, I loved having extended family involved in our lives.  I just wish we would have had them come to our house more or at least maybe rotated the home we spent the day with so we all had a little more time with our little families that day.  So, if my children cannot make it or if they want us to come to their house, I hope that I am flexible when the time comes.  

After we talked to Curtis, Kevin tried to reach his Mom to talk to her and wish her a Happy Mother's Day and to see if I could drop something off to her, but she was either not home or something because his call went right to voicemail.  So, Kevin and I will set up another time to drop off the things we have for her.  When Kevin was done, I called my Mom and then went over to see her and to drop off the things I picked up for her.  To my surprise, my Mom had a gift for me!  She gave me the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!  This one!

I was thrilled because I have used so many of her yummy recipes in the past and everything is awesome!  Thank you Mom.  I ended up staying at their house until about 9:30 p.m.  When I got home I had to run out to add money to SRP.  Lexi rode with me just to get out of the house, she just waited in the car while I went in to add the money to our card.  Lexi and I didn't get home until after 10 p.m., which is never an issue on a Sunday night before work for me.  I usually can't fall asleep on Sunday nights anyway until about midnight.

My alarm went off at 4 a.m. this morning.  I planned it that way so I could get up early enough to be ready to take Kyle to work by 5:30 a.m.  We carpool on Monday's and Friday's most weeks.  However, this morning when I woke up Kevin was up and I could tell he wasn't feeling well and it seemed to even hurt him to talk.  He was weak and in a lot of pain, so I stayed home from work today.  I can always tell it's bad when he is curled up in a ball on the bed and his speech is a little shaky.  That was what I saw this morning.  I spent the day checking in on him about every 20-30 minutes to make sure he wasn't hanging off the bed (as soon as that happens he falls every time), making sure he had what he needed throughout the day, and making lunch for him.  This evening he is still about the same, but no shaky speech...thank goodness!  This afternoon he was enjoying a big bowl of cereal while dinner was cooking which was a-okay with me.  He needs all the vitamin D he can get!  Vitamin B too.  He has to be careful with the milk because he is allergic, but he can have a little bit.  It's all good.

It's been almost a week since I stopped drinking soda.  I will admit that I did cheat with three sodas this week, but like I mentioned before, I always give myself a week to adjust into a change like this.  I also mentioned that I've been drinking lemonade and water in the place of soda and I have to say, I don't notice a difference.  At first I tried a cherry lemonade with all the sugar.  Then I did a splash of lemonade with water and that was okay.  BUT, I have officially switched to pink lemonade with no sugar and no calories and I am loving it!  I also think I found some of my problem when it comes to my itchy skin.  It was the caffeine!  I use to get so itchy especially when the weather changes and it would drive me nuts!  I tried all kinds of lotions, creams, and even anti-itch creams, but nothing seemed to do the trick.  Now that I've been off the caffeine I don't find myself scratching the itch like a crazy women behind closed doors anymore.  No joke!  It was that bad!  I'd come home from work, get out of my work clothes and just scratch the itch.  Kevin use to laugh at me because he thought it was funny to watch.  Now I don't find myself doing that anymore. Yay!  I'm sure it also helps that I am drinking tons more water now too.  I take a big 32 ounce glass, fill it up to about an inch below the rim of the glass with water, dump in a scoop of the pink lemonade mix, then a splash of the cherry lemonade with all the sugar...and I mean just a splash.  It's really good!  Pink lemonade has always been my favorite.  In fact, when I was pregnant with my kids pink lemonade was my favorite drink.  I couldn't get enough of it.  In fact, one time Kevin had a guy pull a gun on him at a Circle K when he was out late picking up a lemonade for me.  That was scary!  Kevin was getting back into his car with my lemonade and his soda when this guy came up behind him, pointed his gun at Kevin and demanded all of his money.  Kevin looked at the guy and told him go away, got into his car, and drove home.  It was probably about 2 a.m.  After Kevin told me what happened to him, I never had him go out that late alone again.  Now, every time I drink pink lemonade I think of what happened to Kevin that day.  

Today while I was home I made a dentist appointment for Lexi to get her teeth cleaned and her tooth checked out.  The dentist thinks her wisdom teeth are coming in.  We will find out soon enough.  I also called her school and set up her summer classes.  All of that took about 15 minutes.  Once I was done with all the things I had intended to do for Lexi today, I decided to try and call the disability group Kevin and I hired to work on his request for disability benefits.  They were closed, so I'll have to try again another day.  

Tonight Kyle is off to FHE with his Single's Ward.  When he gets home Kyle and I will be hauling a few things out to the curb so the City of Mesa can pick them up tomorrow.  I love their curb side pick up for my unwanted items.  It sure makes my life easier.  I just wish I would have thought of it several months ago.  I'm decluttering and loving every minute of it!  curb side loads and I'll be a happy camper.  Lexi and I will be organizing all summer long.  It will be a good thing and I can't wait until I'm all done.  Love it!  I'll share some photos of the changes I make around my home as I get things into place and where I want them.  More to come on that.  Keep watching.

Well, it's been a busy day and I have to be up early tomorrow.  Kyle will be here with Kevin which is a good thing.  Lexi still feels sick.  Hopefully she doesn't catch whatever Danielle had.  That lasted about a week and would not be good.  We do not need her sick with her dental appointment and girls camp around the corner too.  Stay well Lexi!  

I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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