Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Things to Remember!!!

Since Sunday Kevin has been in extreme pain.  I have to admit I'm baffled by this because I tried to make sure he stayed down as much as possible this weekend until it was time to talk to Curtis on Sunday afternoon.  Kevin is in so much pain the he can barely move and his left foot is swollen too.  Not good!  Kevin only sat up in his chair for a little over an hour Sunday and the rest of the time he was in bed resting.  Kevin can sit up for an hour or longer  in his chair anytime he has a doctor's appointment.  What the heck is happening?  Sure, the weather was a little cooler this weekend, but it's hotter now and will be in the hundreds any day now.  So I'm not sure what's going on here.  I will be honest, I'm a little worried.  

Just before all of this started happening Kevin and I talked and he let me know that I needed to stop doing things for him and just let him do it.  He struggles sometimes and I tend to step in and do things for him, or I will push him in his wheelchair when he feels I should let him do all the work.  I can't help it.  I hate to see him struggle and I just want to help him.  I never thought I was the type to try and step in and just do for him when I saw a need or in this case him struggling, but I guess I am.  I'm finding out all kinds of things about Kevin and about myself lately.  It's funny how that's been happening.  However, lately Kevin hasn't been doing much in the way of "doing things for himself" except a couple things...which we don't need to talk about, everything else he has needed help with, so we are taking what he said about doing things himself lightly and just going with the flow for now.  Kevin isn't the type of guy to want to be waited on hand and foot anyway.  In fact, it's killing him for that to happen.  (that's how it's been lately)  When he gets like this and has to rely on us to help him it always brings him down.  It's a fine line we walk most days around here because you just never know.

I had Lexi to the dentist this afternoon.  I had scheduled the appointment for after I got off work, so I kept it since Kyle would be home this afternoon to help if Kevin needed him.  She had a tooth that was bothering her.  Come to find out it's bothering her because another tooth grew in twisted and all of her teeth are pushing in.  They did X-rays and a basic exam this afternoon and talked to me for a bit about her heart issues.  She has to have an antibiotic before any dental work is done like a cleaning.  This is something we have had to do since her heart surgery when she was five and it's no big deal.  She just takes 4 huge antibiotic pills about an hour before a cleaning or a filling and she is good to go.  It's to prevent any stress on the repairs they did on her heart and the heart valve.  If they didn't do that her heart could be weakened and that could be really bad in the future.  It looks like doesn't have any cavities and the tooth coming in is her third molar...not a wisdom tooth like we thought.  Lexi will need braces to fix her twisted tooth, fix all of her teeth from pushing in, and from her teeth biting the inside of her cheek every time she bites down.  It's not a thing just to straighten her teeth, braces are a must for Lexi!  Lexi has a baby tooth that needs to come out, but because there isn't an adult tooth below it, if they take it out her other teeth with cave in.  Weird she doesn't have an adult tooth under this baby tooth, right??!!  Her other teeth are already kind of caving in and her teeth are at an angel.  The dentist said because of the way her teeth are now she bites and scrapes the inside of her cheeks.  So, it's a must for her to have braces to fix all of this.  She wasn't very happy about that idea.  She doesn't want to be a metal mouth as she calls it.  We scheduled her cleaning for next week and I will call the orthodontist to get the ball rolling there tomorrow.  Thank goodness for decent dental's not the best, but it's better than some.  Lexi isn't happy about braces, but she will get over it and the results will be awesome.  Then after the typical two years she will be glad she got them when she sees her pretty smile.

We got a letter from Curtis today with a several pictures and a video.  Below are three of the pictures he sent.  The video was just of his drive to one of their appointments showing us the countryside so I won't be including that in my post today.  You can get the general idea with the three photos below of how pretty it is in his area.
Hey Everyone,

These past few days were really fun.  We have split a lot of wood for people, so today I'm pretty sore.  We have helped a couple people move some things in their houses, and we also helped set up and run a Bishop's Storehouse from our chapel.  The Bishop's Storehouse is crazy huge here!  They just bring a truck full of food for people and we unload it all and set up tables in the church/Primary Room/Gospel Doctrine Room/Elders Quorum Room.  Then we walked people through it and helped them grab their food.  It was really fun.  I also gave a baptismal interview to someone yesterday.  It was for an 11 year old girl and I felt really bad because as soon as we sat down she started crying.  We stopped the interview and she talked to her Mom a little and then we went through the interview.  She was solid and knew all her stuff and has an awesome testimony!  She said she was just nervous at first.  Afterwards her little sisters kept saying I was really scary.  Ha Ha. 

Oh, so next P-day we're going bowling as a district.  I guess we are technically allowed to do things with the Sisters as long as we call in a district P-day.  Today we're just gonna go up to Kingston so Elder Mxxxxx can spend some of his birthday money, that should be fun.  I took some pictures of the area and I will send those to you all on messenger today.  Alright, we gotta go.  Peace out!  


Elder Schmidt
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Lexi and I got home from the dentist just in time to fix a quick dinner and get her to mutual on time.  We missed our Bishop's birthday party though.  Oh well.  We hope he had a terrific birthday and I'm sure his family made sure it was.  That man is pretty awesome!  In fact, I truly believe he was called to be Bishop just to help me through things and I just posted today on Elder  Henry B Eyring's Post  on Facebook a little something.  He said....
My prayer for the sisters in the kingdom, wherever they may be or in whatever circumstances, is that their faith in the Savior and gratitude for His Atonement will lead them to do all they can for those God asks them to serve.

As they do, I promise that they will move up the path to become holy women whom the Savior and our Heavenly Father will welcome warmly and reward openly.

This is what I said....

I so needed to hear this.  About 8-9 months ago my husband suffered what they call an incomplete spinal cord injury after a surgery, which has left him paralyzed from the waist down.  Since then it seems that everything we use to do together has shifted and the burden has been placed on my shoulders.  It's been tough at times, but with the help, love, and support of our good Bishop and Ward that burden has been lightened and I never feel overwhelmed even with kids still at home to raise, a second son on a mission, and a daughter who was recently married in the has proceeded as we had hoped.  There are times that I feel a little left out in the ward and want to hold down a calling, but I know my Heavenly Father and Bishop know I have my hands full with my calling as wife and mother right now.  Your words remind me that I am right where I need to be.  Thank you for posting this today. 

For those of you that do not know, Elder Henry B Eyring is on of our church leaders and from time to time he and the other church leaders share inspiring messages on their Facebook pages and this is what happened today.  Technology is amazing!  I love being able to hear or read the words of prophets and our General Authorities at any given moment throughout my day and be uplifted and inspired as well as reminded that the hardest, most important work I will ever do will be within the walls of my own home for my own family.  I needed that reminder.  I needed to be reminded so I don't get caught up in thinking, Why not me!?!?!  Remembering this changes my attitude and my outlook on my own life drastically.  What a blessing!  

Well, I should get going.  It's about the time mutual is over and that means I need to go pick Lexi up.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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