Thursday, May 26, 2016


Since my little "melt down" at the house the other day a few miracles have taken place.  They are little things, but miracles in my eyes none the less.

1)  I found out things are not as bad as I thought they were at work and even though it is significantly less than normal, I do get a paycheck next payday.  

2)  I called the Disability Company working on Kevin's case yesterday to explain that I was a little upset that Kevin and I were doing all the work and they were going to take 1/3 of the first amount we received.  The girl that answered the phone let me know that they only take 25% up to a certain dollar amount.  Then I explained that I was frustrated because I was the one having to call Banner Gateway for medical records when I felt they should be doing the leg work.  The girl on the phone agreed to call to find out what the hold up was with the medical records at the hospital.  Then I mentioned that I was also frustrated because when we first called we were told we should have an answer in a month.  Then when we called Social Security ourselves we were told we wouldn't find anything out until at least mid-September.  I wanted to know I was getting inconsistent information.  She then explained a few things to me.  She agreed that that was a little strange and she agreed to call them for an update.  She then explained a few things to me about Kevin's claim.  She said they could back date the claim to the date Kevin first could not work due to his issues.  Then they could back date to that date.  She said it all depends on when they determine when he became disabled by their standards.  So, I feel like my concerns were heard and she is going to get some answers for me.  She agreed to call me back once they had more information.  Now we are waiting for her return call.  I'm sure it's going to be a few days before we hear back partly because of the holiday weekend and also because I know it will take a couple of days to hear back from the hospital about the records.  It took them that long to leave me a voicemail message asking me to call them back.  

Here is something funny you might get a chuckle from.

This afternoon when I went out to my car to go home from work there was a car parked so close to my driver's side door that I couldn't even squeeze my body into the driver's seat.  I had to get into my car from the passenger's side and climb over the center console to get into the driver's seat.  Talk about frustrating!  Now you cannot tell me that the driver of that car was not aware of how close they parked to my car.  If they weren't I would be scared to encounter that driver on the roads.  Yikes!  I thought about leaving the driver a "nice" note but I just drove off and let it go.  When I came home and told my family about my little blunder they of course laughed, and then Kyle suggested that next time that happens I should let the air out of two of their tires because they only have one spare.  Two flat tires would inconvenience that driver enough to call it even.  I couldn't even believe he suggested it!!!  Holy cow!  Although, I do like his style.  I told Kyle there were cameras in the parking.  I also thought about calling security to have them reach out to the driver to come move their car because I had some kind of emergency and needed to leave immediately.  Now that really could happen for me, so I thought better of that idea.  Why tempt fate, right??!!  Needless to say, it was quite interesting if anyone was watching me to climb over the console of my car.  As I was driving home and after I calmed down a bit, I did give the driver the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe they were just running late or something.  OR maybe they lost their glasses and couldn't see while channeling their inner Mr. Magoo.  ~chuckle~chuckle~

All month I've been trying to find a way to do my Visiting Teaching that wasn't just dropping off a treat, or buying something.  

I spent a lot of time praying about, read a few articles about ways to reach out to the sister I have been assigned to and today I was impressed to simply write a letter and share an experience from my own life.  There it was, an answer that was so simple and hopefully more personal than baked goods ever could be.  The one article I read talked about the "NEW" Visiting Teaching being the higher law and that the old way was the Law of Moses version.  The article touched on the fact that the "new" method give us the flexibility to really get to know the sisters we are asked to reach out, and allows us to be instruments in the hands of the Lord.  Every woman deserves the opportunity to feel those ministering hands in their lives.  Be the Hands!!  The article I read today was awesome!  I loved it and tonight I sat down and wrote my letter and now I can't wait to send it.  
We received another letter from Curtis.  Yay!

Hey Everyone,

This week we went on a split with the "Zone Lords".  I was with Elder Mackintosh, he is from Lehi, Utah.  At first glance he seems like one of those stick-up-the-butt type of Elders, which isn't true at all.  At first I was not too excited to hear he would be coming to New Paltz for the day.  He's actually an awesome guy who just loves everyone!  

Elder MacKintosh and I talked with this guy who wasn't interested at all, but Elder MacKintosh was able to get the guy to open up to us so much!  His friend had recently past away and we could tell he kinda put God aside because of that.  Elder MacKintosh's friend past away when he was twelve and he shared that with him.  Unfortunately, he was still uninterested, but because "We find when we teach and teach when we find" we were able to get a referral for his friend who lives in New Jersey.  It was a fun day full of miracles. 

We set a baptismal date for a man named Kxxxx.  It was really cool!  he had been dropped by other Elders because he wasn't progressing, but we felt inspired to look him up.  So, when we went over he yelled at us to come in to his home.  So we did of course.  When we did we saw this old guy in a recliner with The Book of Mormon in his lap opened up.  He said he had been praying for us to come over and was trying to find our number, but couldn't.  We shared 2 Nephi 31: 5-9 with him and he loved it.  So we said, "Do you think you should be baptized?"  He said, "Of course!!"  We said, "How does June 18th sound?"  He said, "Great!"  Easiest baptismal commitment of my life!!  We told some of the members in the branch about the upcoming baptism and they got so excited that this man is going to come to church again.  It's fun when we see the branch get pumped up for Missionary work. 

Some other highlights from this week are....

- We went to an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting with one of our investigators.  
- That same investigator went to the churches addiction recovery program that same day.
- We attended 2 baptismal services and shared the restoration there.
- Referral Manager is back up, so we are receiving referrals from church headquarters again
- We continue to do landscaping for the entire branch, which is fun.

This week was a pretty good one.  I hope you guys had a great week too.  I will talk to you all L8R.


Elder Schmidt
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So see.  It's been a day or a week full of all kinds of miracles!  Not only for me, but for the rest of my family too....especially our missionary and that is a good thing!

It's getting late and I need to get ready for bed.
Take care my friends and I hope your Friday is a great one.  We'll talk again soon.

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