Saturday, May 28, 2016

For Today.....

I haven't done this in a long time, today seems like a fitting day to do so.  Hope you enjoy!

For Today.....

Looking out my window.....It's bright and shiny outside and it's only 5:30 a.m.  Today we are expecting a high of 99 degrees and a low of 66 degrees.  I am loving this lighter summer we have had so far and I hope it stays like this all summer!  That would be a good thing.

I am thinking.....I have a feeling my quiet weekend spent cleaning, organizing, and getting Lexi packed up and ready for Girl's Camp is not going to be so quiet after all.  

I am thankful.....for so many things!  Just to name a few, the power of prayer, my husband, my children, our Bishop, and our Relief Society President!  They are all awesome!

One of my favorite things.....after about 8 p.m., is kicking back watching TV and enjoying the company of my family, and reading and blogging in the evenings, usually while doing a load or two of laundry too.  That's generally my only down time throughout the day, so it's definitely a favorite time of mine. 

I am grey workout pants with my aqua T-shirt and I'm barefoot.  I'm not going anywhere and this is my most comfortable outfit.  Love it!!!

I am creating.....(this really should say, I am trying to create) a clutter free home.  It seems like my efforts are moving at a snails pace to accomplish this goal of organizing and decluttering our lives.  I wish there was a faster way to get this done.  I guess I should stop thinking about what I'm not accomplishing and start dwelling on what I have finished.  Time to change my mindset. ~just sayin'~

I am watching.....I've been watching The West Wing series on Netflix, but I'll be honest, it's getting pretty boring and it's time for something new.  All my usual shows are off until next season.  Any suggestions?  

I am hoping.....this new puppy stops wanting to chew and bite everything he sees soon.  I can honestly say, I'm a little scared for when he gets older if he keeps doing this.  Yikes!  

I am learning.....a whole lot about having a married adult child and the endless possibilities that come while they create their own little "paradise" together.  It's been a whole lot of fun watching and hearing about the things this new couple does together and how they are working to bring their two lives together.  It's not always easy to join two families together and there will be bumps along the way, but it's all good!  We love them both.

In my kitchen.....oh my goodness!  I haven't spent a whole lot of time in the kitchen this past month.  I did make a yummy roast about a month ago, and just the other day we made cubed roasted and seasoned potatoes with seasoned baked chicken, or our stand by tacos.  In between we've had a lot of cereal, cheese crisps, and pancakes.  Tonight I'm thinking we might be making simple grilled cheese sandwiches.  Just regular family meals.  Nothing too crazy.

In my garden.....WAIT!  Hold the phone!  We don't have a garden.  That's right, this LDS family does not have a garden.  I know we should and it has been on my mind.  We would have to do container gardening, which isn't a bad thing.  That's one thing I'd like to try a little of down the road.  You know, when I have a little more time and the weather cools off again.  It's hard to plant in the Arizona heat.  Besides, my mind always shifts from planting fruits and vegetables to planting pretty flowers instead.  I'm working on that.

From the Board Room.....what did we do before we had Pinterest?  I just love being able to find ideas there.  I still do my usual Google searches for certain things, but I always start at Pinterest first.  Here are a few of my favorite posts just from today...

I want my fridge to look this organized and clean all the time!!  

A favorite link.....Oh, I haven't run across any new links lately.  Haven't had the time to look.  Eventually I will have a reason to look and will have something to share.  Give it time.  

A favorite quote.....

Closing thoughts.....we have a pretty light weekend planned here.  Lexi has a Girl's Camp meeting, we have church on Sunday, and Kyle will be working the entire weekend.  So, we will be home most of the time...that is unless something comes up, of course.  It will be good.  Lexi worked on her class a little more today.  She is taking it easy now and watching a little TV.  Kevin is napping and I am trying to get a few things picked up and put away.  It's an easy going day.  Love that!  

Have yourself a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! 
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