Monday, May 16, 2016

And in other news......

Kevin has really been in to much pain lately.  I woke up this morning and went in to check on him like I do every morning and he was gritting his teeth and curled up in a ball.  (I've been sleeping on the couch because I toss and turn a lot at night and that would make things worse for him).  Then when he spoke and his speech was a little shaky and his answers were short and I knew it wasn't going to be a good day today.  I'm worried things are getting worse and so is he.

(This is what I find sometimes when I walk into our bedroom, only Kevin is more to the left and on his side....and I wish he felt more like a toasty cinnamon bun.)

Since we found out we are just waiting for social security to make their decision, I've been checking the mailbox regularly and sometimes twice a day.  Still nothing in the way of a decision.  I guess we'll know soon enough.  Then we have to notify the advocate group we hired to help so they can work out arrangements for the payments with us.  That should take a whole other month I'm sure.  Sorry, my bad attitude just slipped out.  I think it stinks that people who really need these benefits have to hire someone who takes a third of the money the person receives.  That's not right at all!!!  

I've noticed I've been a little down this past week.  I'm not exactly sure why and I've needed a little extra help from my Heavenly Father.  I noticed this weekend I received extra help with some goals I had, and then again as I was searching high and low for some insurance papers I needed to drop off to our insurance office.  We changed car insurance about a month ago and we were sent papers to sign and with the wedding and the trip to Montana I completely forgot to get them in the mail.  Well, last week I got a call from our insurance agent inquiring as to where the forms were.  So I called them back and told them I'd drop them off thinking I knew exactly where the forms were in my home.  Well, when I got home last week from work, after their call, I couldn't find the forms anywhere.  They had been moved.  Well, long story short, I found the forms this weekend and with the help of my Heavenly Father.  I was so glad because I didn't want to have to make an appointment to go sign the forms again.  It didn't even dawn on me until I was driving to their office that my prayers had been answered and I said a prayer out loud thanking my Heavenly Father.  I think it didn't dawn on me because I have been feeling down and worried about Kevin and kind of felt a little stressed about a few things, and then out of the blue here is my Heavenly Father answering such simple prayers reminding me again that He is there for me and that He does love and care about me.  It made me think about all the help we have received along the way and how blessed we truly are and suddenly my blue mood seemed to be a little brighter and not so bad anymore.  

Tomorrow evening Lexi goes back to the dentist.  I already received a call from the orthodontist wanting to schedule her appointment, but she wanted to wait until after Girl's Camp.  Lexi said she isn't going to camp with brand new braces on her teeth.  I had to laugh.  So we will wait until after she gets back from camp.  Lexi has a few issues in her mouth that need to be addressed and the only way to take care of them is through braces.  She has a 2nd molar in the back of her mouth that is coming in at a slant and pushing on another tooth.  This same 2nd molar made it extra difficult for her 3rd molar to come in too.  That happened last week and when she told me about it, I really thought it was a wisdom tooth....until she showed me.  Then she has a baby tooth that does not have another permanent tooth underneath it.  Then her entire mouth and teeth are kind of turned inward, so if they remove this baby tooth and there is space her other teeth with begin to literally cave in and that will not be good.  Plus whenever she bits down, and because of the angel of her teeth, she tends to bite the side of her mouth whenever she bites down.  So braces with fix all of that.  Lexi wasn't very happy about all of that, but she is coming around.  It will be good!

I've got to schedule a time for our car to go into the shop because it will not pass emissions right now.  We reset the check engine light and I took it down to emissions and they said they couldn't test the car because it wasn't ready to test.  I guess resetting the check engine light causes the computer in your car to reset everything and that isn't good when you need emissions.  So, I called our mechanic and he will take a look at it either this weekend sometime or next week.  He is so awesome!  He walked me through what to do and has gone above and beyond to help me, AND he is super fast and flexible too!  Our mechanic is the same one our entire ward uses and everyone raves about him.  He use to be in our ward but recently moved with his family into a brand new home.  Well, they were right!  He is amazing and honest too!  That means EVERYTHING to this gal who knows nothing about cars.  

Speaking of cars.  Danielle stopped by today to pick up her car tags after she got off of work.  (she is enjoying her new job, by the way.)  I told her we needed to drop a few things off to people and she agreed to go with me in the next few days.  I also asked her about thank you notes.  I told her I have several written that I need to drop in the mail.  I was really trying to ask her who she had sent them to.  Danielle said she had not sent them because she was wanting her and Chance to do them together.  So, just know they are coming they are just taking a us all a little longer than they should.  I'll get mine in the mail in the next day or two.  Danielle and Chance, I'm not sure exactly when that will happen, but soon.  They have had a few things going on like change of jobs, one of them working 60 plus hours a week, and some car issues themselves.  They won't forget.  We will keep after them to get them done or find a way to help them get them done if we need to....whatever it takes.

It's now about 7:30 p.m.  Danielle took off around 6 p.m., Kyle took off for FHE with his ward.  They are making 72 hour kits or hygiene kits and passing them out to the homeless tonight.  That will be good for him.  I saw a man in motorized wheelchair today I almost pulled over to help.  I was on my way back from the insurance agent and I saw this man slouched down in his chair and it looked like he was about to fall asleep and he just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and it was the hottest part of the day.  I didn't stop, but think I should have.  I want to go back to see if he is still there, but Kyle is gone so I can't.  I would be so ashamed of myself if I went back and he was still there.  Could you imagine?!  Not good!

I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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