Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Think Happy Thoughts

It's called rambling.  That's what I'm doing today.  Just a few rambling thoughts to share.


Kevin got sick yesterday.  I think he has some kind of stomach flu.  Arg!  It's bad when you or I get it, but it's absolutely horrible when someone like Kevin gets it. His stomach was rumbling so loud I could hear it standing at the door of our bedroom and he was lying in our bed.  Poor guy!  Today he is very weak and in more pain than ever.  Not good.  I'm hoping by this evening he is a little bit better.  Time will tell.  


We received a letter today from Curtis's Mission President.  The letter was address to Curtis issuing his new calling on his mission.  When I asked Kevin if that happened on his mission and he said no.  A copy of that letter was sent to both Kevin and I, as well as our Bishop and Stake President.  All I could think was WOW!  I won't share the entire letter because I don't know how Curtis would feel about that, but I will share a couple bits and pieces.  Here are the parts I loved about the letter.....I think they should send out letters to everyone that accepts a calling.  Then you have something to refer to when you need it.  But that might keep you from communicating with you Heavenly Father so I get why they don't do that...plus it would be a lot of work too.  It's just cool to have this letter, don't you think??

Serving as a District leader is a very unique leadership opportunity.  You will lead by example, teach, and train district meetings and missionary exchanges.  As a district leader, you will set the tone of the district.  Through your example the missionaries in your district will come to understand what missionary life and service looks like.  It is so very important that you provide a Christ-like example of being a focused, obedient and hardworking missionary who always has the Spirit with him.

You have been called under the inspiration of our Heavenly Father.  You have received this call because you have demonstrated that you are worthy and capable to receive this responsibility.  The Lord and I have great confidence in your ability to diligently and faithfully serve in this role.  As you do so, I know you will be blessed with peace and a sense of satisfaction.  You will develop a great love for those you lead.

Sister Smith and I are looking forward to the opportunity of working with you in this new assignment.  May the Lord bless you with faith, wisdom, understanding and humility as you embark upon this challenging and rewarding opportunity in this mission.  

Yes, Curtis was called as just a District Leader.  Some would say no big deal.  But you have to understand, this is our sons first calling as the so called first person in charge.  He never served as the President of any of his Priesthood quorums.  So this is a big deal for Curtis.  PLUS.....we didn't share this before....but, Curtis is serving as District Leader over Sisters!!!  Not Elders!  I think that is something Curtis will be good at and has always been good at.  He managed to have lots of girls as friends throughout Junior High and High School and was someone they could rely on when they were in trouble and someone they could confide in too.  I remember him asking several times to go and help one of these girls when they needed help.  He helped tutor a friend with math homework so much that the girls mother wanted to pay him because her grades improved so much.  Another girl he kept all of her secrets.  Another girl Curtis ended up being the third person on a date (talk about uncomfortable for him) simply because this girl didn't want to be left alone with her date, even if it meant looking like a third wheel.  This is the kind of things Curtis would do for his friends and we encouraged him to do this kind of thing.  Especially the third for the date thing.  That one kind of freaked me out and I wasn't even on the date!  Curtis had absolutely no problem looking like a "blazing idiot" (And I believe that's what the other young man called him on that date) in order to help a friend.  It didn't bother him at all when it came to being there for his friends.  So, I think Curtis is qualified to be the District Leader over a bunch of Sisters.  I'm sure he will do a great job and he will love it too!   Now don't get me wrong, Curtis isn't a push over.  In fact, he is my one child that has absolutely no problem speaking his mind....almost to a fault and without any filter most times.  Kevin would say he gets the no filter thing from me.  

It's going to be a challenge for Curtis with a green companion, a new area, and being over Sisters.  Let's face it we Sisters can be a bit troublesome.  I remember many a girls camp experience as a girl and as a leader.  I'm sure a mission can be somewhat like girls camp.  All in all,  this will be good for Curtis.   ~smile~smile~

Lexi and I ran out this afternoon to run a quick errand to pick something up for Kevin when we stumbled across a car with a dog that looked just like Danielle's dog.  The dog was hanging out the back window of the car.

Lexi snapped a photo of the dog and sent it to Danielle.  We had a little fun with Danielle for a few minutes but that was it.  We told Danielle her dog had been taken and we were following the car.  I'm not the person to lie or pull off something like that.  I can't lie.  When Danielle called me to verify Lexi's story I started laughing.  I just couldn't pull it off! My husband and kids can tell within seconds if I'm trying to tell a fib.  I can't lie.  You can see it all over my face or I'm laughing too hard and it's very obvious.  


Change of plans.
It's Tuesday morning and Kevin is still not doing well.  He is weak and his speech is a little slurred and the pain is through the roof even though he has all of his meds and is taking them faithfully.  I'm afraid we will be off to the Emergency Room today.  Arg!  I was planning on meeting up with someone right after work to give them a box of moss from the wedding, but I guess that's going to have to be postponed until tomorrow.  I've got to present something in our team meeting at work tomorrow so if Kevin is going to the ER, today is the day.  That way if he ends up admitted like he has been every other time we go to the ER, I know he is in good hands and can get to work and visit him as soon as I get home.  If not, Kyle will have to keep a very close eye on his dad.  Kevin got up from his wheelchair to move from it to the bed and fell and his face literally hit the bed and saved him from falling all the way down to the ground, and I was right there holding on to the wheelchair when it happened.  I had a bowl of cereal in my hands that I was bringing in for Kevin when it happened.  When Kevin keeps getting more and more weak and slurring his speech, these are the first signs that we are in for an ER visit.  I hate that he is getting sick again.  It's no fun for any of us, least of which being Kevin.


Kyle announced to me yesterday that he will begin his testing with the department he is working for in the next week!  I'm excited for him!  I'm also hoping he makes it and works for this particular department because in my opinion they see less action than other departments.  Although some of the stories he has shared over the past few days have freaked me out a little.  Police Officers have a tough job!  


Remember this?

Lexi wants me to hang it up on the brick wall on our front porch.  She wanted me to leave it blank so people could leave us messages.  I told her no way!  I can only imagine the kinds of messages that might get left, and we don't need that out for the world to see.  Know what I mean??  I was thinking of adding a few vinyl letters to it.  Maybe something like this....

(Maybe not the ice tea or coffee part, but I could change it to say sip lemonade, drink a soda.

Then I'll have to figure out a way to hang it because it's not super heavy but it's not light either.  I thought about hanging it in my living room but I'm not sure.  Decisions, decisions.  I'll have to decide on this a little later.  Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to work on something like this?  Time will tell.


I just remembered!!!
We get to talk to Curtis in about a week!  
On Mother's Day!  I can't wait!  Yay!  
It will be good.  
The only bad part is Kyle has to work that day so he will miss it, unless we Face Time with Kyle when we talk to Curtis.  That could work. 
 We'll figure something out they get to talk to each other. 


Exactly how long does it actually take to be approved for disability benefits? Sheesh!  It seems like we have been waiting forever!  I wish they would get on with it already!  My goodness!  The process just takes so long.  Enough already.  Just give us an answer.  I guess it's time to call the advocates office again.  Fun Fun!

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