Monday, April 11, 2016

Mother's who know, DO LESS???

As many of you know, my daughter was married to her sweetheart last Friday.  It was a perfectly lovely day!  AND, as many of you know I took my four week Sabbatical from work the weeks leading up to the wedding purposely so I could work on all the things for the party after the sealing together.  I want you to know everything turned out beautifully and I was thrilled with how it all came together.  As it turns out, we didn't use everything we thought we would use and things were not exactly how I had planned and we didn't even use all the moss we had either!  But it's all good!  It looked beautiful!  The bride and the groom were happy and that's all that matters.  After spending time down at the church from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. the day before just decorating and getting things in order I was worn say the least! 
Then after the sealing I ended up down at the church by
2 p.m. with my Mom, my sister-in-law KeriAnne, and my dear friend Bev with the idea of getting all the sandwiches put together and icing cupcakes until my Relief Society President stepped in and said she could ice the cupcakes for us.  By the time I got to the church the food was still at my daughter's old home.  So, Kyle and Kevin went to pick it up.  It arrived at the church around 3:30.  By the time my Relief Society President got to the church it was close to time to start taking pictures so she kicked me out of the kitchen, told me to go into the Mother's lounge and change my clothes and sit with my eyes closed for 10 minutes.  I thought she was nuts, but that Mother's lounge became our little haven for the entire night!  It was glorious!  It was nice and cool in that room with the ceiling fan blowing, the chairs were perfect for my aching back, and the art work on the walls was so uplifting.  I loved it!  BUT.....I wish I would have saw this little reminder several months ago.....instead of after the 13 hour set up the day before.  Ha Ha!!!
The sign on the wall was from an old Conference Talk by Sister Julie B Beck.  It's one of my all time favorites.  It always has been, but I tend to forget some of the words.  It was these words that struck a cord for me that Friday night sitting in that mother's lounge....
"Mother's who know, DO LESS."
As soon as I saw that part I chuckled to myself and smiled.  I needed that reminder.   LOL!  
I have to say, when I started on this quest to get things done for this reception I was determined to get everything we wanted done.  I was also determined to not enlist the help of anyone because I didn't want this reception to be a burden for anyone other than us.  Especially since we have been a burden in so many other ways for others.  I will say, that I did get it all done, but I have felt that I was pushing myself to much and those around me knew I was.  They recognized and sensed this in me.  Those folks that had been there, done that knew exactly what I was going trough and thankfully were much wiser than I.  In fact, I had many people offer to help several times.  At the time of their offers of help, I really couldn't think of anything I could give them to do.  But thankfully they never stopped asking.  In fact, I was humbled by the amount of people that stepped up to help.  I couldn't believe it!  From decorating help, to kitchen help, to running back and forth between my house and Danielle's house to pick up things she forgot or to get cheese for the sandwiches, to sandwich makers, and cupcake icers, to throw bouquet making, candy table set up, to a literal army of friends and family helping to clean up and haul away everything we used for the reception back to my house, to my oldest son spending all day Thursday hanging lights, lifting things, running countless errands with his dad to exchange a few things, to picking up ice, picking up food supplies, and then spending all day at the wedding/reception and that night on Friday helping to clean up too.  And the groom's family and extended family staying to help clean up to!  I'm telling you, I was completely amazed that I was home by 10:30 p.m.  After everything was placed on my front porch and lawn late Friday night, I ended up sleeping on the lawn sofa in front of my house just to keep from having things taken from our front porch.  By the time Saturday rolled around I was actually able to sleep, and I mean, sleep inside this time.  (ha ha)  

This weekend has been filled with moments where I have felt the spirit so strong.  It was incredible!  The spirit was very strong as we all watched my daughter and her sweet husband make sacred covenants that Friday morning.  Then the spirit was very strong as I sat that ten minutes in that mother's lounge and felt that my Heavenly Father had sent his literal chariots beyond the veil and on this side as well, riding up to help me make this day amazing for this sweet new married couple.  Then I felt that sweet spirit confirm to me that Friday night, as I said my goodbyes and thanked everyone over and over again, that these people are His hands here on the earth sent by Him to help me.  Talk about humbling and nothing short of amazing!!! 

Then Sunday was another day that the spirit was incredibly strong all day.  As I sat and listened to all of the testimonies of everyone that stood to share, tears were rolling down my cheeks quicker than I could contain them.  Thank goodness I didn't wear any mascara.  
I ended up darting out the door of my home to get to Sacrament meeting that Sunday without putting on a slip..... of all things. I never do that.  I probably would have got up to share my testimony, if I wasn't afraid of what everyone might see if I did.  LOL!  Scary thought.  LOL again!!

  I felt the spirit one more time that day as I said my personal prayers.  I felt and saw this very bright light and heard a voice whisper in my ear, "Sondra, I hope you know just how much I love you."  As I continued to ask questions and tried to listen I received several promptings that night.  At the end of my prayer as I asked if there was more that I needed to know, I felt that warm glow of light disappear and the last answer I received was, "That is all" and the darkness in the room returned.  
So, you see, I know.  I know without a doubt that my Heavenly Father is very much aware of me, He knows me, is concerned about me and my day to day activities so much that He reaches out to make sure I know how much He loves me at precisely the exact moment that I am ready to hear and listen to what is being said.  I absolutely LOVE those moments!!!  I crave more of these moments!  It is these kinds of moments that I cannot deny what I know about a loving Heavenly Father who sent His Son to be our one true example to follow as we strive to return home to live with Him someday.  It is precisely these moments that keep me from giving up when all seems lost because I know things can only get better.  It is precisely these moments that give me courage and strength to keep going, to keep trying even when the odds are stacked against us.  I am living proof that life can be hard, but with the Lords help you can get through it and not be completely stressed out about it and that is always a wonderful thing.  I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father, the church I belong to, and the people I associate with.  I couldn't do it without ALL of them or without even one of them.  I need them all.
I'm rambling again and I'm sorry.

As you can imagine, we are receiving all kinds of photos from friends and family since the wedding.  We haven't even had a chance to see the photographers photos yet.  It's a little early yet for those. I never snapped a photo myself so I am relying on the skills and kindness of our friends and family to provide us with photos of the different things we did at the reception.  One of the things we had was this canopy over the cake and cupcakes we served.  We bought birch poles.  We planned to buy 8 foot long poles but I goofed and got the six foot long ones by accident.  So we came up with a way to raise them up by placing them on my benches.  Below is the first photo once the structure was put together.

Then I decorated it by covering the benches as best I could with white table cloths.  We placed a round table in the middle with a table cloth over it and a small square coffee table sized table just underneath the round table.  The groom's father helped us secure this structure and build the cupcake stands for us too.  Aren't they cool?  Then I added flowers and greenery all around to create an outdoorsy kind of feel.  

This next photo is just another view with my friend Bev loading up the stands and wood slices with cupcakes.  What do you think?

My Mom made this awesome book for the happy couple.  My Mom is the artistic one in our family.  In fact, she was an art major in college and does so many amazing things.  So, when she does these things we are always amazed.  Below is the book she made...

And the blank pages she put in the book for guests to sign.  

Then these photos are a few taken from the reception.
This was the letters on the stage of the couple's last name.
This is the groom with a few of his buddies.

The view from one side of the cultural hall

One of the 10 tables.  Each one was different.

We have more photos and I'll share those later.  We received a letter from our missionary last week before the wedding that I need to share.  Here's that letter.  

Hey everyone,

     This week was awesome!!! Conference was great we had some people who have been show up to the church for a few sessions and we work with them, which was excellent. We had an amazing miracle last Friday.
     We were going to a lesson with one of our progressing investigators Jxxxxx who is 16. When we got to his house his sister answered the door and told us Jxxxxx was in the shower so we told her
we would be back in a little bit. We decided to do some Tracting in
the area. Oh yeah and we were also with a priest in the ward. We
knocked on several doors with no answer but then we saw this guy just
sitting on some stairs leading up to his door we talked to him about
the Book of Mormon and the restoration and it went pretty good. Then
we asked if we could say a prayer with him before we left, he said
yes. I asked him if there was a specific thing he needed to have us
pray about. He broke out crying and told us about all these terrible
things he had going on at the moment and just completely opened up to
us. We said a prayer and told him we were going to come back to visit
him and he said of course. We always talk about how missionaries are
not here to be a persons friend but instead are here to teach the
gospel, but I think that when we're doing our job right people see us
as that true friend.
     Well anyways hopefully everything made sense in that story. Hope
all of you are doing well. Byeeeeeeee.


Elder Schmidt
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It's been some time since I last posted anything.  I am a bit behind and have lots to share.  We arrived in Montana yesterday and this was the drive from the car on our way to the place we are staying from the airport.  Take a look.

And the view from the back windows of the house we are staying at.

It snowed here yesterday!  I've got a few photos of the snow on the mountains but I may not be able to share those until I get home.  Cell service is spotty.  We were going to go to Glacier Park but the roads are closed due to all the snow.  Darn!  Well, more to come.  We plan to stroll around the area tomorrow before we leave.  Take care and I'll talk to you soon.
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Susan Anderson said...

What fun ideas for the reception. Really cute!
Enjoyed the missionary letter, too.


Sondra Schmidt said...

Thank you Susan! It was fun, but I'm glad it's over. It was a lot of work.


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