Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's a New Day!!!

It's 6 a.m. and I'm sitting here in my car in the parking lot at work.  I got to work super early today and I'm just not ready to walk into the office yet so I've decided to share a few photos with you while I wait it out.  

Back in October, before Danielle was even engaged to Chance, we went wedding dress shopping.  You see Danielle had just received her school money for the semester and she had about $1500 set aside just for her dress. Danielle invited her best friend, her little sister, her grandmother, and me to go with her.  We went to several places here in Mesa all of which promised to offer modest dresses. None of the shops had a blush pink dress.  Everything was off white or white and Danielle had her heart set on a blush pink dress.  After striking out at all the shops in town we were beginning to think our only option was going to be risking it by ordering a dress online or making a trip to Utah.  Before we did that we decided to try one more place.  This shop was located in Arizona Mills Mall and was more of a special occasion dress shop and not so much of a wedding dress shop.  Sure they had wedding dresses but their selection was limited.  The store was Group USA.  When we started looking at dresses we really didn't think we were going to find one.  Danielle didn't want a mermaid shaped dress and she certainly wanted sleeves.  So when we finally found a blush pink dress we all just had to see her in it even though it didn't have sleeves and it wasn't the shape she thought would look good on her.  Well, to our surprise the dress looked amazing on Danielle.  We could tell Danielle loved the dress because that smile never left her face.  She just beamed with it on.  She was surprised that she actually liked the mermaid style on her body too.  She was certain it wouldn't look right.  How wrong she was.  All the other dresses she tried on at all the other shops in other styles did not look right on her, in my opinion.  So, as Danielle was standing on the platform in front of all those mirrors we were all brainstorming together to figure out how we were going to add sleeves to this pink dress.  None of us knew how it was going to happen but we knew this dress was the one for Danielle.  Then when we saw the price tag we were sold!  This was a beaded dress with boning in the bodice so we thought the price was going to be high.  To our surprise it was a $1900.00 dress reduced to $499.  We figured with the money Danielle saved on the dress she could surely pay someone to add sleeves and take in the dress a little.  Below are the photos we took when Danielle tried on her dress for the first time.

See that smile!

Below is my favorite photo of Lexi and Danielle that day.  Silly sisters.

After Danielle and I thought about it and took the dress to a seamstress we learned that it would be a lot of work to build up sleeves on this dress not to mention to find the right color of fabric to match.  So Danielle was determined to find a shrug to go with the dress even if we had to make one.  Well, then it hit me.  Why not find a top to wear underneath the dress?  Once the lightbulb turned on in my head, the search was on.  I started to check every clothing store in town.  Then I started looking on line.  Danielle wanted something with 3/4 length sleeves.  I happened to find the perfect blouse on the Macy's website and immediately told Danielle.  Danielle ordered the blouse, had the dress altered or taken in by a friend who is an amazing seamstress by the way.  The alterations and the blouse cost Danielle another $100.00.  Danielle also ended up replacing the black zipper on the back of the blouse with an off white zipper and adding lace to the sleeves and the collar. The only other things she bought for her dress was a veil and a slip. Below is one of my favorite photos of Danielle in her dress and it shows the detail on her blouse so you can see it.  Take a look.

Along with decorating for the wedding I also did all the wedding flowers.  Thankfully my daughter was sold on silk flowers because she wanted to keep her bouquet instead of fresh.  This made it nice because I could get all the flowers done early and then I was less stressed the week of the wedding.  Take a look at the bridal bouquet below.  The bride wanted a lot of green in her bouquet.  Take a look.

This is the bling I added to the handle of the bouquet.  

And I HAD to add these photos of the groom holding the bridal bouquet at the bridal photo shoot because they were just funny.  Chance is a hoot!  He had us all laughing that day. 

These next few photos aren't the best, but these are the maid of honor and the bridesmaid bouquets.

I'm finally able to share photos of the bride and groom.  Yay me!  I didn't want to take that away from the bride and groom since this was their day and their wedding.  They deserve first bragging rights to all photos, in my opinion.  I've been dying to share a few photos of the groom from the bridal photos that were taken before the actual wedding.  He is such a nut in front of the camera.  This was one of the photos I took right after Danielle and Chance saw each other for the first time that day.  Keep in mind these are just the party clothes they are wearing.  When a couple gets married in a Mormon temple they are wearing all white and they don't wear the same clothes outside of the temple.  So, no one is seeing the bride in "the dress" before the wedding here.  These are party clothes only!  Even though these are just "party clothes" it was amazing to see the two of them admire each other and compliment each other and hug and kiss each other.  I don't think they really wanted a Mom there that day, but they needed someone to hold all the props and the best friend couldn't be there do I was the default option that day.  I was happy to be there but I was worn out after that afternoon and I broke out like crazy.  Do you remember me talking about that a few posts back?  

These are the photos that make me laugh out loud.  Chance having some fun with the parasol doing his version of singing in the rain.  So funny!!!

Then there are these photos of the groom sneaking a few peeks of the bride.  Love it!  He is such a funny kid!

Chance made that photo shoot fun!  He kept his bride laughing.  The photographer laughing.  And me laughing too.  Thank you Chance!!!

Below is the dress I wore to the reception.  I had a hard time finding something I liked because I wasn't allowed to wear pink.  The bride wouldn't let me.  She wanted to be the only one in pink.  As you can imagine I found all kinds of things I liked in pink.  I love pink and use to wear a lot of pink.  It was hard to switch gears.  I first tried off white but that was the color the bridesmaids wore so I switched to grey.  Finding something with sleeves was tough.  Even this dress made me uncomfortable and I ended up wearing a sweater over it to cover my arms and my back.  I'm glad I did because by the time the wedding came around I was down 25 pounds and I was swimming in the dress.  Oh well.  It was comfortable.  That day my poor feet swelled up so I spent the evening barefoot at the reception.  Thank goodness my dress was floor length.  I couldn't even get my shoes on my feet that night.  It was bad!  I loved this dress! It sparkled and I got lots of compliments on it.  I think I'll keep it and maybe wear it to church sometime.  ~smile~smile~

The week after the wedding the groom's family had an Open House up in Montana.  A former Bishop's family offered to host the Open House in their home located on Lake Blaine.  The Bishop's wife prepared all the food for the evening and it was really good.  Kevin, Lexi, Chance, Danielle, and I stayed at another home two doors down from the Bishop and his family.  In fact the house we stayed at was the Bishop's mothers home.  She pasted away about 10 years ago and now the family rents the morher's home out for $3000.00 a week during the summer months or their busy season.  We got to stay at that house for free!!!  It was a nice house.  It had 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It wasn't exactly handicap ready and Kevin had to be lifted by Chance and his Dad in and out of the house because there were several steps into it.  Then just for Kevin to get into the bedroom at night he had to crawl (which took all the strength and energy Kevin had) at night up three steps and over to the bed.  Kevin was embarrassed and didn't like letting anyone other than his immediate family see him like that.  We talked just about every night about moving to a hotel because he was so uncomfortable just thinking about someone other than his own kids and I seeing him.  It was hard for him, but I think it was good to stay at that house and spend s little time with our new son-in-law.  He's a great guy and he really loves our daughter and does a wonderful job of taking care of her and treats her like a queen.  I love that!!!

Below are the first photos of Montana I took while riding from the airport in Missoula to Kalispell.  This is Flathead Lake.  It's huge!!!  It puts our Lakes here in Arizona to shame for sure!!  It went on for miles and miles.  So blue and do pretty.

This was my first photo from the sitting area of the house we stayed at and Lake Blaine outside the back windows.  See the dock on the ground.  They say the lake was down about 10 feet this season and eventually they will release water from the dam to bring the level up to right at where the green grass ends in this photo.  How cool is that?  

See the beach?  I guess those docks are use to floating on the water.  The photo above shows a padal boat turned upside down on the dock.  Lexi and I came very close to taking it out on Saturday afternoon but we ended up falling asleep and taking naps.  Saturday turned out to be a nice sunshiny day.  It would have been perfect for a stroll on the lake in the padal boat.  I'm kind of sad we didn't get to do that.  Oh well.  

This next photo was taken on Saturday.  See how the weather changed?  It was rainy the day we arrived.  In fact it snowed on the other lake in the area.....the one the groom's parents live on which is a few miles down the road.  

These other photos are of the mountains.  My photos don't do them justice.  They ran along the entire length of Flathead Lake and were absolutely breath taking!  Then to see them with the snow was beautiful! 

These next few photos are from the backyard of the Bishop's home.  He is a surgeon and they have a beautiful home.  

Just to give you an idea how massive this lake was I went on Google Earth and looked up the address.  Here is a view of the house where the Open House was.

And here is a photo of the entire lake from the point where the home was located.  

Pretty massive, right????

The sunset was amazing!  I wish the photos could share just how great they were!

This is the big picture window from the living room of the Bishop's home.  I wish I would have taken a photo of the front of the home.  The house was so pretty.  

These next photo is of the town of Big Fork.  The town Chance's family lives in. Notice there are no streetlights and the entire town is about a city block long.  No joke!  It was small.  Most of the shops are touristy in nature.  We stopped to each lunch at this nice little restaurant in town. It was so good!  Yum!

This is the Restuarant.  It's called the Pocketstone Cafe.

Here is the inside

See the lady in the black shirt with the grey braids?  She was super cute with her braids.  She had thick grey hair and was really sweet.  

This is what Kevin and Chance ate.  The Jalapeno Burger.

Danielle, Lexi, and I had the Bacon Cheeseburger.  Here's s photo.

All of their portions were huge and everything looked amazing and our food tasted great!  We didn't leave an empty plate that day!!  When we got home that night and after naps Lexi said she wanted another burger like the one we had for lunch.  Crazy girl!  She ended up eating left over roast sandwiches from the Open House. 

Below is s photo Lexi took with her phone from the deck of the house we stayed at.  She takes some great pictures.  I told her the other day that I thought she should be a photographer.  She does an awesome job!

This was the only photo Kevin and I took the entire trip.  We have a photo of Lexi and I but I just don't have a copy yet.  I'll have to beg my husband to send it to me.  

All in all the trip to Montana was nice, tiring, and too short!  Kevin and I would have loved to go touring and checking out the sights but things like Glacier Park were closed due to weather.  Everyone asked if we were going to go on up to Canada to site see, but Kevin and I don't have passports.  So maybe we will go next time we end up in Montana.  

We have an old photo of our missionary at his last zone conference before his recent move.  He is standing between his roommates.  Look at that grin!!!!

I'll share more tomorrow.  Take care and I'll talk to you soon.  (I still have more photos of wedding day to share!)
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