Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Crunch Time!!!

It's crunch time and the pressure is on!
Am I feeling stressed, you betcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still have so much to do.
Thank goodness my son is off until after the wedding now too.  He gets to help me with a few things.  Like the canopy I need to build and the video of the couple and running to the mall to pick up something for the father of the bride.
I think the thing I wasn't expecting was the extra stuff I get to do this week on top of all the wedding/reception stuff I still have to do.
Tonight I've got my doctor's appointment, then after I am off to Winco with the bride to pick up a few things.  Tomorrow morning I get to go to the DMV with Lexi, and a quick trip to a shoe store for her too....she wants flats for the wedding/reception, a doctor's appointment with Kevin, Home Depot, Walmart, Smart & Final, AND Costco.
Then we have all of the food to make.  Thank goodness my Relief Society President and another awesome neighbor have offered to help cut up veggies.  That is a huge help!  Danielle and I are making cupcakes and the sandwiches.  The groom and his mom are making a pasta salad and some salsa.  I think we will also be picking up some Matta's salsa since the bride's family LOVES that stuff!  We can't have chips without the Matta's hot sauce.  That just wouldn't be right.  AND the hot stuff too.  We'll pick up some mild for those that can't handle the hot. 
I then have a few little touches on the bridal bouquet.  The bling fell off at the bridal photo shoot.  So I need to reattach it.  Then I still need to add ribbon to the corsages.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I keep procrastinating on that for some reason.  Arg!
Well, I'm off to my appointment.
Take care my friends and we will talk again soon, but probably after the reception.  Until then.  ~smile~smile~
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