Saturday, April 23, 2016

It's Been Quite the Day!

Now that we are finally done with all the wedding stuff and I've had a chance to catch a few winks of sleep and my life is starting to get back to normal it's time to unclutter my home!  You never really realize just how much stuff it takes to pull off a DIY wedding reception until you actually do it.  Oh my goodness!  

In an effort to clear out some of this stuff I started selling some of the things I just don't want to store like the birch poles and the wood pieces and the boxes of moss.  It's not much, but it's a start.  I posted things on a few Facebook groups and have had a good response.  The first person to buy half of the birch poles from me was this lady that was very particular. She asked several questions, insisted on first pick, and even tried to pay me with a check, which I thought was odd since I didn't even know her.  I had a doctors appointment scheduled for the same time this person was to arrive at my home, so my son agreed to handle the transaction.  Well, I ended up making it to my house just as they were finishing up and since I insisted on cash Kyle ran up to the ATM to pull out change for this person.  She only had a large bill and I don't usually carry cash on me.  While he was gone we got to talking as we loaded six poles into the back of her minivan.  She mentioned that she works as a decorator for some real estate people, tends her small children, and her husband just left town for the week on business and she wasn't sure how she was going to get everything done.  Come to find out, and I didn't realize this until after she left my house, she was the wife of a very prominent elected officials in our county and state.....who shall remain nameless.  That just goes to show that you never know who is going to respond to you in one of those groups.  

It's been nice to start to put a dent in this pile of stuff cluttering up my porch (yes, still) and my living room and dining room. Later today Danielle is coming over to take home some of her stuff too.  I cannot wait!!!!

While we were in Montana Kyle called to tell me my big doors had been knocked over by the wind and the glass broke in one of the big doors.  I'm not even gonna  try to play it down.  I was crushed when he said that because these doors have survived eight weddings so far without breaking.  Not to mention years of leaning up against the wall behind my couch in my living room.  I think not having the doors to put back behind my couch was making me the most sad. 
Then yesterday we realized that only one pane of the double pane window glass was broken!  I was so happy.  I love the glass and I really didn't want to risk removing the glass and attaching corrugated sheets of steel to the doors.  I prefer the glass look.  So today I'll be cleaning up the glass on my driveway and trying to bring my doors back into the house.  Yay!!
This photo will show you the current state of my doors.

Here is the one with the broken pane up close.

When I first got the big doors from a neighbor several years ago I broke one of the panes in the other door.  My brother-in-law fixed the remaining pane so it wouldn't slip or move.  So, I guess we will have to do the same thing with this other one.  At least the door will be a little lighter now.  I think I'll need to stop lending them out though in an effort to preserve them.  I can't wait to get them back in my living room.  I've decided to change things up and move a few things around once everything is back to normal.  I want to make a big wreath maybe out of moss to hang on my doors.    Like this...

This one without the ribbon.

This one without the birdhouse.

This one without the burlap bow or bunnies. 

I love some of the earthy organic simplistic decorating styles I've seen everywhere and I would love to give it a try in my home.  It's a new concept for me for sure.  LOL!!!  

My daughter wants me to take the top piece off of my china hutch again and just use the bottom half as a buffet cabinet.  If I change things up in my living room I'll have to do just that to move my big picture and hang it over the cabinet.  It will be fun.  A new project for sure but I do better at cleaning and chores when there is an element of creativity involved.  I always work twice as hard to get to the fun part.  So, this will be good.  A little incentive so to speak.  ~wink~wink~

Danielle was going to come by today to pick up a few things but I've been busy dealing with people stopping by to pick up a few items I've decided to sell to stop and organize her things.  There's just too much stuff.  I feel like a custodian for some kind of weird museum or something.  Ha Ha!  Danielle is still coming over, just not for as much stuff as we thought because I haven't had a chance to go through things and the last time I just had her grab things she ended up with things that don't even belong to her.  No fun!

I did have a little luck selling a few things from the wedding.  I sold a few birch poles, the wood pieces we put on the tables, and the light up carriage so far.  It's been good.  I'd like to sell the remaining birch poles, the moss, a few of the large letters we used to spell out the last name, and a few other odds and ends.  It will happen eventually. 

I received some more photos of the wedding and reception that really show off things better than my personal photos every could.  I'll warn you now, there are a lot of them. Now, I'm not posting all of the photos simply because it's not my place to post some them.  BUT, the ones of the reception itself I'm posting. 

Kevin and his brother Bryan

Three of the bridesmaids minus Lexi.

I look so tired and fat!  I was so ready for a nap by this point.


Cutting of the cake.

And their first dance together.

The father daughter dance.  I balled my eyes out through this because Kevin wanted so badly to stand and dance with his daughter but he just didn't have the strength to do it.  Plus the song about killed me every single time I heard it.  WOW!

Here is the song...."I Loved Her First"

See my Mom in the background between Danielle and Kevin?  She's coming over to give me a hug and console me because I am crying like a baby back there.  Not because Danielle got married and she is moving on.  (No that's not it at all. Right!)  But, because I know how bad Kevin wanted to stand.  My heart ached for him and that was why I was balling like a baby.

This was the point where the water works began.  Can you see my frown beginning to form?  

I think poor Danielle came over to give me a hug because I was a wreck by then.  I love all of my kids and I'm sure I will cry at all of their weddings but this one and this dance for Kevin got to me.

The throwing of the bouquet.  Danielle had two bouquet throws.  One for the little girls and another for the big girls.  This was the little girls.

Next came the big girls....

Then the groom got to throw the garter.

More dancing....

Even Kevin and I danced.

A little line dancing....

Danielle's two Bishops while in our ward. 
Our current Bishop is on the left, and our old Bishop 
is on the right.  

The cake after the couple cut it.

Decorating the groom's car......

I knew the reception was a big success when the bride told me she got everything she wanted at the reception.  I really tried to help her dream reception come true.  It wasn't easy and there were times when we got on each other's nerves, but it all came together.  I think we had a lot of help from those angels Elder Holland talks about riding up on their chariots of fire as far back as the eye can see to come to our aide.  I also think that several of those angels reside right here in my own ward, stake, and family.  I think I mentioned this before, but just in case I didn't here goes.  Kevin comes from a long line of Mormon Pioneers.  His family helped to settle areas like Eager, Arizona.  My parents are converts to the church.  So, when things would happen and I would think about help from heavenly angels I never thought I would get that kind of help simply because I didn't have Mormon Pioneer ancestors who had pasted on pulling for me.  How wrong I was to think that way.  I now know that I do receive help from heavenly angels that I cannot see as well as angels that live right down the street from me and that is an awesome feeling!  

Tomorrow will be another early morning.  I have to get Kyle to work and then take care of a few things as soon as I get home.  Crazy how that happens so early in the morning sometimes.  Well, take care friends.  Hope you had a wonderful Saturday.  Talk to you soon.  Enjoy your Sunday.

This quote was something a Facebook friend shared the other day and I just loved it and so I thought I'd share it here.

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