Saturday, April 30, 2016

It's All Good!

Kyle woke me up super early this morning when he called my phone.  He left the house without his vest.  Not just any ole vest.  It's a bullet-proof vest.  Something he certainly needs to wear everyday at work!  He wanted me to be outside with it because he was rushing home to get it.  Luckily he picked it up and made it back to work in time for briefing.  I don't know if I prefer waiting outside at the house in the cold for him or rushing off to drop things off to him at work, especially since he likes to have his friends pull me over for fun.  Crazy kid!

There's nothing like the smell of fresh celery, carrots, onion, garlic, Rosemary, salt, pepper, smoked paprika (to give it a hint of smokey flavor) and beef broth arranged around a chuck roast and roasting in the oven, especially on a cloudy day.  

Dinner is in the oven now and will slow roast all day.  Then about an hour before its done, I'll add the potatoes so they can roast to perfection too. The family will think I slaved in the kitchen all day, when all I did was coat the meat with a little flour, season it with salt and pepper, and then seared it on both sides, put it in a big roasting pan with all the other goodies, and let the oven do the rest of the work.  I love that!

  I told Danielle what I was doing and she plans to stop by on her way home to take some home for her and Chance.  He works late on Saturdays, poor guy.  AND Danielle is working today too.  This way, neither one of them will have to cook tonight.   

 You should smell my house right now!  
It's smells divine!  

I can't wait for this....

Lexi asked me the other day if I would try something with her.  She wants us both to go one month without any soda starting Monday.  Do you know how hard that is going to be for me?  I usually have one every day just to get going each day.  AND, I've switched back from diet to regular soda since before my sabbatical. That's right, I'm drinking the good stuff again.  So, this is going to be extra hard for me!  BUT....I know it will be good for me so I have agreed to do it. 

Kicking the soda is something I know my thyroid will appreciate.  Everything I've read about thyroid diets and trying to keep your thyroid healthy talks about staying away from sugar and carbohydrates.  The two things I just let back into my life without any restrictions.  They're also two things I love and have for years.  I guess I have until Monday to enjoy them and then it's bye bye to sugar and carbs again.  It's all good.  I can do this and I know I will feel better too.  I have a good friend at work that is a pro at a low carb, no carb diet and she has already helped me realize there is so much out there to make this possible.  I just need to keep talking with her and she will continue to teach me so much!  I love that!  Thank you Nicole!

After dropping this no soda thing on me, Lexi tells me she also wants me to go walking with her every night too.  What is going on here??!!  Has Lexi made it her quest to whip me into shape or something??  She said she thinks it would be cool if her and I eventually ran a 5K.  I about fell over when she said that, laughing of course!  Yikes!  

We received a new letter from Curtis the other day with a few photos.  

Hey Everyone,

This week went surprisingly well!  It definitely started off shaky.  I thought after the first day of being with my new companion, Elder Mxxxxx, the he was going to be the Elder I punched in the face, followed by an emergency transfer, of course.  However, that didn't happen and I don't want to punch him anymore, so don't worry about me not getting along with my companion.  ha ha!  My new companion is a good guy.  He just has some stuff that stresses him out.  We started the cycle off finding out that he wasn't going to be able to get a prescription filled for his Concerta, which is like a controlled medication for his ADHD.  He was running very low and it was getting pretty intense.  I also found out that he had been previously getting his medication illegally because his Mom had been sending it to him through the mail, which you're not allowed to do with controlled medications.  His doctor knows that that was happening and she was trying to make it possible for him to get it here so that he didn't have to keep breaking the law.  Because he was running so low, his Mom ended up shipping some to him using overnight delivery, which was good.  After that, it's been pretty good. 

We've had a lot of service opportunities in this area, which has been really fun.  Almost our entire day is just filled with service events sometimes.  This Saturday is gonna be crazy!   First we are helping to clean a part of a highway that the church is supposed to take care of through that whole adopt a highway thing.   Then we're going to help the scouts out with a car wash, so we can play in some water! ha ha.  After that, we're going over to a members house to help her build a pond.  It's kind of like the one Grandpa Schmidt had.  It's fun being in an area like this with all the opportunities to share the gospel in different ways like service.  Some of our members went to a meeting that talked about all of the service opportunities in our community for the next year.  We're gonna sign up for all of them!  It's a lot of interfaith groups and things like that which is really cool.  

Well, alright!  I gotta go, but I will talk to you all later.  Byyyeeeee!


Elder Schmidt
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Here are a few photos Curtis sent...




  Apple orchard

  Elder Schmidt's Desk

  Elder Schmidt's new diet

  New diet again.

 Backyard of Elder Schmidt's apartment

Elder Schmidt's new apartment.

I just put the potatoes in the pan with the roast!  It will all be ready in about an hour.  The whole house smells so good.  Lexi's was worried that she would miss out on the roast because she is going over to a friends house to hang out since tonight is Prom and neither one of the girls was asked.  It's all good.  The two will watch movies, talk, dance, possibly swim, and spent time together.  They haven't had a chance to get together in quite some time.  Kyle will be gone tonight too.  He has a date so Kevin and I will be home alone.  I plan to get more of this wedding stuff put away!  Yes, I still have it all over the place.  Less of it, thankfully.  It's a slow process for one person to go through all of it and make sure it's all organized and tidy while returning things to the bride and a friend.  Thank goodness the friend said she didn't care if it took us a month to get things back to her.  She knows what it's like.  Hopefully I will be done with all of this by the time Curtis comes home from his mission.  LOL!  I better be or else I'm just going to strike a match and enjoy watching it all go up in flames....minus the things that do not belong to us, of course.  I'm seriously contemplating becoming a minimalist.  Sounds like a stress free, clutter free, peaceful and simplistic way of life!  Wouldn't that be grand???!!!  Yet, I still find myself searching the Facebook groups from time to time looking at all the cool things people have for sale.  So far I've managed to NOT buy anything.  First, I can't afford it.  Second, where on earth would it go?!!!  Third, I can't do anything until I get this stuff out of my house, my doors back in their place, and my house back in order.  So, my goal tonight is to at least get my living room in some kind of order.  My chairs back in place with the slip covers with my chandelier lamp close by....maybe by the front window.  I think I'm going to definitely take the top part off of my hutch in my dining room again.  I like it off better.  Besides, it gets so cluttered and I don't like that.  I'm still debating on where to put a few other things.  What can I say, it's a work in progress, but it will get done, even if it is a little at a time between checking in on Kevin and whatever else comes my way. 

Danielle stopped by, picked up the container of roast, potatoes, and carrots and rolls I prepared for her.  She also picked up a couple of her signs, her little topiary trees, some flowers she wanted, and her big glass case.  Thank goodness!  We all talked for a bit.  Danielle starts a new job soon.  She will be teaching eventually, which will be good.  She opted to work up to the full-time teaching position instead of jumping in all at once.  I don't blame her for making that move.  This isn't exactly what she wanted in the way of teaching, but it's a move in the right direction for her.  This school will give her full-time hours, benefits, vacation and sick time, and pay her to get her masters degree, which is exactly what she wants.  Danielle said its kind of odd how this all fell into her lap very quickly.  I'm happy for her!  And ultimately for both of them, because let's face it, this helps them both out.  Plus this way eventually Chance will be able to finish his schooling once Danielle is done.  Since she is so close they've decided to get her through and then focus on Chance.  I hope they both reach their education goals.  After all, I them want them both to succeed for both of their futures.  This day and age you need schooling beyond high school to make it in the world.  It will be good.     

The house is quiet, the kids are all out and about, and Kevin is resting.  He's still hurting and weak.  He spent most of last night up but ended up actually sleeping today.  Hopefully that's a good sign and not him passing out from exhaustion.  

  The weather is perfect!  I'm loving it.  I've got the windows open and the air conditioner off!  It's awesome!  

I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  
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