Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What's Next?

Look what I found!
A photo of what we want the lights over the dance floor to look like.  

Without the Chinese lanterns, of course!
I figured out how to make this work and I can't wait!  See, it's possible!  Everyone keeps telling me this can't be done in a church building but it can!  Watch me do it.  I guess some people are just not able to picture this in their heads.  That's okay.  This isn't as hard as it seems and will be fun.  Now to round up the supplies I need.

This afternoon we are finishing the bridal bouquet and cleaning.  The groom's boutonni√®re is done.  For the bridal bouquet we are adding the lace piece to the back and lace down the handle.  Then I have the final bling to add.  Remember I said I always add a little something special to the bouquet for the brides?  Well, this is the bling I'll be adding to Danielle's bouquet. 

I can't wait to be completely done with the bouquet!  After the bridal bouquet all the other flowers will be easy.  Things seem to flow once the bridal bouquet is done.  It just works out that way for some reason.

I'm still breaking out in a rash!  What the heck??!!!  I'm not sure what this is.  Maybe a heat rash?  Danielle said it was hot in our house when she was here yesterday.  I still haven't turned on the air conditioning.  I'm not ready for the expensive electric bills yet, but I probably should break down and turn it on.  At least during the day.  The evenings are nice and we can open windows then.  It's done.  We have officially turned on the air conditioner!  Let the huge electric bills begin.  Arg!  We've held out as long as we can.   

We'll learn to deal with the huge bills, but for now the cool air feels great!  Especially with a fan blowing too!  

I've decided I need several plastic totes to put all this wedding stuff in.  That's going to be one of our first stops next week...to pick up a few of those.  That's the easiest way to keep things nice and organized as we haul it all to the church.  
My mind is racing in ten million different directions.  Can you tell?   My friend Bev said I was organized.  I just laughed and told her it's more like organized chaos because it truly is.  Or at least it has been lately!  

I made the mistake of listening to the song Kevin picked out for the Father/Daughter dance at the wedding.  Big mistake.  It makes me cry every single time I hear it.  I'm gonna be a wreck when it plays at the reception I can just see it now.  I walked in to Kevin and he says to me, "Get it out of your system now."  That man.  He always does this.  I am a wreck as we get ready for these events and then on the day of the event, I'm the strong one and he's the one crying and freaking out.  Somehow I think this day both of us are going to be freaking out.  How can he listen to that song and not bust out crying?  I don't understand that.  He's pretty good at holding back, that's all I've got to say.

Well, on that note I should get going.  It's 4:30 p.m. and I have lots to do.  Take care my friends and we will talk soon.  Enjoy you day!
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