Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekend Happenings!

Friday morning I ran Kyle to work at 5 a.m. and then came back home to get myself ready.  On my way home from dropping Kyle off I got a call from him asking that bring him the charger for his radio on my way to work.  Good thing I go right pasted the station pretty much on my way to work.  When I got about 2 minutes away from the station Kyle called me to give me directions on where to meet him.  When I got to the location there was Kyle in his uniform.  This was the first time I have ever saw him all decked out in his uniform.  Sure, I've seen bits and pieces of it here at the house, just not to full uniform with the police vehicle, helmet, and vest.  I wish I could have taken a picture, but they frown on that, so I didn't even bother.  I so would have posted it here if I could have!  I should have snapped a picture just to show his father because I know he would have loved to see it.  Things I thought about as I was pulling away.  Darn it!  Kyle did tell me that he was selected to be in the next police recruitment brochure.  So, one way or another I'll get a photo of him in his uniform.  I still can't share the photo, but I will at least have it, and Kevin will be able to see that,  LOL!  I know, I have issues.  LOL AGAIN!
Sacrament meeting today was good.  I enjoyed Sister Sheffield's talk.  She is such a hoot!  She's funny.  She's sweet and she is a great example of blooming where you are planted.  I love her!  She spoke about being a member missionary and she shared several personal experiences she has had trying to do just that.  I especially loved the story she shared about telling a particular lineman at work to clean up his potty mouth, and then how he would warn the other linemen to be careful how they speak because she has friends.  Meaning, Heavenly Father is her friend so please don't take His name in vain in front of her.  She wasn't mean to her co-worker.  She wasn't disrespectful to him.  She just explained that Heavenly Father was her friend, so please don't speak that way about Him in front of her.  She did a wonderful job with her talk and I appreciate her example. 
We also got to hear a return missionary friend speak.  He is our neighbor and just lives down the street from us and one of my boys friends.  It was so good to see him.  I love seeing a missionary before and after.  You can always see huge changes in each missionary.  It's awesome.  My favorite part about his talk was his humility, humor, and testimony in English and Spanish.  I especially like when he mentioned that a mission is not always the best two years of your life but the best two years for your life.  It's funny that he mentioned that because Kyle and I were just talking about that very thing Saturday afternoon.  Kyle was trying to get that point across to me.  It's so true.
This afternoon Kyle and I walked down to our neighbor's house for the Homecoming Open House.  It was nice to visit with everyone.  We stayed for about 45 minutes and then came back home and talked with some friends that have not seen Kyle in a while.  It was so nice to just to spend some time socializing.  I cannot tell you how long it has been since we have done that.  I so needed to do something like that.  These last couple of days have been really rough for me and I am so glad Kyle asked me to go with him. 
Without going into too much detail.  I was tag-teamed by my SIL and the groom's Aunt insisting that I make it to the Open House in Montana the week after the wedding.  In fact, I got walked out and grilled all the way to the car about how I needed to go even if it was without Kevin.  I know they may not of intended to make me feel like I was cornered, grilled, tag-teamed, or otherwise, but it did.  I don't know why I have to explain myself?  Bottom line........ 
I want to go.  But realistically,  
1) Kevin may not be able to handle the trip.  2) I am the only one working and money is extremely tight.  3)  How can I possibly spend money on a trip when our Bishop is helping us with so much right now?  How can I feel good about doing that?  I can't!  Plus where is that money coming from?  Any extra money will go to the wedding here!  FOR ceremonial clothing, or possibly things like glue sticks, and little things like that.  What the heck??!!!  AND....Why should I have to explain this to you?  It's none of your business!!!  I was so upset all day and night yesterday and all day today.  Danielle and I talked several times since about it and thank goodness I finally calmed down when Danielle called and we talked a little bit more about it tonight, and thank goodness she was there to see it too.   
Enough about that.  Tomorrow starts the preparations.  We will start with finishing the wedding invites.  Danielle, Lexi, and I will be working on them until they are done tomorrow.  Then mailing them out in a couple groups at different post offices.  Several people have suggested that we NOT send all of them from the same place at the same time on purpose.  That way if something happens at one location, not all of your invites have to be resent.  So, between where Danielle lives and where I live I think we have several post office locations to choose from so we could drop them all off to different locations in one day.  It will be good.  So far everyone that sees the invite thinks they are super cute.  I'm glad!  I always have mixed emotions about handmade invitations to weddings.  I know you can't always hide that they are handmade, but I wanted them to look cute, be a little different, and fun.  It seems like we have succeeded with all of that and I am happy about that.  We handed a few out today at church, and we have more to hand out next week, and people were leaning over to get my attention just before the meeting started to say how cute they were or sharing them with others to say how cute they were.  That makes our efforts worth it!  After all the invitations are the first impression your guests will have for your wedding/reception, you only get the cone chance to make a good impression, so make it good.  Right?  I'll be honest, I have an invitation problem.  I do.  I always like unique invites.  That was true with birthday party invites for my kids, graduation invites for my kids, and now with wedding invites too.  Remember these for Danielle's junior college graduation announcement/invites?  (I'll share the wedding invites on this blog eventually, but not until after the wedding because the bride has asked me to wait.)

I made all of these, but I wasn't making 400 of them.  Thank goodness we have several people helping to put together the wedding invites....including the groom if we aren't done by Tuesday night.  I'm hoping we are done by then.  He doesn't need to deal with our invitation madness.  I do appreciate his willingness to help and that means more than anything.  I love that Chance treats our daughter very well and is protective of her.  I absolutely LOVE that!  I also love that he wants her to help him make decisions for his future and ultimately their future together.  I want Chance and Danielle to do exactly what the scriptures say...Cleve unto one another.  Because let's face it, yes they both have parents, but they will have to make their own choices and do what is right for them.  Will I want to be a part of their lives?  Of course.  But, I look at it more from a stand point that I am not going to place expectations on them and would prefer that they make the choice to be around us and not be forced to do it.  And besides....I will have absolutely no say in what they do together.  I can make suggestion, but it would be better if I waited for them to ask me for them.  This Momma will not be ruling with an iron fist.  That's never been my style and it won't be now either.  Know what I mean? 
The best thing that happened this weekend was that my daughter got her temple recommend signed!  That is awesome news!  She still needs to get it signed by the Stake President, and she will have two appointments with him before she goes through.  All in all, that is all that matters.  Danielle said even her Bishop talked a little bit about this in his interview with her today that all that matters is that you are worthy to attend the temple and will be getting married in the right place, to a worthy young man who wants her to be his eternal companion.  I'm so proud of them.  This is a very proud Momma moment for sure! 
Here's to keeping that perspective.  Like a sweet sister mentioned in Sacrament Meeting a few weeks back...."If everything eternal is in place, nothing else matters!"  I think I need to put that quote up on my walls somewhere in my home.  I really do!  It should go up and remain on the wall until after the wedding.  Maybe even in a couple places.  On the mirror in my home.  On the inside of our door of our home.  I need the constant reminder. 
Well, I should go.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  Enjoy your Monday.
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