Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Answered Prayers, Priesthood Blessings, & Missionary Letters

I woke up this morning and remembered that I failed to thank my Heavenly Father for something.  You see, the other day I asked Him for help in getting this bridal bouquet done so that my daughter and her fiancé could have their flowers for pictures at the Temple today.  My request wasn't exactly something that had to happen, but something I wanted for my daughter to help make this covenant making time in her life a little more special.  Normally it can take me several days to decide exactly how I want the bouquet to be.  Sometimes I try and try, put together and tear apart several times.  Well, not with this bouquet!  After my prayer it took me exactly one day and one try to put this bouquet together.  That has never happened before and I know this came together so nicely because I enlisted to help of my Heavenly Father before I began.  I have never done that before when making countless other bridal bouquets.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I've asked for help, just not in a very specific way as I did with this bouquet.  This morning I know more than ever just how much my Heavenly Father wants my daughter to make those sacred covenants she will be making in a few short weeks.  Sure, this was not new  information for me, but I will say having that confirmation makes all of our preparations and efforts mean so much more now.  I love that my Heavenly Father knows me personally and better than I know myself and that He hears my prayers, and answers them in such profound personal ways that touch my life in ways I never dreamed possible.  What a blessing it is to know that He is always there for me.  

The other day I asked my husband for a Priesthood blessing.  I told him that I just needed a little extra help from my Heavenly Father in getting through these next few weeks.  Kevin agreed and He asked that we do this first thing in the morning when he was fresh and not on pain medication.  So, this morning I went in and he had me sit in his "magic chair" (his wheelchair).  We locked the wheels and positioned the chair close enough so that Kevin could get his legs behind the chair and close enough to the bed just in case he fell.  Then Kevin stood behind the wheelchair and gave me my blessing.  
I couldn't believe that he wanted to stand up for it but I know why.  My husband honors and respects the Priesthood that he holds and wanted to give a proper blessing.  I love that man for all that he is and does.  I know what a sacrifice it is for him to use all of his strength to give me that blessing this morning and that just makes it that much more special.  I won't share the details of my blessing because that is too sacred and personal between my Heavenly Father and I and I cannot.  I want you to know that having the Priesthood in our home means more to me than words can say!  It's a comforting feeling and not something I take for granted because I know what a blessing it is.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the many blessings I receive on a daily basis because we have the Priesthood restored here on the earth today.  The very covenants my daughter will be making in three short weeks could not happen without those Priesthood keys having been restored upon the earth.  That statement makes me think of our early church leaders every time I say it.  Did they know the profound impact their actions would bring to pass all those years ago?  I think they had an idea.  We owe those early Saints a debt of gratitude for so much.  They sacrificed everything and even gave their very lives to bring about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the saving ordinances provided and performed in holy temples here upon the earth.  What an awesome blessing it is!  One I feel proud to be a part of as each of my children make these covenants.  This is an exciting time in all of our lives.  These are those proud Momma and Daddy moments us parents work so very hard for our children to have and experience.  What more can I say.  These are the best moments ever!!!

This morning we also received a letter from our missionary.  He's been out on his mission exactly a year this month.  That is exciting!  We love him and miss him more than words can say, but like I told him in my last letter, don't even think about getting homesick or worry about us.  Heavenly Father has called Bishop Duke to be our bishop and he is taking excellent care of us, so go to work and serve, serve, serve!!!  I also told Curtis that I love that he loves to serve.  That's probably the best news I've heard ever from him!  I told him that's exactly what he should be doing and what holding the Priesthood is all about.  Well, enough about what I said to Curtis.  Here is his recent letter...

Hey Everyone,
   I have hit my year mark!!!! It's weird to think that last year
today I was on my mission. In the past year I have seen a lot of craziness, but also a lot of good.

   Something that has been on my mind more recently in studies is the difference between factual knowledge and knowledge through acquaintance. On my mission I have been able to study the Scriptures and Preach my Gospel and a lot of talks by General Authorities which has been how I learn the gospel facts.  But then after that is when I have been able to go out and teach the gospel and practice Christlike attributes and be able to really see Heavenly
Father's hand in my life and in the life of those that I teach. 
That's where I am able to become acquainted with my Heavenly Father and gain knowledge that way. I just thought that was pretty cool.

This week we had a really awesome lesson with a boy named Jxxxxx.  Some back story on Jxxxxx first. He is a sixteen year old boy who is not a member but his mother is. He hadn't been to church for probably a year or so, but one Sunday he just showed up. During the lesson he said that he wants to understand the steps it takes to be baptized and
also the things it takes to stay active in the church after being
baptized. Pretty much he is dope and is gonna be an amazing priest.  The ward is helping out a lot by inviting him to every youth event and the young men are coming with us to the lessons, they're even texting Jxxxxx throughout the week to see how he is doing. We're super pumped
for him.

Anyways how are all of you guys doing :)
Elder Schmidt
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The other day Lexi and I were up really early in the morning and heard the first news reports of the terrorist attacks in Belgium.  This meant that the Secretary of State would have to change hats and step away from her Presidential campaign to do what she could to assist those U.S. citizens involved in the attacks. 
Later we found out that several LDS missionaries were hurt during he attack.  It sounds like they must have been coming home from their missions because they were all going to Salt Lake City.  You don't tend to travel like that until your mission is over. 
This morning my son came out because he found out that one of the young Elders hurt in the attack has been near three of the past attacks.  Come to find out this young man was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, in Paris when they were attacked and now in Belgium for this latest one.  Kind of scary if you ask me!  For such a young man to see so much in his short 21 years of life is mind boggling! 
My heart goes out to the people in Belgium.  It's hard to comprehend the magnitude of such a vicious act.  I cannot even begin to imagine what the people of Belgium are experiencing.  It's times like these that make me appreciate the country I live in more and more, even though we are not free of such acts here in our country.  I hope they find those responsible quickly and bring them to justice. 

Today we are getting Danielle ready for bridal pictures.  I wasn't originally invited to these, but I just happened to be home and available today.  It's hard having a daughter who is so independent some times.  But then sometimes she surprises me and reminds me that she still needs her mother from time to time.  I'm excited to be there for these photos, but at the same time I am also honored to be there as well.  Now, to get through the hair curling portion of our day.  If we make it through that without incident, then we will make it through all the rest!  Danielle never has enjoyed her mother doing her hair.  Frankly, I totally understand, but it's not my technique but the curling iron she is coming over for.  Lexi has this cool curling rod that makes awesome curls.  I can't wait to see Danielle all decked out in her dress today!  I'm sure I'll have to hold back the tears.  Give me strength!  LOL!
Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.
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