Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday again

Danielle came over today so we could finish all the invites.  Danielle is doing the final touches on a few and then tomorrow we will be nailing them all out.  Thank goodness!  We saved a ton of money doing them ourselves but holy cow!  My fingers are so sore.  I can't wait to share the invites but the bride wants me to wait.  I can show you the inspiration for our invites.  Here it is...

This person made pop-up cards with the photo of the couple and we did the same kind of thing.  We like them, and everyone that sees them thinks they are super cute.  They also think we are nuts for making each invite a pop-up and maybe we are??!!!  We wanted something different and something not everyone else is doing.  The other invite we thought long and hard about using as our inspiration was this one.

Aren't they cute?  I just loved the simplicity of them with the childhood photos of the couple instead of the usual couple photos, but they still weren't what we were looking for exactly.  So we settled on the pop-up photos with a brown card and pink paper for the invite details.  Again I wish the bride would let me share them on my blog but she is making me wait.  I get it, I really do.  I sent pictures of the invites to her brother today and to the Groom's parents so they could see them.  We won't send one to Curtis, but the Groom's parents will be getting a bunch of them.  One for themselves and a few extras.  

My friend Bev made another sneak visit and left two cards.  One for me and one for Danielle.  She is simply amazing!  She always brightens my day with her cute cards and sweet words. She is wonderful!  Take a look at the card she left me.

I just organized all the addressed envelopes and found another 50 without cards that we didn't count in our totals yesterday.  I guess we will be making a few more invites tomorrow after all.  Arg! I just text Danielle.  Hopefully she's not flipping out. 

It's now Thursday afternoon and all the invites that need to be mailed are mailed. We still have a few more to make.  The groom wants 10, I need 15, the groom's Mom wants 10, and Danielle wants 5.  We have a few almost done, but the rest will need to be done start to finish.  So we will get to those Saturday.  Tomorrow I need to start wedding flowers for the bride and groom.  They have photos next week.  We are running a little behind.  Time to pick it up a bit!

We received a letter from Curtis today and a few photos.  Below are the photos and then the letter.  

These are in the chapel below the temple I just thought they were really cool

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to the Temple, so I'm in Manhattan right now, which is pretty cool.  The weather has been amazing this past few weeks.  

We had an awesome experience this last Sunday.  A youth who is not a member, but his mother is, showed up to church.  He talked to the Young Men's Leader quite a bit about wanting to get closer to God and be more spiritual.  He said that his Mon sort of forced him to go, but that he was happy that he came and he also said that he wanted to he baptized.  We are going to be teaching him this Friday and we will probably see him tonight at Mutual because we go to the church for correlation then.  We've been doing a lot of finding lately with the new Easter video and that has been going well.  I love these initiatives the church does.  It really makes missionary work easy for our members to do.  Anyways, I have to go now.  I will talk to you all later.


Elder Schmidt
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It's been a long day.  Kyle is off with friends at the Temple and I'm busy with a few other things.  So take care my friends and we'll talk soon.  Enjoy your Friday!
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