Thursday, March 10, 2016

Another Day in Paradise!

Remember when I fell about two weeks ago.  Today it was all I could do to sit in my chair at work.  It really hurt. Then when Danielle and I went to pick up glue for the wedding invitations I had back spasms.  So, I don't know what's happening, but I think I'll have to make an appointment just to get checked out.  I'm sure it's just some kind of deep tissue kind of thing.  I'll also have to figure out how to adjust my chair or bring a pillow to sit on.  I'm just not looking forward to the exam.  You know with it being my upper leg/lower bum that has the issue.  Talk about embarrassing.  I always said if it's embarrassing it's gonna happen to me.  It's all good.  I'll get through this.  I can do this.  😊

Danielle dropped off some fabric to her Aunt today.  She's going to sew some triangles for us.  We're making banners.  This is our inspiration photo.
A few months back we picked up lace doilies at the dollar store and then the bride picked up several different fabric colors to make the triangle pieces.  She's been cutting for a couple of days.  Since next week is spring break for my SIL and her kids, and she offered to help, Danielle asked her to stitch them for us.  We will be assembling those eventually.  I love that we found 2 packs of doilies for a buck a package.  That's my kind of price.  What do you think of the example?  Ours will be a little different and a little brighter, but you get the idea.  I'm loving it!

Danielle took Lexi over to her house to spend the night in the hopes that they could get a few things done tonight and tomorrow, but Lexi got sick.  Danielle text me about an hour ago to tell me she was bringing Lexi home because she wasn't feeling well.  My first thought was that the sisters got into an argument or something,, but I was completely wrong.  Danielle said she nearly had to stop along the side of the road so Lexi wouldn't get sick in her car.  She walked in the door, complained of being hot and changed into her comfy sweats.  I grabbed the bottle of Emetrol and gave her two Tablespoons, and now she is asleep on our family room couch.  I'm hoping she will be much better in the morning.  I'm just glad Danielle got her home.  I need Lexi and Kevin to be well and take care of one another while Kyle and I are at work tomorrow.  Thank goodness Danielle will be available in a pinch.  Either way, both of them are going to cause me to worry about them, but I'll be fine once I can talk with them on the phone.  I'll be calling them on FaceTime a couple of times tomorrow just to be sure they are okay.

We have the bridal shower coming up this weekend.  Danielle is hoping lots of people come.  She didn't want her Aunt to put the wedding registry information on the invitations, but she insisted.  We don't expect anyone to bring anything.  In fact, Danielle and I wanted to say something in lieu of gifts just come and help us celebrate.  We don't want anyone to feel pressured at all.  We of all people know finances can be tight for many of us and we don't want to make it harder on folks.  It means more just to spend time with friends and family for Danielle.  It's moments like this that make Kevin and I very proud of our daughter, and all of our kids for that matter.  One thing many people notice when they get to know our kids is that they never want to put anyone out.  Well, except maybe a parent from time to time, but I expect that.  Other people though, they just don't do it.  It's a good thing.  

I called my SIL tonight to see if she needed my help with anything for the shower and she said she has it under control.  Today her older sister had hip surgery and moved into her house temporarily while she recovers.  She has her father living with them and one of her children and their spouse, and she says she doesn't need any help.  The woman blows my mind!  A few weeks back I was sitting at her kitchen table talking with her dad and I mentioned that I didn't think Kim ever sits down for more than two seconds.  He replied back, "That's my girl!"  You could see a twinkle in his eye and his whole body just beamed with pride when he said that.  I thought that was awesome!  Here is my SIL's ailing father showing his love and gratitude for his youngest child.  I love that!  I text my SIL later that night to share what her Dad said about her.  I'm sure she knows how much he loves her, but it's always nice to hear that every chance you get.  

I've been asked to do something that I'm worried about how someone is going to take it.  I've put it off and put it off for quite a while now too.  I guess I just don't know how even approach it.  It's something I need to spend some time praying for help and guidance on.  It's something I know would bless the lives of many, but I just can't seem to open my mouth.  I know, seems strange for me to say that, but I get all stressed out and panic when an opportunity to bring it up comes along.  Any suggestions on how to get over my fears?  I've got to do it.  I promised someone I'd do it.  So there is no way around it, just through it.  Arg!  As I bite my nails just thinking about it.  More on this later.

I'm super tired, but I can't fall asleep.  I've tried laying down in a dark room with a pillow over my eyes, counting sheep or whatever,  I've tried trying to count backwards.  Nothing seems to work.  I guess I just need to try and grin and bear it.  This will pass eventually.  It could be the heat too.  I hate the thought of it getting up to 90 degrees again.  I told Kevin I needed to move to a cooler climate.  Mind you, he can't take the cold and I can't take the heat.  Aren't we a pair?  

Work was super busy today.  In fact, it was busy all week.  We had one person out due to a death in the family, and another on vacation.  I just hope my coworker and her family can find peace during this difficult time.  My heart goes out to her and her family.  Thats one thing we haven't had to deal with in quite a while in our family lately.  Let's keep it that way.  

Now that I've said that. Let's not go there.  (Why did I say anything?)

I should go.  It's 12:32 a.m. and I'm up!  No chance of sleep for a while I'm sure.  While I was working on something I watched a movie and this quote was said a few times and it just stuck with me.  It's so true!

God Always Steps in When the Devil Thinks He's Winning.

Have a good night and take care friends. We'll talk again soon.  Enjoy your Friday!!!
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