Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blessings Received and Blessings Given too

This weekend has been one full of surprises.  Out of this WORLD surprises!!!!! 

It's been what I would call an eventful weekend.  This weekend we received an unexpected visit from Kevin's Mom.   She was coming over to do something extremely nice (HUGE) for us and, well let's just say Kevin and I TOTALLY misunderstood and made a huge mess of things.  Needless to say, and several emails later, things were cleared up and WOW!!!!  The results would blow your mind!  Amazing!  My MIL is a tough lady.  Like most people, she does not like to be taken advantage of.  Who does, right??!!  At the same time, she would literally give you the shirt off her back if she thought it would help someone she loves who was in need.  I cannot tell you how incredible that gift or attribute is.  Not everyone can say they could do that for another person.  Especially something as huge as this was for us.  All I can say is thank you Vera!  We love you and.....Wow!  Holy Cow!!!

The next visit came as a surprise.  
My friend Bev stopped by while I was out and about with Danielle today.  She, I mean the Easter Bunny, brought over a super cute stuffed bunny and a very sweet card.  She always knows when I need a pick me up and strikes at the precise moment I need it.  I love her for her intuition, timing, and sweet words of encouragement.  She is an awesome friend and I love her dearly for all she does to help me along the way.

We also received a visit from our friend Mamie the other day!  She dropped off a basket full of treats for the family for Easter!  Yum!  Mamie has been a family friend since even before Kevin and I met.  She has known Kevin since he was a little boy and me since Kevin and I started dating.  She is always very sweet, kind, encouraging, and just a hoot to talk to.  She knows when my husband is being devious, when he's up to something, and when to just pinch his cheeks to show him how much she loves him!  She is awesome!  We love Mamie.  As you can see, the treats were gone in one night!  I got one cookie.  Everything else was snarfed down by my family.  😊

 The next surprise came from my SIL and BIL.  Remember that trip to Montana for the Open House just after the wedding I talked about previously?  Well, my BIL and SIL have decided to buy us tickets to Montana so we can be there for our daughter!  Isn't that amazing??!!!  Kevin is super nervous about the trip, but I talked to his doctor.  The doctor said he could travel, so we are giving this a try.    It's a short trip and we are working out details to help ease Kevin's mind, and the airline has it all figured out as far as seating and navigating Kevin to and from his seat.  That is totally amazing!!!!

So see.  A weekend FULL of surprises!!!

Tonight I am finishing up the wedding flowers for the bridal party.  I'm hoping to be done with them by the end of the weekend.  Sunday Danielle has her appointment with the Stake President and then Monday we will be off to Beehive Clothing to purchase a few things she will need for the temple!  This is very exciting!  I can't wait for her to go through the temple.  She is excited and has both eyes wide open because she isn't sure what to expect.  Sure we have shared a few things with her and so has her Bishop and Stake President, but some things need to wait for that special day and you never really know what it's all about until you actually go through for yourself....and then it can take a bit to fully grasp everything.  I will admit I still struggle with a few things.  Some days I think I have it down, and then I miss going and I forget.  It's certainly something you have to go to often.  This will be good and very exciting!

Earlier today Danielle came over to the house to have her Dad give her a Father's blessing.  This time Kevin came out to the living room, had Danielle sit in one of our dining room chairs, and Kevin stood behind her with his wheelchair behind him.  I knew the chair wasn't secure from the get go, but Kevin wouldn't let me do anything about it.  Well, Kevin fell in the middle of the blessing.  So, we scooped Kevin up and  he changed things up a little and then Kevin sat in his wheelchair to finish the blessing.  It was another touching moment to see Kevin exercise his Priesthood and give our daughter that blessing.  All of us were crying.  It was so amazing!  He tries so hard to make sure he is doing things the way he knows it should be done.  I admire his determination and desire to magnify his Priesthood authority in a way that would be respectful to his Heavenly Father.  Just seeing that meant more to me than anything said during the blessing itself.  The Spirit was so strong here in my little home as the blessing was given.  I love that!!!  It was awesome.

Another surprise we received was a message from Curtis that basically said, "Sure, you can send me a pizza!  Wanna send me one??"  I just laughed because first of all he is clear on the other side of the country and I just couldn't see how that could possibly work.  I told him no for two reasons.  1) Now, don't freak out, but My last net pay check was literally only $40.00 after taxes, medical insurance, dental, vision, and whatever else is deducted.  I was out A LOT with Kevin and my hip when I fell in the kitchen, so I knew it would be tiny....just not that tiny.  It is what it is!  So, money wise, there was no possible way I could buy him a pizza.  2) Just because of the location and  all, I didn't think it was even possible to order one here in Arizona and have it sent to Connecticut.  I mean, I know the Internet is amazing for online ordering, I just didn't know you could do that with pizza.  I thought you had to show your card when they brought it to your door.  Apparently not!!

Well, after I said No to Curtis.  His big sister pipes up and says, "I'll order Curtis a pizza!"  Next thing I knew, she was online ordering an extra large pie and having it delivered to Curtis.  Curtis got the pizza in less than 30 minutes.  It was amazing!  Curtis sent a message back to Danielle telling her she was his favorite sister!  Silly kid!!!  While we were sitting in the parking lot next to the ASU book store, just killing time waiting for Kyle, Danielle gets a call from Darien, Connecticut from the pizza delivery guy.  He couldn't find the right apartment so Danielle had to direct him.  Now we have the exact address for Curtis!  First time since he has been out on his mission.  Everything usually goes through the mission home, so this is kinda cool.  Yes, we will not send anything else directly to him.  No we won't call him.  No we can't share the address with his friends.  Sorry.  Now we can Google Map his address.  Maybe we will get to see Curtis there.  Ha Ha!!!  Probably not!

So see, it's been a weekend full of surprises and we still have one more day to go before we can say the weekend is over!  All I can say is it's been amazing!  Full of HUGE blessings, both given and received.  

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  Enjoy you Easter Sunday!

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