Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Day After

My fingers are still cramped up after the invites were finished yesterday, but I can't let that slow me down.
It's a day of projects!

Last night I finished the sparkly lampshade.  Remember what it started out like?  We found it looking like this.

Then I removed the old shade and started to add beads.

Then I added the teardrop beads to the bottom of the shade.

And now that the side beads have arrived it now looks like this.

We want to get a different lightbulb for it.  Something a little more decorative and pretty, but other than that, it's all ready for the reception.  I'm excited about that!

This was our inspiration for the lamp shade.  I love the round bulb in this photo and I'm hoping we find something similar.  Just a different bulb will make our lamp look that much better and then the glare from the light will be less intense as well I think.  Can't wait to pick up the perfect light bulb for this!  

The only thing we don't have on our shade are the candle cups and clear drawer knobs.  See at the top of their shade?  We may add those later, but that won't happen until after the wedding when the lamp comes to live at my house.  So what do you think of our lamp shade????

Random though:  I think I'm coming down with something. I just feel sick, my chest is tight, I'm wheezing, I've got hives, and my nose keeps running.  I don't have time to get sick.  I may need to go get this checked out either at my primary care doctor or urgent care.  Fun fun.  I've decided I need to take care of myself in order to be available to take care of everyone else.  A new concept for me for sure.  Usually everyone else comes first.    

Another Random Thought:  I found out tonight that not only was I drilled this weekend about going to Montana.  My mother was too!!!   My Mom wasn't going to tell me at all.  In fact, I had to drag it out of her.  Holy cow!!!  Why did that need to happen??!!  I've already explained my reasons in a previous post.  So, my only question is why is this so important to certain people that have absolutely nothing to do with this?  It just doesn't make any sense and for Pete sakes!!!  Stop it!

I'm tackling projects one by one.  Today we are working on the bridal bouquet and picking up my living room because it looks like a cyclone hit it!  No joke.  I've got card stock everywhere from the Cricut and it's time to weed through the pile by my front door.  It will be good!  Once the flowers are finished I'll move on to painting a few things, building something, planning all the table centerpieces, and a few other things.  Once my Cricut is returned I have a little banner to make.  Nothing crazy just something simple for the sign in table.  

The bridal bouquet is coming together.  I did a mock up of it (I always make a mock up with each bouquet) and I'll finish it up tonight.  I just need to get a few things out before I get started.  This is the inspiration photo for the bridal bouquet.

Danielle loves this style with all the greenery.  The colors, of course, will be a lot different.  My mock up was looking good.  I can't wait to finalize things tonight.  If I get it done tonight that will be amazing!  And a record!  Here's hoping I do!!  I've learned that I'm too emotionally invested in this particular bouquet.  Probably because it's for one of my children.  I just want it to be perfect so the pressure is on.  I said a prayer asking that this bouquet go together quickly and look amazing for my daughter when she walk out of the temple.  

Tonight I was given an assignment to find 4 things that help strengthen me.  All of these 4 things are things no one can take away from you.  For the past few minutes I've been trying to decide what those 4 things are.  Here is what I have so far.  1) my talents that I get to use from time to time.  2)  I have 4 wonderful children. Not perfect children, but 4 healthy, strong, and amazing children!  3) I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and is always there for me no matter what.  4) I have a husband who loves and appreciates everything I do each and every single day for him and for our family, and would do the same for me if I were in his shoes.  I feel very lucky to have these things in my life.  

Curtis sent us this message this morning.

So this happened at about 2 o'clock this morning....

It went to the Elder's apartment.  
One of the Elder's called for it because they had a carbon monoxide detector going off in their place and some bad smells.  

Come to find out, the battery in the carbon monoxide detector was bad and just needed to be replaced.  Curtis said he slept through the whole thing.  Crazy kid!  How could he sleep through all that????

I should get going.  A bridal bouquet is calling my name!  Take care and we will talk soon.  Enjoy your Saturday!
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