Friday, March 25, 2016

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

(this is NOT a bouquet I made.  I just like the colors)
Groomsmen Boutonniere's done!
Maid of Honor Bouquet done!
Bridesmaid Bouquets done!
Father's Boutonniere's done!
Grandfather's Boutonniere's done!
I still have the corsages for the Mother's and Grandmother's to finish but we'll get them done.  I'm still amazed at how quickly these flowers are coming together.  It's awesome!  
Kevin and I finished filling out some paperwork he received from Social Security tonight.  I filled out the forms while Kevin gave me the answers.  Tomorrow we will take the forms to the appointment and turn them in.  He hopes this means they will process his claim and give us a final answer soon.  Hopefully they will not want Kevin to see their doctors too.  That will just delay the process even longer.  We are crossing our fingers that this will not happen.  We are just pleased that we are this much closer to getting through this process.  This is a good thing. 
It's been a busy night.  Flowers are almost done!  Lexi was working on homework.  Kyle was doing laundry, and Kevin and I completed several forms.  How they expect you to fit the pages and pages of information they want in those tiny little envelopes is beyond me! 
Take care friends and we will talk again soon!  Enjoy your Friday! 
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