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Kyle had to be ready and in his training class by 6 a.m. this morning, so I got up to take him so I could have the car for church today.  Well, it's now 2:30 p.m. and I just got out of the shower.  My stomach is still bothering me and now I have hives all over my body.  So, I've got the fan blowing on me and I'm only drinking water today.  We'll see if that helps these hives to disappear. 
I guess Kyle called Kevin after his lunch break to tell him that he wasn't feeling well either and got sick.  He couldn't finish his ride either.  Not good.  He didn't say a word to me when he called to ask me to bring him two cold bottles of water when I pick him up.  Whatever this stuff is it comes on fast and you think it's some kind of food poisoning or something.  Lexi thought the same thing when it happened to her.  Clearly it's not because all of us have it.  If it was food related Danielle never would have got it since she eats most of her meals at her house or at Chance's place.  She hasn't eaten anything at my house for a few days now.  So it's not related to food at all.
Danielle called and she was planning on coming over, but I talked her out of it.  She wanted to see her bouquet, but I tore the mock bouquet all apart and haven't started her actual bouquet yet.  I wasn't planning on doing anything wedding related today.  It's Sunday and I am just taking it easy.  Tomorrow I'll get it done.  Besides, Danielle will be able to stop by after work to see it and give me her stamp of approval.  It's not turning out to be as pink as I thought it would be, which is a good thing. If we made it the same shade of pink as Danielle's dress it would blend in too much, so we have gone for darker shades of pink, a wine color, off-white, and a few other colors.  I can't wait to share the photos, but as always, I will wait until the bride has her day.   No sharing the bridal bouquet before the bride does.  For now I'll be taking lots and lots of pictures so I have them to share after.  I can't wait!
The other night it just came to me!  I figured out how we are going to hang the lights and I didn't even have to take a stand of lights out of the box.  It always pays to know the length of the strands.  That has made it so much easier to figure  this out!  It looks like we are going to need several extension cords to do what we want to do, but thank goodness we have a source for cheap extension cords in the perfect size too.  I just hope they have the quantity we will need. 

I was checking Facebook and ran across this photo that was just posted of him.  He hasn't sent me this photo yet.  
Curtis on P-day a few weeks ago.  

They all look like they're having fun.  
We were talking about Curtis and some of the things we miss most about him.  These stories make us laugh.  Here are the Curtis highlights.

1) Have you seen the movie Legally Blonde with Reece Witherspoon?  Well, several years ago Curtis must have been about 10 years old and was in his Sunday School class.  For whatever reason he greeted his Sunday School in teacher with the "bend and snap".  A move shared in a scene from that movie. To this day I remember his Sunday School teacher rushing to come tell Kevin and I what our son did in class that day.  We laughed for a long time about that one.

2)  Then there was the time when Danielle was dating this boy her Senior year of high school.  His name was AJ.  Well, she broke up with him and AJ clearly was upset over it because he kept calling and calling our house leaving messages and just trying to talk to Danielle.  One afternoon after school AJ called the house.  We were all home and the answering machine just happened to be on.  Well, the answering machine picked up and there was AJ crying asking Danielle why she wouldn't talk to him.  At the time Curtis, Kyle, Danielle, and I were standing around the answering machine while Kyle and Curtis made jokes about AJ crying.  They were also trying to convince their sister to talk to him but she had no intentions of talking to the boy.  Then as a joke, it was decided that Curtis would talk to the boy.  So, Curtis picks up the phone and in his best girlish voice he says, "Hello."  It sounded like a girl just not Danielle but AJ had no clue.  He proceeded to ask Danielle why she wouldn't talk to him and why she dumped him.  The conversation between AJ and Curtis went on for five minutes and the entire time AJ had no idea it was Curtis.  And we got the whole conversation on the answering machine tape too.  Eventually Danielle ended up talking to AJ and got back together with him.  In fact, she tried waiting for him while he was on his mission but that didn't pan out.  We don't have that answering machine tape anymore, but we will never forget the time Curtis pretended to be Danielle to her distraught boyfriend.  

Curtis always makes us laugh.  These are just the highlights.  He has said and done some pretty funny things.  He's also my child that will speak his mind and he doesn't care who is listening, especially when he's mad.  That boy could get himself in some big trouble quickly with his mouth.  This is where this next story comes from.   

3) One day Kevin was at work and got a phone call from the school nurse about Curtis.  The nurse was trying to be very professional and was obviously an older lady by the sound of her voice.  She called to tell us that Curtis had been out at recess and was caught eating leaves from a certain tree on campus.  Curtis was in about 3rd or 4th grade at the time.  My husband who took the call just started laughing.  He couldn't believe what he was hearing.  Which only made the nurse upset.  She went on to say, that this was a very serious matter and the leaves could be poisonous.  Kevin tried to make light of the situation but the nurse wasn't having it.  To this day we tease Curtis for getting in trouble at school for eating leaves.  

There were other times when we got calls from schools about Curtis.  This last one was one was something but keep in mind, Curtis always has a flare for the dramatic and this was a time he was doing exactly that.

4) Curtis had a sixth grade teacher that he absolutely hated.  He couldn't do anything right.  She moved him away from his friends for talking and made this mistake of putting him closer to her until she found herself talking to him.  Parent teacher conferences were never fun because she always had a laundry list of things to discuss about Curtis.  This teacher was an older lady who was a few months away from retiring.  This was her last school year.  So Curtis was feeling it from all angles because we would get after him to do his work and so would the teacher.  Well, after countless episodes with this teacher Curtis just couldn't wait to be out of her class.  Well, something happened one day and the teacher just laid into him.  By the end of their conversation Curtis was upset and crying and done with being yelled at and so he says matter of factly to this teacher, "well, I'll just kill myself then!"  Well, that did it!  Curtis was sent to the principals  office immediately.  Then Kevin and I were called down to the school.  Kevin got there first and as soon as Curtis saw his Dad he said, "I'm sorry Dad."  I arrived shortly after, but Kevin called me on my way to the school.  I was driving from Phoenix.  It was clear that Curtis just said what was on his mind and was being dramatic. He really didn't mean what he said, he just said it because the teacher just kept going and going and wouldn't let up.  He was also feeling pushed to the breaking point by this teacher's constant "talks".  We talked to the Principal and she said she didn't think Curtis meant to act on what he said, but she had to take him seriously.  Needless to say, that episode went down in the funny Curtis archives and we can laugh about it now.  It wasn't funny when it was happening but it is now.  Curtis learned to not say things he didn't really mean and just how much we loved him because we all literally came running when we thought he was in trouble.  He's a good kid and we love and miss him, but we know he is exactly where he needs to be right now.  

Even though I could go on and on with stories about Curtis, I need to get going.  Take care and we will talk soon.  Enjoy your Monday.

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