Friday, March 11, 2016

Let the Sabbatical Begin!!!

Every five years Schwab gives all of their full-time employers a paid four week Sabbatical.  Nice benefit isn't it??!!!  It's so nice!!!  Since I've been with the company now for ten years, today at five o'clock (quiting time), my second Sabbatical was kicked off by light traffic on my way home from work tonight.  Sweet!!!  Traffic must be lighter due to spring break for ASU and all the colleges cause I know it wasn't just to kick off my Sabbatical.  Ha Ha!!

Lots of people take big trips all over the world during their Sabbaticals.  Me, I'm spending my time preparing for my daughter's wedding.  In fact, she isn't wasting any time.  She's on her way over now so we can stuff invitations into the envelopes.  I addressed all the envelopes. I cut out a few things and Danielle fought with my Cricut to cut out the decorative pieces.  I will admit I saw a little Bridezilla come out the other day when things weren't done on the brides timetable.  Holy cow!  I even got scared for a minutes.  Thankfully Bridezilla didn't stick around for very long.  If it had, Momzilla would have come out and a BrIde might have been doing everything all by herself.  I no likey Bridezilla!!!! 

When Danielle was here tonight we teased her a bit about being Bridezilla and she replied and said her Bridezilliousness could come out anytime she wanted it to.  That girl!  ~smile~smile~ 

We worked on the invites until 10 p.m. and then Danielle was done.  She was ready to get some sleep.  Frankly I am too.  More good news....Lexi is starting to feel better.  We'll see how she's doing tomorrow for the Bridal Shower.  I want Lexi to go, but I don't want her getting anyone else sick either.  

I should get going.  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  Enjoy your Saturday!
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