Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hump Day it is!

There are very few things that my husband does that surprise me after 29 years of marriage, but when he cries out in pain in the middle of the night it stops me dead in my tracks every time.  
He's hurting and I can physically see the toll it's taking on this man.  Yesterday the doctor described something that if it happens to Kevin it would be a bad sign that he has permanent nerve damage.  I'm not sure if that's what I'm seeing but his hands and legs are super white today.  He has that old man look to him and that just freaks me out!!  He finally calmed down and is sleeping and talking in his sleep instead of crying out in pain.  He needs that medication.  I can't make him wait any longer.  If I can't get the pharmacy to use that coupon I have, then I'll have to call the doctor.  Last time we were in his office he mentioned that they might have some samples of this new med.  If I can't get it at the pharmacy maybe the doctor has samples now.  Last time they were out.  The bad part about that is that I have to handle all the contacts with the doctor and then go and pick up the meds.  Kyle couldn't do it.  Shoot for most of it, I couldn't even do it, but for this, a non-narcotic, I get to do the running.  That's part of the agreement we have with that office.  I'm the only one they will release things to.  It's a good and bad thing sometimes.  
I'm hoping the pharmacy can just use the coupon and we will be done with it.  If that's the case and I can get things squared away quickly I'll just go into work late.  I'll know more after they open.  Crossing my fingers that's what happens.  I don't want to go back down to the doctor's office.  It's in Chandler near the I-10 off of Chandler Boulivard and driving there isn't fun during the busiest parts of the day.  If I can avoid going there I will. 
I've been on the phone with our insurance company this morning as well, trying to determine if they need anything to process that pending claim for Kevin's last hospital stay.  They said they couldn't see any issues and that it could ultimately take up to 30 days for processing.  I explained the situation.  The customer service representative was very nice but bottom line, we just have to wait it out.  
I called Kevin's doctor.  They had about three days worth of samples they let me come pick up.  That will hopefully be enough time for the insurance claim to go through.  I pulled up the insurance website and it looks like something went through, just not that big pending claim we are watching.  The reason I know something went through is because yesterday our in-network deductible was down to $659.00 from $2500.00, and the in-network out of pocket maximum was at $3800 down from $5800.00.  Now it shows in-network deductible as $78.00 and the in-network out of pocket maximum as $3279.  So, that's a step in the right direction.  Still not exactly what we need, but better.  Once they finally process that pending claim our our of pocket maximum will drop another $2800.  So close!  
When I got home from Kevin's doctors office he thanked me over and over again for picking up the samples.  That man endures so much pain every single day and never wants to make me go out of my way if we can help it.  I'm just glad we found something that seems to work.  It never takes away all of the pain, but it's like night and day when he has this medication.  Kevin is finally sleeping peacefully!  That made all of this worth any inconvenience on me trying to get down to the doctor's office again today and a huge blessing too.  
I guess the bride and groom went down to the court building today to get their marriage license.  Yay!  This evening, now that Kevin is finally resting, I have been hand addressing envelopes.  I've done about 100 of them so far.  My hands have had enough.  I think between everyone's lists we will come right at our total number of invites.  How crazy is that?  Kevin and I have a list just a few more than 100 names.  Danielle has a list of about 120, thankfully some of her names are also our names.  Then the groom has a list of about 120 names as well.  So, I will be busy hand addressing all of them.  Let's hope my hands don't stay cramped so I can get the bridal bouquet and the groom's boutonniere done in time for the bridal photos.  I can't believe how quickly this wedding is creeping up on us. Holy Cow! 
In the middle of me trying to get everything squared away for Kevin, Danielle sent me a text to tell me the groom has offered to pay for all the food we want to have at the wedding.  Talk about a huge offer!  I was in shock.  Danielle said she was in tears when they talked about it last night around midnight.  I have to say, that is totally amazing and a big help!  I should have teased Danielle about how much he wants those little ham sandwiches, but his offer just took me by complete surprise and my mind was busy with the medicine thing that it just didn't occur to me to give her a hard time.  I asked Danielle if she thought it would be a big deal if we kept the reception food to just desserts.  She said she was fine with it, but I know she wants the full deal. I do to, but I'm just trying to keep costs down as much as possible while trying to help her pull this whole thing off.  The offer from the groom was awesome.  Thank you Chance.
For a while now I've been hunting around for some little "trinket" to put somewhere at the reception just as a little joke from the Mom to the Bride.  For years now the bride has had this fascination with elephants and I thought it would be fun to pick up a few at the dollar store that I could spray paint gold to place on the tables at the reception.  Well, she's on to me now.  I made the mistake of sharing my idea with her little sister and they told her what I was up to.  
So, I thought about going a different direction.  She has always loved the Disney princes Belle, so I found these cute teapots and thought I might just add one to a table or two.  You know to go with the other teapots that will be there.  This is the one I spotted.  

What I really wish I could find is a Disney Princes Belle porcelain tea set.  I'd set it up on a table near the receiving line just for the bride and groom.  Ha Ha.  But I know those would cost more than I'm willing to spend.  I'll come up with something though.  Some little way just to tease the bride a little.  It's all in good fun.  Just something to make her laugh and shake her head a little.  That's all.
Last week I forgot to include our missionaries letter, so this week we have two!  I can't believe I forgot to include it. Here they are....
Hey Everybody,
This week was a good one.  We were asked to teach someone new.  (If you are still posting these letters on a blog or sending them out anywhere, please do not share this entire one.)  This new person reached out to us and asked if we could teach the discussions.  He seemed very sincere and I am excited about it. 
I'm sorry this email is so late.  I couldn't get Wifi.  We had a pretty good day driving around to the mission office and a bunch of other random places.  It's fun catching up with Elder Holtom about old times.  This week is going to be a good one as well as this month.  We are starting something called "The Month of Rescue" in the ward.  We are just going to go out and help bring back the people who have gone inactive.  It's like the way the Ward kinda started the missionary train, which is really cool.  I'm excited.  I will be sure to let you all know how this stuff goes as we get started.  I've been having a lot of fun and it's crazy that I'm approaching a year.  (It's better to be over the hill than buried underneath it.)
I hope you are all doing well.  It sounds like you're all pushing along and rolling with the punches of all he craziness.  Ha Ha.  I love you guys and hope you all have a good week.
Elder Schmidt
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Hey Everyone,
How are you all doing?  This week was a fun one.  We went and did service for this family in our roommates Ward.  They were pretty cool and had some really cool stuff.  Oh yeah, the service was pretty much just cleaning this dudes attic because they are moving and showing the house pretty soon.  He offered us go carts he built and some remote controlled airplanes he built, but we couldn't accept them.  I did get this really cool yo-yo though. 
We've also had some really great lessons with that new contact.  He hasn't shared much about himself yet, but we are going to be meeting with him about three times a week.  He doesn't know much about the gospel, so we are starting with the basics.  We've taught him twice now and this last week he gave us a referral for a friend of his in Norwalk.  The friend said they would be interested in at least talking with us.  It's really cool to get to know this person because before this he was pretty silent with us and I actually kind of didn't care for him, but now he's becoming one of my favorite people here. 
Today is gonna be a rough day after P-day.  We have two dinner appointments back to back.  It happens here once in a while.  I guess it's not a terrible problem to have, but we're gonna have to go hard in the gym.  I'm getting scared of fat now.  LOL! 
My roommate, Elder Judd, and I have been talking quite a bit lately.  He's trying to convince me to go to EAC for college because he lives in Pima and I could just move in to his place, wherever that is, after I get home.  Who knows, it would be fun.  He's a pretty cool guy.  One of the ways he's trying to convince me is by having girls he knows email me.  LOL!  Pretty convincing, just kidding!  It's kind of crazy that I'm almost at a year.  Time is flying.  It's a little weird that I've only been in two areas.  The missionaries that I came out with have all been in like three of four areas, which is normal.  I've heard, I'm just the odd ball who got forgotten in Darien.  If you asked me, I would say President could forget me and leave me here for a while longer.  It's seriously such a great place here.  Everyone is super nice and trying to help the missionaries.  It's no wonder so many people move back here after their missions. 
Anyways, I hope you are all doing well and that the wedding plans and anything that is happening is going well.   I will talk to you more  L8R!  :)
Elder Schmidt
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 It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I'm the type of person that deals with a crisis and then falls apart.  I think tonight is my fall apart moment after finally getting Kevin to be able to rest.  His discomfort and cries in the middle of the night can stress me out more than anything else can.  Thank goodness he is finally getting some relief and I can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief.  I'm grateful we live in a time where modern medicine has developed some of these new drugs to help my husband with his nerve pain.  I have a friend I talk to from time to time at work who's brother-in-law suffered a spinal cord injury when he was hit by a train while working as a fireman.  She said his pain got so bad that eventually they had to give him morphine patches.  This friend lives in the southern United States.  I am so grateful that she shared some of the things her BIL and Sister have been through.  Especially with the bladder infections Kevin kept having.  She knew exactly what we were going through and she said her BIL would end up in the hospital each time he had one too.  Usually I'm the one helping this friend, but lately she has helped me more than words can say.  I am so grateful for her.  There is another friend that I talk to from time to time that has been a big help as well.  She and I talk weddings planning and knee injuries.  She is totally amazing as well and I appreciate her insight and kind words as well.  She too lives in the southern United States.  I have to say, it's interesting the people you come in contact throughout your life.  Most of them are blessings in my life, with a couple not so much.  The majority are incredible blessings and I am so grateful. 

Well, I should get going.  I need to get to sleep.  No more craziness, please!!!!  (As if that will scare the crazy off)  Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.  Enjoy your Thursday.

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