Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Home! And Back Again!

A few rambling thoughts.....
1) Last week on my way home from work one day my car just started shaking like crazy.  Traffic is always stop and go, but as soon a I would try to speed up past 20 mph the entire car would just shake.  It scared the crap out of me!  Now, the car was shaking a bit and I honestly thought it was a tire and was just trying to get to the weekend so I could take it in.  Well, it needed to go in right away.  I tried calling my husband, my son, both daughters and no one was answering their phones.  So, I called a neighbor in the hopes that they would be able to point me to someone that could help me determine where to take it.  Well, my neighbor did more than that.  She got me in touch with her mechanic.  He was still at his shop even though it was past 6 p.m.  Luckily I got it down there without dropping the engine on the freeway or surface streets.  Come to find out the main engine mount had completely broken off, the one axle was completely sheered off.  The other axle needed to be replaced, and the bearings on both wheels also were in bad shape.  The mechanic threw in brake pads as well.  All for the grand total of $1300.00!!!  I couldn't believe it!  My car was in the shop last Wednesday and completely fixed by the next evening.  Danielle had let me use her car so I could get to work for a few days.  When I talked to everyone involved in helping me get to this mechanic they said they were all saying prayers for me that nothing would happen to me.  They said it was a miracle that I got the car to shop without any issues.  Believe me.  I know it was!  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that my neighbor was home to answer my call and that she went above and beyond to help me.  Totally amazing!  Totally!  Thank you all!
2) Kevin fell again.  That's right Sunday he fell.  He is just in so much pain and when he falls he gets a little discombobulated and freaks me out.  Usually that is a sign he needs to get into the hospital.  Thankfully he has been able to work through all of this, but the pain is really bad.
3) Today I took Kevin to his appointment with the pain specialist.  I wasn't planning on taking him at first.  In fact, I made arrangements with my son to take him, but Kevin kept asking me to take him today.  He must have asked about 3 or 4 times before I flat out ask him if he was scared to go by himself.  He admitted that he was!  So, knowing what he had been through last time and that big fiasco I opted to go with him.  It's a good thing because it took  quite a while and Kevin was having some trouble remembering a few things when it came to his medications and things.  Kyle wouldn't have been able to help with all of that.  When we got back from Chandler we dropped off four of Kevin's prescriptions.  When I called the pharmacy to find out how much they were going to be the total was $692.00.  I couldn't believe it!  So, I talked with Kevin to find out what he wanted me to do.  He told me to pick up two of them and we would give it a day or two before picking up the other two.  There is a claim pending with our insurance right now for his last hospital stay.  I'm hoping that will go through in the next day or two.  I can make payment arrangements with the hospital but I can't with the pharmacy.  That way Kevin will get the medication he needs.  The bad part about this is the newest medicine the doctor gave him was actually helping with the nerve pain he has experienced.  In fact, the doctor added a second one today to help with that.  Kevin mentioned that whenever the water from the shower drops on him, it hurts.  He was very specific about the way he described that to the doctor.  The doctor explained that this is a good sign, but he has to keep moving.  If Kevin doesn't keep moving it could cause more harm than good.  The doc said that's why he is harping on that.  It's that important.  Of course the medicine Kevin needs has to be one of the super expensive ones.  Darn it!  I did look online for a coupon and found something that I hope will work.  It should give us 75% off on the medicine if it works.  So, I plan to take that into the pharmacy tomorrow to see if it really works.  If not, we will just wait for that insurance claim to go through.  It's sad that we have to wait like this, but they have had the claim in pending status for 8 days now.  Longer than any of the $400,000.00 total claims for his time in Barrow's for each surgery and the rehab center.  Can you believe that?  $400k!  I could buy a very nice house for that amount of money.  Wow!  Wish me luck tomorrow with the prescriptions.
3)  It's a good thing I did stay home to take Kevin to his appointment today because Kyle ended up trying to fix a clogged toilet all morning.  This is the second time this toilet had clogged and we could not get it fixed.  Last time Kyle had to reset the toilet.  When he tried to do that this time the toilet bowl cracked, so he had to go pick up a new toilet.  I'm telling you, this has not been out week!   It took Kyle until right before we left for the doctor to get the old toilet up and the new one in place.  Thank goodness Kevin was able to talk him through it all.  I know I certainly couldn't do it if I had to. 
4)  Lexi had a scare this weekend.  She has been doing online school for the past two semesters.  For whatever reason she was locked out of the online classes and couldn't get into anything.  Well, apparently, there was a reason for it.  She had a long talk with her Dad about it and Monday afternoon I got things all straightened out for her.  BUT, there was a very real possibility that she could have ended up back in public school.  Which would have been the best thing for her, but shh....don't tell Lexi I said that.  Frankly, I think she is missing out on too much by not going to public school.  But we are seeing if this works out.  In the meantime Lexi has one more course cycle to prove this is worthwhile to Kevin and I.  If she doesn't do well she is back to public school.  Trust me, this has been a tough call for Kevin and I.  It's killing Kevin to not have his youngest daughter graduate from Mesa High.  This would have been the 4th generation of Schmidt's to graduate from his high school.  That would have meant we would have been recognized as a family on her graduation day.  It's a big deal for Kevin.  But more importantly, it's a bigger deal for Lexi to socialize with the other students, go t seminary, and be in a classroom setting.  This online doesn't offer that, obviously.  So, we are giving her one more session.  That's it!  If she doesn't do well, then we will make the tough call.
5)  Something weird happened to me last week.  As many of you know, I belong to several Facebook groups.  Most of these groups are people selling their used items.  I have enjoyed looking at all the things people post to sell, and this is where Danielle and I have found a lot of cool things we will be using for the wedding reception.  Well, last week someone was selling Battenberg lace doilies.  I thought it would be cool to have a couple of them to place in a couple spots at the reception.  I spotted them on like Tuesday of last week.  I informed the seller that I wouldn't be able to pick them up until the weekend.  The persons name was just two initials and a last name.  At the time I didn't think anything of it.  But, after messaging this person they seemed to want to have a drawn out conversation, which I thought was a little odd, but didn't think anything more about it.  Well, the day before I had planned on picking up the doilies this person messaged me again to see if I was still planning on picking them up.  Well, this time I decided to do a little checking up on this person.  I pulled up the Facebook page. The only photos this person had were of one dog.  Nothing more.  Then I thought about the name being only two initials and I got a bad feeling about this.  So, I cancelled the pick up and didn't think anything of it until I shared the entire thing with Danielle.  I had told her about he doilies because after all, it was for her wedding and it's her budget.  When I showed her the Facebook page she pointed out that this person not only had initials for their name, only dog photos, BUT....this is where it gets even creepier....they didn't have any friends on Facebook.  NONE!  When I told Danielle about this we were standing in the middle of the Joann's out in Queen Creek waiting at the fabric cutting counter.  Even the girl behind the cut counter thought it was very odd that this person had absolutely no friends, only photos of a dog, and only initials for their first name and a full last name.  As you can imagine I was a little freaked out and so glad I listened to that still small voice telling me to NOT go to that house.  So grateful!  Now I know why all those people selling on those groups just leave their items on the front porch and tell people to leave the money under the doormat.  I totally get it now!!  They are protecting themselves!  I do not blame them one bit!!!  I guess it could go either way.  The moral here is be careful!  When I told Kyle about this, he said he never would have let me go alone.  He would have come with me and brought his gun.  I love that kid!  I'm just glad he wants to try and keep me safe.  Thanks Kyle.
6)  Tonight after we finally got home from the doctor and the pharmacy Danielle came over.  We were going to hit Kinko's tonight.  You see, we have decided to make the wedding invitations.  Every website that does wedding invitations either costs way to much to customize the way we need them to include information about the wedding, reception, and the open house OR they are reasonably priced and do not give you any room to add everything we need.  So, we have decided to make our own.  No, that isn't exactly what we wanted, but it certainly saves the budget and we can add as much information as we want.  So, here is the break down of the costs.  So, the average website charges about $300-$500 for 350 invites even with their coupons and specials. And remember, this is the brides money we are dealing we are trying to be frugal!  Here is the break down of the handmade invites we are doing.....
We found 50 blank cards and envelopes, 5x7 size for $5.99 a package.  We picked up 8 packages totaling $47.92 plus we had two coupons and were able to take off another $20.00.  Meaning the 400 cards only cost us $27.92.  Even if  we had to visit 5 stores last Saturday to get them, it was well worth the price!
We then picked up two reams of paper for $10.00 each with 500 sheets a piece.  So, 1000 sheets of paper for $20.00.
The cheapest place we found to print photos was on the Walmart website.  They will print 100 photos for .09 cents a piece.  That's even cheaper than Costco!  So, we ordered photos in four groups.  Three groups of 100 and one of 50, for a grand total of $31.50.
Tonight Danielle and I took the paper to Kinko's and printed out the invites.  We did two to a page.  Their price was .12 a copy.  Now, I know I probably could have shopped around and got a better price, but we were already there and we just wanted to get them done.  We printed 200 pages for $24.00. 
Our total cost so far is, $103.42 and we will have 400 invites, then when Danielle received the package of names and photos from the grooms parents the other day, they included postage for all of their people in Montana.  How cool is that???  That saves us a ton too!  Tonight Danielle took home my Cricut machine and she is cutting out a few things so we can just assemble all the cards in one night.  We still need glue, but we will pick that up in the next day or two.  We are still shopping around for the best deal on that. 
After we got home from Kinko's and after we tried to pick Lexi up from Mutual tonight, I came home and spilt something close to the printed invite inserts.  Arg!  Thank goodness nothing got damaged too much.  I would have just cried if that would have happened. 
It's been a week full of crazy things to say the least.  Things like this always happen around the time we have a child trying to get through the temple.  It's those covenant making moments that make for some interesting times.  The adversary works double time on anyone that is doing everything they can to make that happen.  I certainly am one of those people working to make sure that happens and the adversary knows that.  He will do anything he can to make try to keep Danielle from reaching that goal because he knows how important those covenants are.  And besides....I can't wait to add another photo to my wall with another temple ordinance card for one of my children!  (remember this???)
This wall is more complete now that Curtis has gone through the Temple like his older brother.  By this time next month three of our four children will have gone through the temple for their own endowments.  One will be sealed.  We still have the two boys to be sealed and Lexi to go through as well.  It's so excited to add another photo and endowment card to my wall.  I think this wall is my favorite one in the entire house!  I can't wait to add Danielle's endowment day photo and her wedding day photo too! 
 I love that.  I found my own ordinance card when I went to our wedding book looking for our wedding invitations.  I couldn't believe that I still had it.  Danielle said it would be awesome to find Dad's and hang his and mine on the wall next to our kids.  I loved that idea!!!  So, if I can track down Kevin's that is exactly what I am going to do! 
This Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting.  I managed to make it through the entire meeting without a tear, which is unusual for me because someone always says something that touches me in one way or another.  I was fine until our Stake President spoke.  He mentioned that he was talking with a father at a recent wedding reception he attended.  The father commented that now that their last child had gone through the temple that they were done.  The Stake President said, the father then made sure what he had said was understood correctly.  He explained, that we have accomplished our work.  Our last child has just gone through the temple for all of the ordinances they came to this earth to receive, and now the rest is up to their children.  I have always known this to be true.  In fact, it became very real to all of us when a dear friend past away suddenly right after her last son went through the temple last year.  So, when I heard these words it made me realize again what we are trying to accomplish with the planning and preparing for this wedding.  Nothing is more important than seeing all of my children make and keep these sacred covenants.  This whole reception thing is nothing more than fluff!  A big party!  The most important part is the covenants she will make with her Heavenly Father, and later with her future husband and Heavenly Father.  That's really it!  If we had to skip all the "fluff" it would be okay.  Now, don't get me wrong.  It would be a let down, but realistically.  Getting her through the temple is all that matters!  If I can keep that perspective then all will be good.  Just thinking that puts my mind at ease.  I also think that is why I have absolutely no problem with Danielle wearing a pink dress to the reception.  I could care less what color the reception dress is, or if it's long or not!  Because the only dress that really matters is the white dress she will be wearing when her and her future husband are sealed together for time and all eternity!  The party dress can be whatever color she wants it to be.  In my opinion.  ~smile~smile~
So, once we get the invites created and mailed, I will share how we put them together and everything.  They are simple and unique for the couple.  I just hope they turn out nice.  More on that later. 
It's been a very long couple of days.  There never seems to be enough time in one day.  I either go to bed completely worn out, or I'm too worn out and can't sleep.  Apparently, tonight is one of the I can't sleep nights because I'm certainly sleepy.  I don't know what's going on.  My sleep patterns are all messed up.  I'm sure it's not going to snap back until after the wedding now.  Oh well.  We will deal with that as time goes on.
Well,'s been a very long day.  I'm worn out and I need to try and get some sleep so I can get to work tomorrow.  Take care and we will talk again soon.  Enjoy your Wednesday! 

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