Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's Friday Eve Again!

Soapbox time!  

Since Kevin's recent SCI I have had to take some time off work.  All of this time has been covered by FMLA.  It's all considered unpaid time, but covered none the less.  It's a huge blessing to have this benefit available!  Thanks to our doctor AND the group that oversees all FMLA claims we were approved for intermittent time. Meaning...I can call off work several days a week to care for Kevin....unpaid though!  So, any time I take us weight our carefully.  My thought process usually is what's more important, Kevin's health at that moment or a paycheck.  Lately Kevin's health has come before the paycheck and we are dealing with that.  It's not easy but we with the help of many many people, we are muddling through.  

That being said.  

Each and every full time employee has the ability to file for this benefit where I work and others on my team have used this benefit for various things.  In fact, one particular person took all 12 weeks at once and then some at the beginning of 2015.  Keep in mind, I only take a day or two here or there.  So, why is this same person giving me the cold shoulder because I take mine as needed instead of all at once???  I don't understand the attitude!   

Stepping down from the Soapbox.

This morning when Kyle walked in from work he said he just saw a young man coming to the end of his life.  That's all I can share, but this sure puts things into perspective.  Wow!  

As I went about the rest of my day I thought about this young man and what he might be thinking, and then I thought about my son experiencing these things. All I can say is Kyle sure is getting an education with this new job, and this is just the beginning!  I'm sure there will be more days just like this one.  So sad!  My heart goes out to that young man and his family.  

When I got home from work today Lexi and I took off to pick up more wood pieces from someone.  The ones today look like this...

There were 18 sets like this! 

We may change them up a bit because we will be incorporating teapots and teacups and saucers to bring out the shabby chic side.  We are doing a  woodsy/shabby chic/garden theme wedding and reception.  A lot of the things we are using for the centerpieces will be borrowed, except for a few flower and lighting touches we will add.  

We have shabby chic tablecloths, burlap and lace runners, and lots and lots of moss!  

There will be birch trees with lights, as well as a couple of trees we will be making.  

Then over the cake we are building a structure and covering it in lots and lots of flowers.

The backdrop behind the receiving line will be made to look overgrown with twigs and vines.  I can't wait to get these things made (as much as they can be)!  It will be fun!  This is the kind of thing I live for...decorating.  I just hope everything comes together.  We will see how it goes as we work to get everything done.  

This evening Lexi and Kevin told me about a fall Kevin took today while I was at work.  Apparently Lexi laughed for quite a while as Kevin tried to get himself up off the floor.  He can do it but it takes hIm some time and it completely wears him out.  

I was just glad he could get himself up off the floor and they both laughed about it.   As Lexi was telling me about it in the car she could not contain herself from laughing again.  Silly girl.  

Kevin may be in a ton of pain, yet he still manages to give Danielle a hard time.  

Today Danielle posted this on Facebook.

To which Kevin said the following...

This kind of bantering went on all day.  Later Kevin posted this...

You see, Danielle has always had a fear of the movie Jaws.  She got scared and couldn't even go to the bathroom after watching a commercial for the movie.  So, the Jaws movies have become her so called Kryptonite and we tease her about it very rarely.  But when we do it's quite effective.  LOL!

I did get to watch a show I haven't been able to see since before Christmas as I worked on the lampshade.  Scandal was on again, but I have to say, it's getting a little weird now and I'm not sure I'll be watching much longer.   Time will tell.

It's time to get going.  I'm so tired.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

I started putting the bottom later of crystals on the lampshade tonight.  What do you think??

Here's another view...

I can't wait for the other beads to come in so we can finish the middle parts.  So far, I am loving this!!!!!  I'll show you how it looks when I finish all the beads on the bottom and then again when I completely finish this.  Promise!

Lexi received her bridesmaid dress in the mail today.  It's so cute!  Lexi even likes it which is totally amazing!  I can't wait to see how we jazz it up a bit with accessories!  Fun fun!  

It's all coming together!

I'm even starting to stop looking for things to decorate.  I think we are just about done with all of that.  We have a couple things to pick up, but after that it's just putting things together and painting.  

I have wedding invites to try to cut out with my cricut.  If it works we will end up saving a TON of money!

Then I need to put together all the bridal party wedding flowers, centerpieces, and a few other things.  We are making a few banners too. One that needs to be printed out and another to be sewn together.

Then there is the printing of all the large couple prints.  That shouldn't take long.

I'm excited by how much we have done already.  I'm hoping this means my sabbatical will not be as crazy busy as I thought it would be.  Crossing our fingers on that one.  


Frozen Hot Chocolate

Curtis sent us this photo to tell us he made this!  

We still don't know exactly what this is.  What do you think it is???

 photo ae61ba47-7d78-4151-a87a-fbdf53851081_zps246d8efb.png
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